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Playing for Change Day 2012

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My name is Colton James and I'm playing for change I'm Sivani, and I'm playing for change My name is Felico and I'm playing for change Hello, my name is Mariam and I sing for change What if you had one day to change the world through music! Playing for Change Day 22 September 2012 In 2011 the Playing for Change Foundation decided to host a day where everyone can come together around the world to play music, support music education and create peace through the universal language of music We call this "Playing for Change Day" In its first year there were 225 events in 41 countries on 6 continents all created by volunteers who were inspired to share in what happens when people united around the single idea There were musicians on street corners and in concert halls, People Hula-Hooping, dancing and singing, school groups and universities got on board, Romanians and South Africans, Australians and Indians, Americans and Tunisians participated With the passion for music, young and old, everywhere collaborated to inspire, spread the love and raise funds for music education The Playing for Change Foundation has eight music programs, serving 600 children in 5 countries on a weekly basis And we've only just begun If you are a musician or someone who loves music and wants to make a difference on the lives of children around the world, You too can play for change on the 22nd of September 2012 To find out more, please visit PFCDAY.ORG I'm Brooke and I sing for change I'm John and I organize for change I'll play for change I'm Claudia and I riff for change We're from Ghana and we play for change I'm Devon Rush and I advocate for change Hello I'm from Mali and I play for change I'm from Ghana and I play for change I'm Mora Montius and I arrange for change I'm Gavin and I love for change Today everyone playing for change Playing for change! Special thanks to Judi Hunt for making this video possible! Playing for Change Day 22 September, 2012 (music) (music)

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Posted by: wataru on Jul 30, 2012

What if you had one day to change the world with music? On 22 September 2012, musicians and fans will come together on Playing For Change Day with a shared intention of doing something positive for the world and supporting music education for kids everywhere. Our 1st PFC Day in September 2011 inspired 225 events happening in 41 countries. And we were just getting started -

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