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Archbishop Winston, Your Grace, you are one of the three archbishops in New Zealand, in Aotearoa and Polynesia, and in fact you are the Archbishop of Polynesia, one of the largest areas of any province or diocese in the world – and yet mostly sea, I think, and that's one of the big issues. When in the islands across Polynesia people are praying, Thy Kingdom Come, Your Kingdom Come, in their local language, whatever words they use - when you pray it, what's on your mind? What's your hope and expectation that God is doing when he hears that prayer coming from so many hearts? Well, Thy Kingdom Come is a statement of a gift. It came from Jesus himself, who is the kingdom. And the word about his coming also means to us he is always with us. And we have seen here the word in him and it is that encountering that we see about about the coming and the beginning and what it is, is all the same. So the incredible integrity of the statement to us: we hear of what we should be and the surprise is, how can you be, because the gift is given and now you receive it. And the most important thing in life is when you are asked to present that gift. Because it is given, you see how they have done it and that is the legacy. What you do now is how do you receive that gift and how can you embody that gift, hence discipleship makes sense. We can can only arrive at Thy Kingdom Come with the gift that was given and what you have done with the gift and for us it's worth living because it’s the way how we shine that gift and the continual surprises that is the other dimension to Thy Kingdom Come. It always comes but you need to be alert. So when people pray Thy Kingdom Come they are also offering themselves as the receiver of the gift and the bearer of the gift and to present it to others, in a sense. We can't just pray Thy Kingdom Come and tick a box and say well we've done that, now we can move on. We're committing ourselves to being part of the coming of the Kingdom. Yes because it is a gift given. It's the way how you understand the purpose of the gift. Because you are chosen to be given that gift. So life is full of treasure because you have been chosen, you are given to be that gift. And because the gift is to be shared with others, the surprises that we see the statement is the ongoing joy, because when you live it and when you do it then you see the significance of it is a gift of surprises. When you live it and when you treasure it then you know the depth of that gift. So when we say Thy Kingdom Come, it's not when Jesus returns, it's live it now and enjoy it to the fullness of something only God, when God returns in Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. We live what is going to be there when God comes. What we do is to to grab this opportunity when things happen and share that fully and hence it's – it's the way that we actually look at the issue of climate change That's why we speak in another language, that others may not understand us. Thank you, Your Grace, very very much. Thank you.

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