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Sign up for Microsoft Azure

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[Microsoft Azure] [male speaker] Hi, this is Scott Hanselman. I'd like to show you how easy it is to sign up for a one month free trial of Microsoft Azure. I'll click "Try it now." I'll sign in with my Microsoft account. The sign-up process is quick. I'll put in my credit card. Note that my credit card will not be billed unless I remove spending limits. When I run out of my credit, my websites will shut down unless I choose to be billed. Now, I'll click portal, and I can start using Azure immediately. I'll go through this quick tour. It gives me a sense of how to move around in the Azure portal. You can get more details in the other Getting Started videos. I can immediately start making websites, virtual machines, mobile services, Access databases, and use all of the rich functionality that's available to me in Microsoft Azure. If you happen to be an MSDN subscriber, make sure that you activate your Azure MSDN benefit. It's no charge; you can use your MSDN software in the cloud, but most importantly, you get up to $150 in Azure credits every month. That's $1,800 plus a year. MSDN subscribers who use Azure also get a thirty-three percent discount on virtual machines and lots more. So make sure that you activate that benefit. You'll always know how much money you have in your trial and how many days remain until your credit expires. Here you can see my brand new account has a $200 credit for this month, and I've got thirty days to use it. Don't be afraid to explore Azure, create virtual machines, make new websites, and utilize the credits that you've been given. The status box will change color and warn you before your credits run out, so be sure to use what's included. And most of all, have fun exploring Microsoft Azure. [Microsoft Azure]

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