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Journey of the soul part 2 class #3 - Rav TLE 4 minutes

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) he's saying: "when the "hitpashtut" (Hebrew)"... and we know again, first there is the emanation, the evolution of the vessels, Then, when the vessels have been established the Light then appropriately fills the vessel. But what comes first? The Light forcing, but the Light doesn't become manifested until the vessel becomes established. That again is to provide us with this illusion as if what comes first? The vessel or the Light? The vessel comes first. But we're never going to forget, ever that the Light came first. But the possibility why we can succumb to an understanding that that the vessel, or ourselves, or the desire to receive is the architect, is the creator of things, is because the Light cannot become revealed provided the Malchut of whatever frame of reference we might be discussing becomes manifested. Then suddenly - "Ah! The Light is here!" Right? Then the Light is here. But the Light has been there all along but nothing can really take place, like even the Ein Sof, we understand the Light came first However, until Malchut in the Ein Sof became established, or the forth phase became established, the Creator in his desire, which is the thought of Creation, to share did not share, in essence, until when? Until the real desire called Malchut came into existence. Which had to go through the phase of 4 phases, to become established as Malchut. If there was not four phases, there would not be no Malchut. There would not be the procedure of having lost the light and then saying "Ah, I want it back", which is Malchut. If that phase did not become established or settled into the process of creation, then the Light, in essence, would not have become manifested now what does that mean "the light would not have become manifested"? The light is there, but the thought of creation, the thought of sharing, would not have become manifested. So what is the revelation of creation? What is the revelation of Light in essence really means? At the thought of sharing becomes manifested. Is that right? In other words, without a true Malchut the light was revealed before the process began. So what didn't become revealed until Malchut became established? What didn't become established? The thought. But the light was there before the vessel even started. Right? The fact that there was a thought to share cause an emanation of Four Phases but when did the thought become actually manifested? When there was this tremendous desire to want. You got to go back and forth and this is the essence of everything...

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