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School Bus for ACA

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Hi, hello. This is Anne. Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And Yeah, right now I am in the office room Well, our school name is Agape Christian Academy. We give this name because of God's unconditional love as I was healed from blood cancer on 2013 and yes. So after that we were just praying, what should be the right way, I mean, what should be the best way to reach out to these people. And finally God directed us to preach out the Gospel through this children's ministry. And so it was on the first of April 2014 that we started this school. Yeah. Our main vision is to help and support the pastors and missionaries over this mountain and reach out the Gospel to the unreached places over this mountain. So we have so much thankful to you for your love and concern We are, we don't have words to express how thankful we are We are really grateful to you. yeah, yeah we are much thankful to you. Okay. Hey, My name is Tia, and I am her husband. We'll just show you around the school and the classroom now, and right now we are in the office room. Before that uh I'll show you some books over here, which we give out to the children and these are the books. Yes and We have a parent here who came to uh meet us, yeah okay. And this is our classroom and this is where we keep our uniforms. And yeah our school name is Agape Christian Academy. And the place is Gojiyana where we are staying. It's a small village here in a district called Tehri. This is the Tehri district and our school name is Agape Christian Academy. Right I will show you the classroom where the children are I'll take you to the children, yeah. Hello. Yes. This is our Ms. Summon. Right now she's in the room teaching the children. Say hi everyone! Hi children, say hi! Yes. And some of the parents have come to drop off the children And yes some of the parents are already So this is...hello, hi Hello Most of the children are absent as there was a holiday yesterday and we are having admission, a new admission is going on We'll just show you a few more classes Okay this is one of the classes The UKG. Hi everyone This is our Ms. Pasna. She is taking care of this class. Call the chidlren okay, yes. We are going to sing a song. We don't have enough space so I'll call on only three or four children. Yeah, there's a little bit of space over here so just call on two or three children, yeah. Hey children, sing a song for for the camera, okay start, 1, 2, start! Jesus loves me this♫ I know♫ For the Bible tells me so♫ Little ones♫ to Him belong♫ We are weak but He♫ is strong♫ Yes, Jesus loves me♫ Yes, Jesus loves me♫ Yes, Jesus loves me♫ Yes, Jesus loves me♫ the Bible♫ tells me so♫ Very good! Okay all of you say hi, okay hi I will take you to one more class, okay. Let's go downstairs here, we have a classroom here. And before we to the classroom, I'll show you around the place where we are. This is the mountain, the place where our school is and yes. This is the outside place and from here the top, there is the village just above there and from here just about 10 kilometers from here there's a village about 10 kilometers from here It is the place where the children are coming from. And we have one more village before that. So this is the school building right now so this is uh kind of the typical village school I must say I'll take you to one more class. Hey children! Say hi. (all): Hi, hello! Anshi, hi. Aryan! How are you? Say something! Aryan: Hi Ryan, how are you? We miss you a lot! When are you coming back to meet us? Ohh good! Okay this is Aryan. This is Anshika and some of the children are absent today, so uh bye! Bye, we'll see you! Bye!

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School Bus for ACA

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