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CS5100_068 - Easy 3D Extrusions in Photoshop CS5

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[Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended] [Easy 3D Extrusions - Zorana Gee - Product Manager] This video briefly covers creating 3D extrusions and Photoshop Extended CS5 using Adobe Repoussé. Repoussé gives us the ability to create simple 3D extrusions from text layers, pads, masks or selections. You can then take this 3D geometry and add a material to it from our new materials library, as well as manipulate the lights, cameras, textures, and shadows, all within Photoshop Extended. This introduces an enormous amount of flexibility and efficiency to your design work flow. Here's a design that was created for a web banner that contains animated text, icons, and other objects that were created and composited entirely in Photoshop. Let's go ahead and jump back into Photoshop to show you how I can create these extrusions. Here I have the composite and a simple text layer in Photoshop. The simplest way to get into the Repoussé dialogue is from the 3D panel on the right here. You can see I can choose "Selected Layer," which is a text layer, and "3D Repoussé Object," and click "Create," and jump into the Repoussé dialogue. Here we are in the Repoussé dialogue and up here at the top left, we have basic presets that we can use so you can experiment with the different types of parameters that you can apply in this dialogue. The extrusion parameters allow you to create depth, I can scale the backface, I can can also add twists, I can shear the backface, the X or Y angle, and I can also bend it. I can also define the different reference point from which I want to bend my 3D geometry. Up here in the upper left, you can see I have the 3D access tool that allows me to manipulate my object as well. I can add a simple inflation; what an inflation is is just a smooth, curved inflation to my 3D face, either the front face or the back face, or both. You can see here, I've just added a smooth, curved constraint to the front. Over here on the right, I can add a simple bevel, again, to the front or the front and the back. I can change my contour profile, and I can come in here and edit my profile as well. Now you have a 3D layer that you can edit further using your favorite traditional Photoshop effects. I can take this design and enjoy the flexibility that I'll get having this as a 3D layer and create different looks, positioning, and lighting for my composite. I can also animate different 3D effects and render this out to a video, all within Photoshop CS5 extended. [Adobe]

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Posted by: adobetv on Apr 26, 2010

With Photoshop CS5 Extended, you can create 3D logos and artwork from any text layer, selection, or layer mask with new Adobe Repoussé technology. Twist, rotate, extrude, bevel, and inflate these designs, and then easily apply rich materials like chrome, glass, and cork to explore different looks. And take your designs even further by leveraging the Adobe 3D Forge engine for advanced editing of your 3D models.

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