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Here's your two. Two more. That's in. Gentlemen.. every life a little rain must fall. Yeah, but I've never seen it rain so steady. One way. Is that a general complaint? Or just a casual remark? No complaints, mister. We just want another chance. - That's all. - Of course. Anytime you say. Thank you, gentlemen, for a very interesting evening. Who is he? Where'd he come from? He didn't say. I still can't figure it out. And with our cards. - Goodnight. - Night. Hey, you gents got a room here? Come on in, Wylie. 'You, uh, surprised to see me again?' Slightly. I thought we closed our tally book a year ago. You mean, we couldn't prove you fleeced those fellows in Texas. No. Tally book's still open. 'You're a smart bird, Wylie.' 'But I think we finally got the salt on your tail.' Really? I could never catch any that way. Where was I perched at the time? Oh, maybe.. ...Carson City, Nevada. In the ally behind the hotel. That was self defense, Yancey. Those fellows drew first. Both of 'em? And you didn't get hit? No. You're fast, Wylie, but you ain't that fast. How would I know she was the sheriff's daughter. I couldn't find a badge. Cut the jokes, Wylie. You're lucky neither one of those men got killed. But they're still very anxious to get ahold of you in Carson City. You wanna go back there with me? Not if they're that anxious. Why? - Do I have any choice? - One. Just one. Take a look at this map. You see those markings? 'Every circle means a hold-up.' 'And every hold-up means that Wells Fargo Company' lost a lot of money. Sometimes it was a bank safe. Sometimes a stagecoach. But every time it was the same man. Working alone. Very interesting. Just where do I come in? You know, I never held up anything. Except cards. Oh, I'm not saying it was you. Whenever this fellow pulled a job he always left a piece of verse. Like this. '"I'm happy the frontier is settling down.' "With a thriving bank in every town. "Let the riders and nesters deposit their pay. 'So I and my gun can take it away."' 'And he always signs it, The Poet.' That poem alone is enough to hang the fella. He's cost us over $50,000 on transfer jobs we've insured for Wells Fargo. And he's given us a black eye all over the West because we can't catch him. Every man we send after him comes back with his tail between his legs. If he comes back at all. - What does he look like? - 'That's just the trouble.' 'We don't know what he looks like.' But he knows us. So, we're willing to make a deal with you, Wylie. Nobody knows you in this territory. You look like a gentlemen. And I've got a hunch this bird does too. Yancey..'re about as smart as a private detective ever gets. But, if you think I'm gonna do your dirty work for you-- Wait a minute, Wylie. Here's the deal. You bring this fellow in, dead or alive.. ...with good proof either way.. ...and we'll forget we ever heard about you. What's the reward? Twenty thousand dollars. Why? You say some of your men didn't return. Sounds like a tough job. We got a tip The Poet's organizing a gang around Cheyenne. There's a stage leaving for there in the mornin'. Be on it. Suppose I'm not? You'll be on it. Or you'll go back to Carson City. That's the deal. Whoever had that call for 6:15. Well, when it's 6:15 you'd better get up. Playing them newfangled contraptions anyway. What'll they think of next? Nine. Ten. And that's all. Ten pails of water. Doggonit, that's enough to drown a buffalo in. 'Could you close that door?' 'There's a draft in here.' 'I said, would you mind closing that door, mister?' Never mind the mister. What are you doing in there? - Who me? - Yes, you, whoever you are. You got a lot of gall. That's my bath tub. Now, get out of it. - Right now? - Yes, right now. I'll give you two minutes to get out of the room. Well, if you're gonna stand there, I'll have to walk right by you to get my clothes. O-oh, no, you won't. I'll give 'em to you. Oh, no, d-don't bring them around here. I don't intend to. They're comin' in by themselves. Now, that's where you made your mistake. Now I am gonna take my time. If there's one place that's sacred to a man it's a bathroom. Oh, we'll see about that. I'll call the manager. 