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Hi, my name is Tang Xiuwen. You can also call me by my English name, Edwin. I am a Zhuang ethnic minority. The Zhuang people is considered to be China’s largest ethnic minority population. Hence, I grew up speaking Zhuang, which is my first language. Besides Zhuang, I can also speak Guiliu dialect as well as Mandarin. In 2014, I attended a master's program, one of this program’s teacher, Professor Daniel Leitch, introduced me to a project called His Hands Reader founded by Bob Achgill, who is also the director of it. Volunteers can add their text/voice languages and hand signs into the His Hands Reader using the ODK Collect application. To try it out all you need is a phone/pad/tablet that uses the Android operating system and a temporary Wi/Fi connection to download the form and upload the completed dictionary data

to help deaf and hearing persons learn to read so they can read His Word, declared on the project’s website, is what the project does. But in my opinion, the languages it collects can not only help the deaf and hearing, but also help anyone who want to learn, preserve and research some certain kinds of languages. Because in hundreds of years, some languages are predicted to die out. Language is an important part of culture, so the dying out of some languages is bad for the preserving diverse cultures. But we will be able to learn and research them which are collected by His Hands Reader to see what people said before. So I think this project is very significant to preserve my mother tongue. Finally, I’d like to thank my American teacher Professor Dan and the founder and director of His Hands Reader, Bob, introduced, supported me to collect my mother tongue in His Hands Reader to share it for free. I also wish both of them success and prosperity in their future endeavors.

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Year: 2015
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Posted by: way2crazy on Jul 13, 2015

An introduction to Edwin, Zhuang language,Zhuang Ethnic Minority,His Hands Reader

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