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Stirling Castle

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Neither of us are going to get any money >> Campbell, it pains me to say it but your right for a change. The war is not going to do anyone any good at all. but the thing is, the king has his own ideas about how to fight wars. >> He's got this Oliver Sinclair, have you heard the rumours? >> Yes I've heard the rumours alright, I think everyone in Scotland has heard the rumours about the King and Oliver Sinclair. >> Yes but more importantly, he now talks apparently in private with Oliver Sinclair about him taking command of the army. How do you think our Lords are going to react to that. >> Yes, not good at all. My lords and ladies, please forgive us, our minds are away all over the place here. The King is on the verge of warfare with England again because of the King's refusal to meet with Henry 8th. Of course Campbell here didn't improve matters when he gave Sir Ralph Sadler the English Ambassador the runaround taking him to Glasgow and pretending it was Stirling for goodness sake. but the sad thing is Sadler fell for it until two days later when he was approached and he was told where he actually was to watch his English tongue. >> Give the King some credit, I think he has a genuine fear about how he met Henry over the Border. He would have been taken prisoner. Henry was perfectly capable of doing that. >> Yes, if that is so. Well anyway, first of all before the King comes in, is there anyone actually here from England today? Who is willing to admit it? >> Do not be frightened, we will only give you five years sentence in the lower dungeons. Hands up if your from England. >> You are! >> My god madam, what a fine fellow you are aren't you. My god, I have to say Madam that they produce them well in England. >> Campbell! >> Perhaps an introduction behind the stables later. And do.. >> Campbell! Put her down, you never know where she's been. Well we do know, it's England. And you boys and girls, are you fine when the King comes in, you won't be afraid of the King? Good, Good men. What about you girls, your not frightened of the King are you? >> I think these two young men would make fine soldiers for the King's army. >> Yes, they would make fine soldiers indeed, where are you from laddie? Scotland, aye he'll make a good soldier. Where are you from son? Your from Scotland, you'll make a good soldier. Where are you from? Liverpool! Liverpool! Well Liverpool is nearly in Scotland. >> We've got an English spy here who didn't tell us she was in the audience. >> Aye, another in the audience, >> My god Erskine, wouldn't these make fine solider trousers, look, do you think she's wearing those for a dare. >> All stand, all stand for the King! >> On your feet! >> Your grace. >> Your Grace. >> Welcome to the Great Hall my Grace. >> Thankyou. >> My Grace, there's the public, yes they are sitting. Your Grace, how goes it this day? >> Aye it goes well however the affairs of state are pressing. >> Well we know your Grace. If there is anything your Grace would like to discuss with Campbell and the rest of your courtiers, however Be aware your Grace, we have got an English agent shall we say. >> Who? >> The very front your Grace with the long white coat. Obviously one of Ralph Sadler's ladies. >> So my uncle Henry has thought that I will divulge all my secrets in your bed chamber, enjoying the delights that you can offer. By all means my Dear, it will be delightful but you will be getting no secrets. >> The Queen is in the next chamber. >> Your Grace, Erskine and me have been discussing you know that we greatly differ in our views on things and I admit I require more money than of Erskine but I see well how this progression of how this problem with England is going and I would like to say that I would be like to assist in anyway that I can your Grace, my loyalty is unquestionable. >> Will you provide troops if required? >> I certainly will, my highlanders will be at your side my Grace, anything you wish. >> Will you obey my commands? >> I will indeed. >> Will you cross the border if I require it? >> I will Sir on one condition. >> Your Grace, may I... >> No, no conditions. >> Very well your Grace. >> Your Grace, I would like to point out that I couldn't help but overhear. that Campbell, of course your going to rely on the Highlanders, your Grace remember these Highlanders will stop fighting at the drop of a smell of whiskey, it's not a good idea to recruit the Highlanders nor the Borderers, you need loyal men from the Lowlands of Scotland, not the highlands! >> Aye Erskine, but don't compare my Highlanders to those Rogue Borderers. Your Grace, they're never