'Go ahead. I'll wash him, too.' Ah-ah-ah. No peeking. I hope you drown. Don't worry, I've been in much deeper water than this. Well, swim out of that. - Yes, ma'am? - Cup of coffee, please. Hey, Curly. How much longer I got to wait for that Cheyenne stage? Ain't no tellin'. Could be soon or sometime after dinner. What? You mean, I'm stuck with that bear steak again? Well, take it or leave it, ma'am. What a hotel this sheepherder runs. No keys, no locks on the door. Even have to barricade yourself in the bathroom. No hard feelings I hope. - No. - Good. I've cooled off too. Cup of coffee and a donut. How about a donut, brown eyes? Mm-mm. They are brown, ain't they? Mm-hmm. Say, uh, where did we, uh.. Don't you remember? Oh, yes. As I soon as I got through I folded it up and put it in the corner. How long have you had it? I don't know. It's a cute little trick. I was never in one like that before. 'Oh, there it is.' 'Cheyenne stage.' Well, thanks. Goodbye. I'm afraid maybe I...broke one of your legs holding it up. But I'll be very glad to fix it for you. Oh, no. I feel fine. I tried to fix this tub up for you, lady but I didn't have no time. It's alright. Put those on the stage for me, will you please? Well, thank you. You sure did splash a lot of water around up there. 'Stage leaving for Arapahoe' 'Coyote Springs and Cheyenne.' 'Get aboard if you wanna.' 'Take good care of this here thing, mister.' 'It's one them female problem.' Anything else on your mind? No. Get on. 'Hyah! Gallop.' Hey! Ride. Keep goin'. Well we've got a long journey ahead of us. I think maybe we oughta introduce ourselves, don't you? I'm Emily Carson. I'm James Wylie. - You can call me Jim. - Oh, I will. If you call me Emily. Um, where was it you said we met, Mr. Wylie? - I mean, Jim. - That was my mistake. I had you confused with this lady. But in the excitement I didn't quite get her name. I'm Ann Kincaid. And you're lucky that's all you didn't get. Please, forgive me, Ms. Kincaid. If I've known this morning in the bathroom that you were so lovely.. ...I would've left your tub immediately. It's not as bad as it sounds, Ms. Carsie. I hope the screen didn't hurt your head. No, no, it wasn't my head. Thank you. You two sound like old friends. Uh, would you like a little nip? To settle the dust. No, thank you. - Jimmy? - No, thanks. Well, happy days. "Oh, woman, lovely woman. "Nature made thee to temper man. We would be brutes without you." You're quite a poet, Mr. Wylie. Oh, I have a lot of hidden talents. You'll be surprised. Lily of the Valley, Ann? Hmm. Well, no thank you. Oh. Smell, Jimmy? - Hmm. - 'Nice?' Nice. Is that another of your hidden talents? It is when I work it right. Are you a gambler? All men are gamblers, Emily. Otherwise we never get married. There's a 10,000, I promise you, boys. - Chalkeye? - Yeah? - You take care of the guard. - Right. Pecos, cover the door. - Jack, grab the leader. - Yeah. Bucky, you cover the driver. Kid, you're new at this. You watch how the other boys work. Sure. Alright, go get it. Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! Ha! - It's a hold-up. - How many are there? There are five of 'em. That's too many. Ha! Ha! Hey! Hey! Ho! Alright, throw down the strongbox. Come on, get out, all of you. Alright, kick in, mister. First the watch, pronto. If you lay a hand on me, you big jug-head I'll bite it off. Wait your turn, sister. Now, let's have your roll. 'Hey, this fellow packed a load.' 'Oh, that's just chicken feed.' Wait'll we get that box open. You'll see some real money. - Come on, give me the necklace. - Try and get it. You're wasting your time on that junk. It's only worth four bits. - How'd you know? - I bought it for her. 'What's that?' "I'll write you a rhyme, most any old time and you'll only keep filling my purse." "But stay out of my way or some fine day.. "'ll be taking a ride in a hearse. The Poet." We're doing good, ain't we? We split nothing six ways again. This Poet fellow ain't gonna live very long horning in on us. This here is our range. Yeah, you mean, it was. Wait till the boss hears about this. Something missing from the box? What do you know about it? Me? Nothing. I would like my gun back, if you don't mind. Oh, you would, huh? It has sort of a sentimental attachment. Is that what keeps it from working? Go ahead, give it to him, he'll never use it. Maybe he don't know how to use it. Now get in there and don't look back this side of Cheyenne. What a bunch of riff-raff's getting into this country. You smell like a bunch of billy goats. Smellin' good's your business, girlie, not ours. Guess, you'd like these too, huh? Set them horses to movin' and keep moving. Paddle. Hay. Hay! Billy! Hey, Brownie. Get goin'. What'd I tell you, it couldn't been easier. Couldn't been no emptier either. The Poet. We got a little money from one of