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Depoimento da Professora

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(Public Hearing on the current scenario of education in RN.) Moving on, and respecting registrations, Let's now hear teacher Amanda Gurgel. Good morning to all and everyone. During every speech, I thought about how to organize mine. Because there are so many questions to be asked... and so many worries, right? Worries of the day-to-day of the ones inside a classroom and a school, and I wanted to be able to at least synthesize these worries. And since everyone presented so many numbers, and as they always say, numbers are irrefutable, I'd also like to present a number to start my speech, which is an only three digit number, quite different from the numbers presented here with so many digits, And it is the number on my paycheck, huh? 9 - 3 - 0 My base salary: R$ 930,00. And then I'd like to ask all of you present, (Teacher with a degree? Yes, higher education, with specialization.) if you could, but answer it only if you don't feel constrained, of course, if you could survive, or keep your standard of living with this salary. No, you could not! Surely, this salary is not enough even to pay for clothes, huh? Clothes you need to wear in order to attend this House. So my speech couldn't begin with a different start point. That is because only the ones inside a classroom, taking three buses in order to get to their workplace, a precarious bus, I may add, have the property to talk about that. Appart from that, any commentary said here, any consideration made here, is just to maskarate the truth, which is visible to everybody: the fact that not in any government, in any moment, we had in our state, our city, our country, education as a priority! Not in any moment! Right? So, the speech of the majority here worries me a lot, including Secretary Bethânia Ramalho's, wih all due respect, which is: "Let's not talk about the precarious situation because everyone knows that." What do you mean let's not talk about the precarious situation? We are trivializing it! We are accepting the precarious condition of education as a fatality?! I've been placed inside a classroom, with a chalk and a blackboard, to save Brazil? Is that it? Overcrowded classrooms, with students entering all the time with a desk on their heads, because there are no desks in the classrooms! Am I the redeemer of the country? No, I can't! I have no conditions! Much less with the salary I earn. Right? The Secretary also said that we can't be immediate, see only the immediate condition, we need to think long term. But my need for food is immediate! My need for transportation is immediate! Jessica's need for a good education is immediate! Right? So I would like to ask you to free yourself from this extremely wrong misconception. And I say that with property, because I'm there. With even more property than great scholars'. Stop associating quality in education with teacher in the classroom! Stop associating it! Because you can't have quality in education with teachers inside a classroom for three shifts! Right? Because that's how teachers multiply their R$ 930,00. R$ 930 in the morning, R$ 930 in the afternoon, R$ 930 at night! In order to survive! It's not to walk around with a branded handbag, nor to use a French perfume. Right? It's just to have the condition to feed their children! It's to have the condition to pay a car installment, which they often buy to be able to travel faster between schools, And they must choose the day they will ride a car because they can't afford to buy fuel. Right? So, our reality, the scenario of education in Rio Grande do Norte today, is this! And I do not feel constrained in presenting my paycheck, neither to student nor a teacher, nor to any of you here, because I think the embarrassment should come from you. I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! But you should all be embarrassed. Do you understand? So, that's it, the government changes, and I apologize once again to Bethania, but there are no news in your speech. The only thing you request from us is 'patience', and 'tolerance'. And I have colleagues who are waiting PATIENTLY, for FIFTEEN years, TWENTY years, for an horizontal promotion! Teachers who die and do not receive a promotion. So I want to ask the Secretary, first of all, for patience as well. Because we can't stand that speech anymore. We can't stand it! What we want is objectivity! How is it? Do we want to get out of this impasse? 'We do'. But how? Without any proposal? Empty-handed? Going back demoralized to the classroom for the student to say: 'We were here without class and that's it? " 'You've received R$ 20,00, R$ 30,00? " They laugh! We also ask for respect, Secretary! So you don't go to the media saying 'we ask for flexibility'. As if we were the responsibles for the chaos, which actually is only presented to society when we are on strike, but which is every day in the classroom, in the school, everywhere ... Right? So, respect! Do not refer to our category that way! Do not! Neither refer only as if it's the SINDI's management that wants this strike. It is not! It is 90% of the category. 90% of the category in the entire state, in the provinces, in the capital. Right? We ask the Congressmen for support. Be more active, participate. Go to our Assembly, seek to listen to these workers. Try to find out the reality. Right? Ask the Prosecutor to be with an effective control with the Public Prosecutor Office. That it is not to say: "Teacher can't eat from this couscous." Because we eat an alleged couscous. Because the Prosecutor is to tell you that it's from the student's meal, not the teacher's. Right? This is how it works. By the way, we do not have the resource to eat out every day. We do not have it. Right? So, there are many issues more complex, very complex that could be said here. But unfortunately the time is short and I would ask that, on behalf of my colleagues who eat the alleged couscous, on behalf of my colleagues who take three buses to get to their workplace, on behalf of Jessica, who's not attending class right now for many other reasons, for lack of teachers, lack of meals, right? That's what I meant to say. Congratulations to Professor Amanda Gurgel.

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