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Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh, I know! Hello...! What a shame! Hello, operator, what is going on? Oh, I knooow! I've been trying to get through to the speaking clock. Oh dear! Well, it's engaged. How awful! Well, it has been engaged for ten minutes. How is this possible? My wife isn't talking to it? Well, hold your head right back. That usually stops it. Right, the speaking clock's obviously taken the phone off the hook. xxx there's been a light shower within twenty miles. Well, you'd better not go on, if he's getting on the bed spreads. Unobtainable!. Bob's been cut-off. Obviously, he didn't pay his bill. Well, call me back when you've staunched it I don't know why she stays with him. Oh! That's pretty. Oh, hello! You got the guide. Good evening Mr Johnson! Good evening! Any messages? Oh, three, I think. Three! Everybody wants you, don't they? I wouldn't say that! Oh well, you're only single ones Twice can be arranged What Basil? Nothing, my dear. We've got enough bananas this week then? So Larry says: "You dont like me any more, why not?" And he says: "Cause you´ve got terribly pretentious." And Larry says: "Pretentious? Moi?" I ' ll just try that number. Oh! That´s awfully good, isn't it? Moi, ha ha ha! Did you hear it, Basil? What, dear? The joke. Oh, the joke, no I heard you laugh, I thought perhaps he was having a tea party Tea party? Oh, now I understand the banana reference. You mean you think he looks like a monkey? Only from some angles Well, from my angle he's very attractive. Atractive? You know, easy and amusing and charming Charming, eh? Let me say they're covered in charms. I've never seen so many medals round one neck in my life. He must be the bravest orangutan in Britain. What is the point of decorating yourself like that? But they're not just for decoration they have a symbolic meaning. symbol that orangutan can wear a dog tail round his neck Basil, you're so ignorant some times One of them happens to be a rhinos, once an ancient Egyptian fertility symbol Well, that was coming handy It's not supposed to be handy, Basil, it goes down to the dawn of civilization

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Country: Spain
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Posted by: advancedenglish2 on Mar 9, 2009

Hilarious sitcom.

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