the passengers. That ain't the 10,000 you promised us we'd get. Shut up, I'm sick of ya beefin'. And if you don't like the way I work a job, get outta here. Work what job? You ain't set us up a good one in three months. Maybe you got the rest of these boys buffaloed at Sundance but not me. You're nothing but a yellow, low-down, dirty-- Anybody else feel that way? Speak up. Well, what do you know? I clean forgot about my little protector. Every girl ought to travel with a gun. That is, if she can remember she has one. Or else with the man that can remember he is one. Oh. Oh. You're late there, Charlie. What held you up? Five men. Didn't get their names but Sam there caught a slug in his shoulder. Oh, get him up to doc's. Where're you stopping, brown eyes? Shh. Not so loud, Jim. I get a gentlemen friend in town. He don't expect me, but I don't wanna surprise him too much. Goodbye. Anything I can do for you, ma'am? No, thank you. You must be a nervous wreck after what you've been through. Driver, would you see that my trunks get to Ms. Kittredge. 'Yes, ma'am.' ♪ I'm tired of roamin' ♪ ♪ Never should have left Wyoming ♪ ♪ Like a bird on homin' ♪ ♪ Going back to old Cheyenne ♪ ♪ I've been a rover ♪ ♪ But my rovin' days are over ♪ ♪ Let me live in clover ♪ ♪ Goin' back to old Cheyenne ♪ ♪ I reckon somebody there is still waitin' ♪ ♪ By the gatin' ♪ ♪ If he's waitin' ♪ ♪ A second after I'm there we'll be matin' ♪ ♪ And will never ever wanna roam again ♪ ♪ My time I'm bidin' ♪ ♪ Till the day that I'm decidin' ♪ ♪ There's a trail worth ridin' ♪ ♪ Goin' back to old Cheyenne ♪ ♪ I'm tired of roamin' ♪ ♪ Never should have left Wyoming ♪ ♪ Like a bird on homin' ♪ ♪ Goin' back to old Cheyenne ♪ ♪ I've been a rover ♪ ♪ But my rovin' days are over ♪ ♪ Let me live in clover ♪ ♪ Going back to old Cheyenne ♪ ♪ I reckon somebody there is still waitin' ♪ ♪ By the gatin' ♪ ♪ If he's waitin' ♪ ♪ A second after I'm there ♪ ♪ We'll be matin' ♪ ♪ And I'll never ever wanna roam again ♪ ♪ My time I'm bidin' ♪ ♪ Till the day I'm decidin' ♪ ♪ There's a trail worth ridin' ♪ ♪ Goin' back to old Cheyenne ♪♪ Hit 'em twice. Pronto. Oh, I ain't got no luck tonight. Come on, Chalkeye. Let's put the girls over. Remember him, don't you? Yeah. He's the fellow we took the 1000 from. That's right. Think he spotted us? Maybe. Yeah. He made us alright. We don't wanna make a play here. Drop 'em. I said, drop 'em. Alright, reach for it. Both of you. How about that money you lifted off me today? I don't know anything about it. Where is it? Bucky's got it. Where do we find Bucky? I don't know. We ain't seen him. Try again. The other side of town. That's better. Put your hands behind you and start walkin'. Drop it. Alright, I'll take my stuff back now. Come on, shell out, it was just 20 short of a 1000. I ain't got it. The boss took it. Who's the boss? Where is he? He's in there. Tell him to come out. Hey, Sundance.. ...there' somebody out here who wants to see you. I told you I was busy, didn't I.. Alright, Chalkeye, take his gun. Who is he? What's he want? This here, is the fellow we lifted the money from today. And now he wants it back. Get outside, see if anybody come in with him. Nah, he stuck us up alone. Chalkeye and me. That wasn't so smart. You push your luck a little too far coming in here. - Lemme get a crack at him. - Keep outta this. So you spotted us at the hold-up, huh? Everyone except you, Sundance. I'll sell you my roll and cheap watch you boys didn't do so well, did you? If I'd known how hungry you were I might have left a few dollars in that box. What're you trying to say, that you're the-- That's right. So, if you don't mind-- I think he's lying. I was driver in the Panhandle hold-up. I didn't see any port that look like this hombre. Well, maybe he is, maybe he isn't, I don't know. But there's somebody here that does. Who's that? Your wife. Naturally. I wouldn't have a wife that didn't know me. Step out here a minute. You know this fella? Yes, I certainly do. Is he your husband? What did he say? 