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Jumper Cable Fire | Survivorman: 10 Days

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Fire starting using sparks and gasoline is dubious at the best of times but when survival depends upon it it takes on a whole new intensity Let’s try it this way then There we go! Finally, after four days stuck in the car this fire will be a huge boost psychologically Didn't quite go as planned. In this damp snow I’ve got to work extra hard to keep this going Diligence is always required if I want to stay warm And the added advantage is that the fire serves as a signal for potential rescuers. They’re more likely to go to investigate a car with a fire burning behind it than simply a dark car sitting in the snow Seeing all the panic I didn’t even remember to use the tinder I got I’ll use it now Well, this instruction manual came in handy! Keeping a large amount of ready-to-go tinder and kindling for the fire is vital to success but battling the elements is always a challenge to staying warm Stop raining! Clouds look thick and are coming my way as well It worked it took a while to get that spark to take I had to pour the gas over onto the paper tried to spread it out, I don’t know I thought it would’ve gone better inside the beer can with the fumes and everything but it didn’t seem to make any difference Got it to take I ran over here but then I noticed that after a while when the fire was burning that it wasn’t burning down into my woods because the pot lid was still underneath it stopping the fire from going down so I had to put the pot lid out which caused more trouble with the fire so I grabbed a piece of the inside of the car it was just like, I don’t know, compressed board sort of stuff and threw it underneath it and it's burning and it's keeping the fire going Now, I can heat water up over top of the fire That’s one way to save a match! The car heater was nice but a full fire begins to put motivation into me like nothing else can.

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Posted by: kriziavaldivia on Sep 25, 2014

Jumper Cable Fire | Survivorman: 10 Days

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