to be trusted. They've >> come against you so often >> The Borders! >> Yes! >> The Maxwells, Scots, Kerrs and as for the Armstrongs, don't get me started on the Armstrongs! >> Your Grace, I would also like to suggest you do not cross the Border. Your Grace... >>Why? >> Well because I'm a soldier my Grace, I'm a soldier, I know, we want to draw the English up here to this area of Stirling, we want to draw them to the edge of the Highlands that makes it easier for Campbell and more importantly for him, makes it cheaper for him your Grace. Your Grace! Take them in here, the further we get them from London, the better, your Uncle grows fat and lazy. >> Aye. >> He's not going to provide his army to march this far North. your Grace, we will have, should they invade >> Hold Erskine, hold. If we cross the Border on the other hand, they will be ample readily for our troops they will be pillage, looting for my men. >> Campbell! >> You know my Highlanders... >> There's more to the men than money. I ask you, my Lords and Ladies, who here truthfully thinks we should draw the English up here towards this area? All those in favour raise your hand >> But Erskine, >> The Scottish public has spoken. >> If we pull Henry's troops up, you can guarantee there's going to be Europeans in them Surely, surely I run the risk of them rampaging through my own towns, destroying my villages, destroying my crops. Is it not better to take the fight to England? >> Look at this way my Grace, if we go over the Border and we lose over the Border, that doesn't just leave the Borders open to devastation, it leaves the whole of the dammed country! >> Erskine, on the other hand, his Grace is correct, have we not suffered enough in the border of Abbeys, pillaged and burned by the English. >> Listen! >> No! >> We can build more churches, we can provide plenty more Abbeys >> Oh and where is the money coming from for that. Your the very man who is demanding money for the Army that the King doesn't have >> Campbell, I thought you and I had an agreement, Lord and Ladies, I am putting it to you that we are better fighting the army of England should we decide to come over right here to this area, you were talking about the English and Europeans, your Grace, we've been provided with some of the finest French armour, and of course the muskets you won us earlier on. Captain Lundae is an expert in this warfare in the field! >> Erskine, Erskine, you saw these fire lop things they were using there, they are totally unreliable. The English archers are far better equipped to deal with these men than ours are. >> We have the cannon also. >> When did we ever win a Battle with cannon, we must rely on our foot and our cavalry. >> Can it not take days to take the cannons down? >> Your Grace, we do not need to take the cannons down, they will come to us we will get them from Edinburgh, Linlithgow and here, we have them in a line. >> Aye, you forget, I see doom in this, I tell you Erskine, remember Flodden. >> We cannot forget Flodden. We cannot forget Flodden, nobody will forget Flodden. >> Surely... >> This one here still thinks that bows and arrows will work, who thinks gunpowder is the answer? Who is in favour of Campbell's sticks? The Highlanders! >> You fools, you fools, don't you understand the bow is still mightier than these fire methods. >> Erskine! I'm not a military man but think about this, we go into Northern England, we take Carlisle, should be get defeated there We can retreat but if we pull North and we get defeated here, there is nothing to stop them. >> Your Grace, we want nothing beyond Stirling. Your Grace, the further they are from London the better. When they are over the Border, they have Carlisle, they have Eyemouth and of of course they Normans to rely on supply lines. This far North they have nothing! >> Erskine! Why are we being involved in this in the first place? Simply because the French have requested support through the old Alliance because England has attacked France. How many times have we invaded England. Your own father invaded England at a whim of the French and what happened, we lost at Flodden. Dare we repeat such an accident again! >> You overstepped the mark! My father honoured a treaty, would you have a Scot renege on treaties like Henry does! >> Aye Campbell, would you! >> Nae Sir, I would not renege on a treaty but there are other ways of doing it. We set foot in England and no more We don't confront an open army. >> We draw them North and the public has spoken. Lundai, what is your opinion? >> My humble opinion your Grace, I agree with Lord Erskine, we must draw them into a battle on our own terms. We can't fight them in England. Men fight harder and stoudier when they are