'He claims he is.' Why should I deny? Honey, this is the first time you've ever said so in public. This is the first good chance I've had. You said you'll wait for me at the house. What made you decide to come here? I got a little impatient. You know how it is? How could my boys know you is The Poet? They ain't no smarter than anybody else. Not by a long shot. That's no mistake. - Forget it. - Sure, I will if you will. My watch, please? Here you are. Give him his gun. Come on, dear. Lets get out of here. Hold on. You ain't mad, are ya, Poet? Oh, no. Not at all. Then why don't we talk over your propositions? Some other time. - Shall we go? - 'What propositions?' The one his wife brought me just now. "Put in with me and you'll be rich "before you know it. "Is it yes or no? If yes, lie low till word comes from The Poet." We're ready to listen. What's the deal? Well, just as I say here. Wait till you hear from me. We don't like to rush things, do we, darling? That's up to you, dear. Goodnight, gentlemen. I never thought I'd see somebody bluff you out of that much money. He ain't just somebody and he ain't bluffin'. He's The Poet. - I still don't believe it. - Why not? He kissed the girl like he liked it. That ain't like no husband. Some husbands like it. Anyways, they's together on the stage, wasn't they? He probably come along to laugh at us when we busted open that empty box. Yeah, but he didn't laugh. If he's who he claims to be we can work him like a gold mine. But if he ain't.. ...he knows enough to hang us. We gotta make sure. That was kind of a shotgun range, wasn't it? I don't know why you did it, but thanks anyway. Only a tenderfoot or a fool would walk into a trap like that. Which one are you? After that kiss, I feel like both. You got me out of a tight spot. Why? Not because I like you, Mr. Wylie I only did it to save your neck. Why did you go there? To get my watch and my money back. Please, Mr. Wylie, I know you're the law. You went there to get a line on The Poet. Otherwise you wouldn't have claimed to be him. Now you're guessing. All you know about me is that I got into your bathtub once. Are you really married to him? You're a detective, you tell me. My guess, that even if he is your husband, you.. ...don't quite approve of it. Otherwise you wouldn't have helped me. You're right, Mr. Wylie. I wanna see The Poet put away just as much as you do. And I'm the only one who can help you. You could help him, too. If I am the law. - Where is he? - I'm not sure. But I'm expecting a letter from him very soon. One more thing. Who is he? Haven't you had enough for one evening? Don't tease me, I may follow you in. Don't try it, I may throw you out. What is it? I think it's a couple of Sundance's boys. They wanna make sure we're married. Shall we go in? Is this also part of your plan, Mr. Wylie? No. No, but, uh, I wouldn't put it past you. Good idea to pull the shade.. ..before you light a lamp. Got in trouble in there once. - What's back there? - A kitchen. And a back door. Goodnight. There's another one perched out in the backyard. There's no privacy at all in this town. What're you gonna do? What they expect a married man to do at this hour. Stay home. What're you doing? Moving out? It's your bunk. Unless you wanna sleep in my tub. Tell you what I'll do.. I'll match you for the bed. Go on in there. Oh, be a sport. I'd match you if this were my house. I'll bet you would. Flip it. - Call it. - Heads. Better luck next time. Goodnight. If you're not up before daylight, the deal's off. 'I don't recall that we'd made any deal. Yet.' Say, uh, what'll happen if your other husband walks in here tonight? Nothing, he's a nice fellow. He'll simply put his arm around your neck.. ...and break it. Thanks, I'll sleep with one eye open. What do you think I'm gonna do? - Good morning, ma'am. - Wait a minute. Who are you? Where did you bunk? In the front room. With Miss Kincaid? With, uh, Mrs. Kincaid. And I could use another blanket. I'm Mr. Kincaid. She didn't tell me she was married. Well, you see, she gets confused. I'm a traveling man and I just drop in on her occasionally. I'm going uptown to get a cup of coffee. Good morning. Didn't I tell you to get out before daylight? Never mind hemming and hawing, get out! Well, miss, or madam, whichever the case may be. I see, um, you've met my husband. Yes, so he said. Well, we had a little tiff. You know how husbands are. Oh.. Well, I guess all men are alike before breakfast. Before and after. My he sure is handsome. 