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Wolfram Language is my Swiss army knife because you can have all the things packaged into just one thing. I have the visualization, I can go into the database, and make data analysis all in just one tool and this is one of the most various thing of Wolfram Language. I’m manager of Intelligence Retail in St Marche— that’s a supermarket group in Brazil. I have been using Mathematica since 10 years and now I am trying to make something that will understand the difference between traditional way of programming and how Wolfram Language can make the difference in business and I think today having in St Marche more than 40 hours in the completely differencing a lot of things; price, purchase, program design, web scrapers, data structure, price extraction, Mathematica is Swiss knife so it can really have a lot application that it can do. And the interesting thing in St Marche you can do simple stuff like things that you can do in Excel but much more broader nature and very advanced stuff. For example, in St Marche we did a lot of geographic analysis to talk to investors. I feel that companies in a more global vision has a lack of the use of intelligence as marked algorithms to automate process in making better forecasts, better algorithms to control the flow of information inside the company. I have thought about the geographic data analysis that we have a relationship program in St Marche and with this relationship program we have a lot of data about our customers—so, where the live, hey are far from our stores, they are close from them. How can I see that information for each one of our stores that I see a picture that is very nice and in this, woah, I open new store this place, this position, how can I know where is my customer? I have to make a market in one kilometer, two kilometer, three kilometers? Investors come. Wow, I have 17 stores now, 22 next year and how many more stores can we open in Sao Paulo? Another is price. Another, in price much more simple, but it is interesting because Mathematica is much easier to do in other languages. For example, some Coca Cola can be so expensive if it is one liter or two liters of Coke and two countries in ten thousand items per store is a lot of items, so we have to have the relation between this and you can put this in your database and use Mathematica to have a lot of price rules and make sure that your price is really consistent. What’s amazing that’s in Wolfram Language you can use just one line of code, you know in one language I am starting Java and Python and it’s not so easy to do some advanced math things. The advantage of Wolfram Language to that is that when you really learn the mindset of the Wolfram Language, you can do it in a much more fast and much more compact way. I really feel that business has a lot of space to use Wolfram Language as a powerful tool for management, for real management.

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