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People often ask me, well you must be left wing because you speak Arabic and you work with the Palestinians. But maybe you're a right winger because you have these things called peyotes. and you wear a kippah, and you also do dialogue work that includes settlers from the West Bank. Maybe you're a right winger. My response is it takes two wings to fly. I believe in the two wing approach. To be inclusive, Rabbi Eliyahu McLean Jerusalem, Israel Co-Founder Jerusalem Palestinians How should we say the primary opposites or the complete opposites and that this sense of unity can actually be found in trying to bring together things that are completely opposite from eachother. Rabbi Nachman of Bratislav A famous hasidic rabbi from several hundred years ago from the Ukraine Eastern Europe said, Shalom, . . . "Peace is between the opposites." It's not in just things that are exactly the same but actually, it's coming together from viewpoints and perspectives that are diametrically opposed. One one level, we can actually on the deeper level try to find that place where the two sides come together in unity. and in this part of the world, what is more dynametrically opposed than Palestine and Israel? Or Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism? It's as if these are two diametrically opposed histories, narratives, and movement, and national movement, and often the world's politicians say this is the most unsolvable conflict. If you look at it in Buddhist terms, you could say it's maybe the planetary koan, unsolvable riddle that no one has been able to solve. I find that actually being in this situation, and with the intensity and the political tensions at times, actually provides a real laboratory of where we can experiment with ideas of unity. It's actually like more stark, and more real, and more relevant here, I feel because of the political and nationalist struggles happening in this part of the world.

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