'If you like that type.' Oh, yes, I like a rugged man. If a man ain't rugged, he just ain't a man, I always say. He's rugged alright. Mr. Kincaid tells me he's a salesman. One of the best. Any, uh, little ones? - Little what? - Babies. Oh, yes. Three. Uh, they're in, um, Kansas City with his mother. My goodness. Three babies at your age? They don't ask you how old you are. Hello, Jim. You alone? Sit down. How'd you like my song last night? Fine, only I liked your outfit better. left early. You should've waited for my specialty. Well, I'll be around. I'll catch up on that. Gee, those flapjacks look good. Hmm. Joe, gimme the same. Hey.. Those hoodlums took your dough yesterday. - You need any? - No thanks. I had some luck last night. Oh.. Hmm, looks if you had some yourself. Yeah. My gentleman friend sure was glad to see me. I want to make a complaint. Yes, ma'am, most folks do. Was it goods in transit, or failure to arrive? Neither one. Mistreatment while a passenger. Maybe you'd better talk to the inspector, Mr. Landers. Inspectors. What satisfaction do you ever get from them? Mr. Landers, this here lady wants to make a complaint. Will you come in, madam? You must excuse the appearance of my office. Uh...I only arrived in town last night, and-- Do you see this bruise? I got it yesterday in the hold-up. If you think you can treat your passengers like that.. Ann, I've missed you. Three months is a long time. You could've written me more often, Ed. I would've, dear, but.. ...there are people who collect my writings. Yes, I know, I met one of them yesterday. Oh, you mean Sundance. I am sorry I had to send you there. That poem was just to stall.. keep him out of my way. I don't mean Sundance. No? Who then? I'm not sure I'll tell you. Why not? Ed, look, we've been married for three years and in all that time, we've had only a few weeks together. I didn't know what you were when I married you.. ...and when I found out, I was too much in love with you to run away. I told you in Denver I'd give it up soon. I meant that. I still mean it. That's why I sent for you. There's just a lot of business to clean up here in Cheyenne. I can't leave Wells Fargo too suddenly without arousing suspicion. By this time next week, dear, we'll be in San Francisco. With everything you want. How does that sound? Very lovely.. ...if I could believe it. Have I ever lied to you? Yes, you have. Every time we've met. I wanted you to keep a few illusions about me. Well, I don't have many left. Ann.. Is this your subtle way of telling me there's another man in your life? Yes, there is one, Ed.. ...but he's in your life, not mine. Well... then shouldn't I know? I'll tell you this much about him. Yesterday in Laramie I saw him with Webb Yancey. He also came to Cheyenne on the same stage. Point him out to me. No, I don't want you to kill him and I don't want him to kill you. I want you to get away. Alright. But I need three days. You've got to help. Well, thanks for the breakfast. I'd like to take another walk with you, but my gentleman friend's kinda jealous. He wants me to marry him. Why not? Maybe you'll like it. That's what he says. Well, goodbye. Oh, good morning, dearie. Too bad you weren't here earlier. Jim and I had breakfast together. He sure is handsome. - Think so? - Mm-hmm. You know, I think you could get him if you played your cards right. - Interesting. - Well, good luck. - Morning. - Good morning. You get up early. I got a letter from him. He wants me to meet him at South Forks day after tomorrow. Where's that? West of here, 50 or 60 miles. And I'm to go there with you, is that it? If you want to pick him up. Tell me, besides not liking him.. have any other reason for turning him over to me? What do you mean, other reason? The reward. Twenty thousand. Maybe. I could use half of it. Well, looks like we've made a deal. I don't know for sure what cards you hold.. ...but if we split the part, I'd take less chance 'than by playing this hand alone.' 'And you'll live longer, too.' When do we start? We can go by stage first thing in the morning. Then we stay at South Forks tomorrow night. Does that bother you? Not too much. By the way.. Let me have a look at that letter. Don't you trust me? I'll tell you after I read it. "Meet me at South forks on the evening on the 25th. Your affectionate husband." Now are you convinced? O, Miss Kincaid, I just made a pot of fresh coffee. Would you and your husband care to have some? Thank you, I'll be right in. Oh, by the way, if you must come back tonight you're the father of three children. I am? - Since when? - This morning. They're in Kansas City with your mother. Hey, mister. Got a match? Kept some of your boys up a little late last night, didn't ya? I don't know what you're drivin' at. When are we gonna start working together. I'll tell you when just as soon as I finish my honeymoon. You've already had one. We want another one. You know how women are. Like bears, they never get enough honey. See you later. Didn't get much sleep last night, did you? It was almost daylight when you got in. I just dropped by at the bird cage for a few hands of poker. That's where your friend Lily of the Valley works, isn't it? 