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Hi Hi How are you? Good Introduce yourself Where are you from? My name is Ropay that is my artistic name. I am from bolivia I play music around the world. I travel. I play native (north) American music and south American music. I play both styles but here in turkey I play traditional music from my country. actually from three countries: ecuador bolivia and peru. What kind of music do you play? traditional music from ecuador, bolivia and peru. but we also play concerts festivals and other contracts. also play native American meditation music. we mix both cultures. Introduces the instruments as well I play string instruments. classical spanish guitar but using the traditional style from bolivia and ecuador. but I play the charango the charango its a small guitar that the spaniards brought during the colonisation of Bolivia to Potosí. it’s an instrument with 10 strings and standard tuning. it’s a very traditional instrument but actually i donøt have it with me now. but i’ve been playing for almost 25 years I play percussion instruments a little and wind instruments and, yes, i sing a little as well. Where do you usually play music? Where do i play music? OR? Only here in the street? or somewhere else as well? In the street because there is more visual and spiritual contact with the people. In a concert or festival or private contract you don’t have such close contact. you play they know you are from bolivia or peru but they do not have the pleasure to speak with you or ask you questions or ask you about things. Why do you dress the way you do? that’s a good question. Five years ago the indigenous people of south america, brazil, bolivia and the amazons. the important shamans exchanged fire. the condor that lives in south america went to north america and the eagle from north america went to south america. so they made an agreement so we can use their traditional clothes so they made an agreement so we can use their traditional clothes and make the things they make: the dream catchers, bracelets, earrings. and all these things Where do you get your inspiration from? Oh, inspiration. Um, where do I get inspiration from?. Well, you know Europe and Asia especially Europe is a stressful country You have to think about your visas, how to travel, your lifestyle, so I do not have much time to compose music or songs. But I am always inspired when I play. I often play the same songs, but I try to perfect them. To reach a level of perfection so that the song is audible to people, so it’s not just a hobby. From where you get your clothes? Well, you can.. you can buy clothes, but I always use my creativity. I make them by myself or with the help of my friends. Always creating. But there are times. You know, the costumes for a concert, we order them, because there is no time. These are for the street. but the original costumes we use for conserts we order them from Bolivia. We look at examples from indigenous people and we mix styles, so we give... how would you say it?... you know.. like a new song. we order them from bolivia, they make them there. so they are professionals they do the embroidery and all of this. How do people react to your style? People like us, yes, despite the fact that this style of music is well known around the world. because there are many of our colleagues who travel around Europe and Asia, almost all over the world. you will always find a South American who plays folk anywhere in the world. Do you wear it to attract attention?

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