defending their own home. >> Here, here, shall we fight harder to defend our own lands! >> Are you surprised this man Lundai is in Erskine's pay. >> The only way you will win this battle is with bell boots, shoulder to shoulder wielded stout lowlanders. Put no faith in this Highland rabble. They are undisciplined and they don't have the guts to stand in a pitch battle. >> Lies! Lundai, you know as well as I do, that the English are the experts with the bell hooks, your men have become acquainted with these recently. >> and that's why we must draw them onto our ground... We must pull them into a battle that we make the terms. We cannot fight them on their own ground We'll be destroyed. What happens then your Grace. You have lost your army. >> Lundai, show the King what we can do. >> I am cautious. >> Anderson! the only way will win your Grace is if stout men like this are wielding their bell boots, shoulder to shoulder, tighten up! right next to each other. They all have got weapons to protect themselves, a solid wall of spikes. All we have to do is stand and kill them as they run towards us your Grace. As soon as they come into range, through the eye up into the brain, twist and rip through the mouth step it into their tongue into the back of their head your Grace. >> Excuse me >> Yes my Lord. See in England, you will need bigger pikes for their mouths. >> Good point. On top of that, straight into the throat your Grace, severed on one pike leave them to drown in their own blood. If all that fails, into the guts and twist repeatedly wrapping the organs around the enemies head and ripping them from their body. No man will stand with his gut in the floor of his feet your Grace. We must first make our own terms. We cannot fight them on their own ground. >> Your Grace, may I ask a simple question? Captain Lundai, what are the English going to be doing when you are standing there waiting to poke them in the eye. Archers will have you over powered not only that, their cavalry will have you run down. >> That is why you fight them from the high ground. >> Lundai >> You cannot shout up hill and cavalry cannot charge up hill. >> I've also got intervation your Grace. Through Ralph Saddler by getting him drunk in Glasgow which was a genius idea incidentally. Ralph Saddler tells me that the English are moving more and more towards the heavy cannon, Falconets they call them and these cannons are light, manoeuvrable and Henry is purchasing several hundred as we speak from makers from the Lowlands of Germany and the Dutch provinces. >> and what do we have to counter this? >> We have our men, we have our spikes, we have the muskets from Switzerland, land of the Swiss. and of course we have good stout Lowland men. >> These will stand against cannon, you jest Erskine. >> We're not suggesting these men stand against the cannon, that is what your Highlanders are for, Campbell! Your Highlanders are to stand against the cannon! >> Nae Erskine >> because I can guarantee your Grace as soon as they see a baggage cart, the highlanders will run towards it. >> We will be first in the charge but not towards a baggage cart but towards the English. Unlike your Lowlanders who have run more often then our men have. >> How dare you, how dare you! >> Remember Flodden, how many of you were captured and taken prisoners, slaughtered there. >> None of us were taken prisoner because we fought to the last. >> Ha! >> You two bicker like woman! >> We do not! >> I my to expect that you two are going to lead the army. >> Aye >> Indeed your Grace. >> That your contigencies will be in the army? >> Yes >> Yes >> Well they stand together, I doubt it! These two are me me me me me. They are not filling me with confidence, >> Your Grace, Campbell and I have agreed that our armies will stand side by side. >> You promise? >> We do your Grace. >> My army will probably be more in front of the Highlanders but we will stand side by side. >> Only to begin with, we can run faster than you >> See! I suppose they could this on the battlefield and bore the English. Really! So who is going to lead this army? >> I will your Grace. >> Oh here here! >> Your going to lead the army! >> Indeed >> You! a cost master who is more interested in cakes and food. >> I'm a more experienced soldier than you Sir, your merely a boy. >> Your Grace, you never made me captain of Stirling and Edinburgh for nothing. I will lead the army, I'm your leader. These men here, shall I lead the army. >> Yes your Grace. >> They're your own men, is it any surprise. >> Should I lead the army? >> Yes, should Campbell lead the army? >> No >> Oh thankyou very much, aye now I know why they call you peasants.

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