'Lily who?' You know who I mean. Don't be jealous. I'll never get in her tub. Where do you hail from, Annie? Colorado. And don't call me Annie. That's why I left the ranch. Ooh, cattle man's daughter, eh? What did you do, fall for the big city slicker? Didn't you ever make a mistake? Sure. I may be making one now. You're hopeless. Halt. Well, this is South Forks or what's left of it. Don't see nobody around here waiting for you folks. They'll be here later. Adios. Giddy up there, come on. Come on, Ellie. So, these are the comfortable quarters you were talking about. It seems to be the right place but...I thought it was still in use. Maybe it still is. Come on, we'll see. Hello, Poet. How'd you boys get so far from home? We're just looking the country over. What brought you here? I told you yesterday I was going on a honeymoon. They told us we'd find comfortable quarters here. I'm a fine husband, eh, dear? Never mind. Maybe there's another stage going back tonight. Is there? You oughta know the stage-runs better than me. That's your specialty, ain't it? Now and then. But this isn't my territory. Yeah. That's the way I figured too. Well, it's very romantic. Couldn't we manage just for one night? I suppose so, Annie. Could you let us have some blankets and food? Sure, anything you want. - Thanks. - You know.. Like I told you before, me and the boys are ready to throw in with ya whenever you say. Don't rush me, Sundance. I'm no two-bit operator. When I have something ready, I'll let you know. How soon do you figure that'll be? I don't know yet. Anything else we can do for ya? Yes. Have one of the boys bring in our bags. 'Bring 'em in.' And, uh...rustle up a little wood for the fire. Let him rustle his own wood. He puts on his pants the same as me. He puts 'em on faster. Go on. Sundance, you ever been on a honeymoon? Yeah, a couple of 'em. Why? Well, uh, you don't wanna be on mine. So we'll stay in here. I hope you gentlemen wouldn't mind bunking in the back room. Not if you don't keep us in the back room too long. 'Course you didn't know about this. Don't be a fool, why should I? Just happen to remember that you knew Sundance, that's all. You don't think he's The Poet, do you? Maybe I was just a little nervous. Not you, Mr. Wylie. You haven't any more feelings than a ten-minute egg. I wouldn't count on that. I still say they ain't married. You see him tickle her chin? Married men don't do that. No, not to their own wives. Here we go again. What's that for? You know, a rattlesnake won't cross if you have rope. Tickles it, makes it stay where it belongs. Does the rattlesnake know that? Can't you get that bar room canary out of your mind? Ooh, that's who I got it from. That was worrying me. Better start worrying about tomorrow. These boys may get in our way. They're not helping me very much tonight. What'd you expect them to do? Tuck you in? The best things in life, you don't expect. 'They happen too quick.' It's how a lot of men get killed too. - Goodnight. - I wanted to talk. I don't know much about you. Well, don't talk, just listen. 'Go ahead, I'm listening.' Good. Now lie down. Close your eyes. - They're closed. - Go to sleep. Oh, Annie, is that a nice way to talk on a honeymoon? You don't have to talk on a honeymoon. I mean.. Oh, shut up. Don't mind if I dream a little, do ya? Depends on what you dream. Don't walk in your sleep, you may get in the wrong room. Oh, Annie, you worry too much about me. I'm just a big country boy at heart. What's that? What happened? Something cross the rope? That's not funny, country boy. What size shoe do you wear? Alright, put your foot where it belongs. Don't tempt me. They're still asleep. What a surprise he's got coming to him. I don't know, might be bad luck to double-cross him. Yeah, he's the kind of a fellow who would kill you for two bits and give you back 20 cents change. I know what I'm doing. He don't wanna cut us in on this deal. All that talk he gave us last night was just to stall. Sure, he didn't come up here on no honeymoon. Nobody goes on a honeymoon west of the Missouri. Pack your stuff and get hitched. Well, he won't cross us up again like he did in that Laramie job. This time we're gonna sop our bread in The Poet's gravy. Ha! Hiya. The passenger here's gone cold on us. Looks like The Poet dipped his bread in our gravy again. What's that you got? I reckon the fellow on the coach there was a whiskey drummer. Get on your horses. This is gonna be a showdown. Found where the corralled their horses last night. They must have left early this morning. But I have a hunch they'll be back. Your hunch was right. But there're only three of them. Looks like there's gonna be some flies in the buttermilk. Get over against the back wall and keep quiet. 