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Learn about my RealPad - AARP

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[RealPad] [Real Possibilities AARP] [Learn About My RealPad] This introductory lesson will cover the basics of using the AARP RealPad tablet. It is important to know how to navigate so that you can explore the RealPad features. We will examine the toolbar which provides access to everything you need including a number of short help videos to get you started. This is the home screen. The black bar at the bottom of the screen is the navigation bar. There are three icons in the middle of the navigation bar. The back icon, the home icon, and the open apps icon. Tap the open apps icon to see all of the apps that are currently running on your RealPad. To close an open app, swipe left or right across it. Closing apps that you aren't currently using can conserve your battery. Tap an app to open it. Tap the back icon to return to the previous screen within an app. Tap the home icon to return to the home screen. The arrow on the left side of the navigation bar is the RealPad toolbar icon. Tap the RealPad toolbar icon to open and close the RealPad toolbar. The RealPad toolbar is a special feature of the AARP RealPad tablet. It provides quick access to some of the most important and commonly used features of the RealPad. Tap the AARP apps folder to view AARP apps and content or to redeem your complimentary membership. Tap the Real Help folder to access the Help menu. From the Help menu, you can access customer service when you need support. The help menu also contains important instructional videos. Swipe up to see all of the available videos. We recommend watching these short three-minute videos to get the most out of your RealPad. If your RealPad is acting up, tap RealPad Real Quick Fix and your RealPad will help you figure out what's wrong. It is used to automatically fix issues your RealPad may be having. Tap Web to open an Internet browser and surf the Internet on your RealPad. There are more apps on the RealPad than what's available on the home screen. To see all of the apps installed on your RealPad, tap All Apps. Then swipe from right to left to browse your apps. Tap Settings to go to the settings menu. To change your RealPad settings such as your font size, tap RealPad Settings. Lastly, note that you can open any of the folders on the home screen of the RealPad by tapping the folder. To learn more about the folders on the home screen, please watch the video Touchscreen Basics found in the Help menu. Enjoy using your RealPad. [RealPad] [Real Possibilities AARP]

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Posted by: aarp on Sep 10, 2014

Tutorial providing a basic overview of RealPad

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