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ESG Video Open Apps on NetApp E-Series_2015-06[1]

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- [Narrator] The following is an ESG video. (ambient music) - Hi, my name is Brian Garrett, and I'm the vice president of ESG Lab. For the next few minutes, we'll be exploring how a growing number of organizations are using NetApp E-Series storage to reduce the cost and risk associated with moving open application frameworks, like Hadoop and OpenStack, from proof of concept to production. ESG research indicates that software-defined data center and big data initiatives are at the top of the CIO whiteboard. With these goals in mind, open application frameworks that are gaining in popularity include OpenStack and Ceph for the software-defined data center, and NoSQL and Hadoop for big data. Insights here are where organizations start moving these open application frameworks from proof-of-concept to production. ESG research indicates that the total cost of ownership and the overall price of the solution are the most important purchasing criteria. Service, support, reliability, and ease of management help drive down the TCO as well, but are hard to ensure with open-source frameworks running on industry-standard servers with internal storage. Most open-source application projects start with a proof of concept that runs on a cluster of industry-standard servers with internal storage. This reduces the cost of the proof of concept and the time it takes to get up and running, but adds risk and complexity when you move into production. Switching from internal storage to a purpose-built, direct-attached storage system reduces the risk and the cost when you move into production. NetApp E-Series direct-attach storage systems are ideally suited to meet the performance and the capacity challenges associated with moving an open-application framework from POC to production. NetApp E-Series storage systems provide an ideal balance of features, performance, reliability, and manageability. And they're a direct drop-in replacement for internal drives and open-source frameworks like Hadoop and OpenStack. The NetApp E-Series provides significant performance improvements over internal storage in open-application frameworks like Hadoop and Ceph. Up to 12 gigabytes per second of throughput and 650 thousand IOPS per second can be achieved with a single SAS-attached NetApp E-Series system. Using hardware RAID instead of replicating over the network improves performance even more. We saw 62% more cluster throughput with significantly less network traffic and storage capacity during ESG lab testing with Hadoop. Centralized management, restful APIs, online upgrades, and optional drive-level encryption also helped reduce the cost and the risk. This video, and an ESG white paper that's available on the NetApp website, takes a look at the compelling benefits of switching from internal storage to direct-attached NetApp E-Series storage systems when moving an open application framework from proof of concept to production. No longer does a single disk drive cripple a node and impact overall infrastructure performance. Because data is externally protected, additional performance and efficiency gains can be realized. Reducing the amount of data being replicated lightens the load on compute and network resources, and it also reduces the amount of storage capacity that you need to buy. Recovery from disk failures is dramatically improved through centralized storage management. And manual processes are automated, which reduces operating costs. And the bottom-line TCO savings and the reduction in risk to the organization more than offset the higher initial purchase price of commercial external direct-attach storage systems. If you're a line-of-business manager who's looking to accelerate insight and profitability for the business, or an IET architect looking to reap the benefits of an open framework with better performance and less risk, or an IET administrator who's looking to help save some time and money, ESG recommends that you consider NetApp E-Series storage for your next distributed open application project. Thanks for checking out this ESG insight video. If you'd like to learn more, the ESG white paper is available at

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ESG Video Open Apps on NetApp E-Series_2015-06[1]

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