'Come here, cut the cards.' Wanna see what my luck is. You fellows left quietly this morning. Come back to get your blankets? No, we come back to have a talk with you, Poet. - Go ahead. - 'You are The Poet, ain't you?' I told you, didn't I? - Yeah, that's what you said. - Call his bluff. You write this? Sure I did. So you fellows went out and struck up the Cheyenne stage on an empty stomach. That ain't all that was empty. When'd you clean out the box and put this in? Yesterday in Cheyenne. 'Too bad you fellows didn't tell me what you had in mind.' Quit palavering. Thought you had split cases with me, did ya? Stake me out while you double-cross me. I can appreciate your disappointment, Sundance. Perhaps next time, we can-- There ain't gonna be no next time. You been lying to us right along. I don't have to take that from you two. I wanted to cut you in on a big job where I needed some help. If you wanna check out now, it's alright with me. I'll give ya half of the 10,000 that was in the box otherwise you get nothing. Where is the money? Cheyenne. I'll meet you there at your place tonight. How do we know you'll show up? You can take my wife as security. Fair enough. It's a deal. Wait a minute. Make him put it in writing. 'Yeah...that's a good idea.' Write this out again. Let's see how they match up. 'Go ahead.' Got a pencil? There's one in my valise. Jim. Jim. You handled it fine. Congratulations. What do you mean? The way you steered me out of town so he could move in. You really had me fooled there for a while. What a chop I was to think you could be on a level about anything. We'll talk about that on the way back. Get away. You think you're put together with horseshoe nails with the ends cinched over. Well, I know somebody that can take you apart. Not many wives think their husbands are that good. He'll kill you. I've got to figure out the other way around. Aren't you gonna get me a horse? You're a cattleman's daughter. Get one yourself. Where do I find the sheriff? Right up there on the hill. There's his first deputy right alongside him. - Who's taken their place? - Oh, nobody. I'm the second deputy, but I don't work at it. Ain't worth the risk here in Cheyenne it ain't. It was little shoot and scrape down at South Forks. Better go out and bring 'em in. - Anybody dead? - Three of them. Why didn't you say so? I ain't afraid of the dead ones. It's live performance like Sundance. We'll find him down there too. Sundance? He's been ducking me for years. Are you sure he's dead? I'll get me a posse, and go out and bring 'em right in. Mr. Landers. What is it, Timberline? I'm busy. He told me not to open those strongboxes without you here for witness. Then go ahead. Open it. Something I can do for you? Yes. They sent a westbound stage out here this morning. That's right. What about it? It was held up near South Forks. What? - How'd you know? - I got the boys who did it. - Who are they? - Sundance and his gang. What about our strongbox? I got it. But it was empty. Except for this. The Poet again. That's twice in three days. You seem to know a lot of things. Who are you? - Is that your office? - Yeah. Come in. I wanna talk to you. You make yourself mighty free around here. What's your business? The moment I'm tending to yours nobody else seems able except The Poet. You're working for Wells Fargo? In a way, yes. For Webb Yancey. My name is Wylie. That's typical of Yancey. His men always show up after a robbery and leave before the next one. When do you pull out? Maybe I'll stick around for the next one. Have you any idea who this fellow might be? Sure, sure. I can point him out to you. I just let him take $60,000 of the company's money for fun. That's why I'm an inspector. Then you inspected the strongbox before it was put on the stage this morning. I didn't have to. That box came from Laramie under double lock. - It hadn't been touched. - Who's got the keys? Two Wells Fargo agents. One in Laramie, the other in Fort Bridger. And how does The Poet work it? What's your guess? That's what we're paying Yancey to tell us. What have you found out, if anything? I'm guessing that somebody who works for you also works for The Poet. And operates right here in Cheyenne. What about that fellow outside? Timberline? Ah, he's too stupid to scratch fleas. You're barking up the wrong tree, Wylie. We've checked everybody on the payroll and every move they've made for the past three years. Then you better check up again. Find somebody who married a girl from Colorado who follows them around. Maybe it's one of your drivers. Alright, I will. Who gave you the tip? I'd rather not say yet. I might want to use them again. I thought you went to South Fort. Well, I started to, but a few miles out of town I run into a lady riding this here cayuse. I let the rest of the boys go on and I brung her back to town. Where'd you leave her? Miss. Kittredge's. She was a good-lookin' gal. But she had the dangdest ridin' clothes I ever seen on. Listen, Durkin. How'd you like to help me get The Poet? The Poet? Don't tell me he's in town. I've got a strong hunch she is, and I'm gonna play it. Are you game? Well, well, sure. If it don't take no gun work. I don't wanna go shot and home to heaven. I like it right here in Wyoming. There won't be any gun work if we play it right. Chances are he's carrying too much loot to get away with one horse. There haven't been any stages out of town today. He may try to make a break tonight. Go to all the livery stables in town tell 'em not to rent out any more horses or rigs until further notice. Alright, if you say so. Say? What are you anyway? - I clean forgot to ask you. - No, I forgot to tell you. Oh, hello, Jim. Hello, brown eyes. Somebody pass away in your family? No. I got good news. You remember that gentleman friend I told you about? Yes. Well, him and me are gonna get married. Well, congratulations. Now you can get rid of your little pistol. Oh, maybe after the ceremony. Going to give up your career? Yep. He said a bar is no place for a lady. Say, the boys are throwing me a farewell party tonight after the show. Why don't you come by and help us celebrate? - Thanks. Maybe I will. - Good. I'll be looking for you. Goodbye. Ed? 'Yes? Oh, just a minute.' Ann, you shouldn't have come here. I had to tell you what happened at South Fort. Wait, Timberline's in there. I've heard already. Wylie came here and told me himself. - He came here? - Mm-hmm. - Does he suspect anything? - No. But you're right about him. He is a detective. If that crazy Sundance hadn't held up the stage 'we could have kept Wylie out there for three or four days.' Guess I could've. But would you have been here when I got back? Now, don't be a child. Of course I would. Now, hurry back and pack your things. We're leaving together first thing in the morning. Then there's no hurry about it. I've a lot of things to do here tonight. Ed, you've always liked perfume, didn't you? 'Of course. I like everything about you.' 'The jasmine, remember?' How can I forget? I never wore a cheap perfume in my life such as Lily of the Valley, for instance. No, you never did. Coming in from Fort Laramie the other day there was a woman on the stage that reeked of it. Maybe she liked it. Maybe she did. She was a tough fuzzy-headed wench. Built like a buffalo cow. Why, you! I thought that would flush you out. Ed, she insulted me and you let her. Nobody can talk to me like that. Let me go. So you were gonna take me away with you in the morning. Oh-h, you! Ann, Ann. Tell it to her. Wait a minute, darling. You don't think I'd give you up for a woman like her. Listen to me. I'm just using her for a cover. People see me with her, in that way they don't suspect there's anything between you and me. Oh, you can't walk out of me now, Ann. Not when everything's ready to pay off. I'll get rid of her now. Sure, you're good at that. Like you're trying to get rid of me now. That's not true, Ann. And you know it. Why would I have told you to come Cheyenne? I promised you yesterday that this was the wind up. That we're going to Frisco together. When? Tomorrow morning. - What time? - 8 o'clock. You come here to the alley in the back. I'll be waiting for you. Alright, Ed. I'll be here. Could I trust you with a confidential matter? Why, you certainly can. I'm not one for talking. Well, you know there's a black sheep in every family. Oh, don't I know it? I was married to one of 'em. Do you know what he done to me in Salt Lake City once? I was bending over buckling my shoes, and.. You know, I'll tell you about that later. You go on. It's my brother-in-law. 'Oh, they're the worst ones of all.' Please don't say anything to my wife about this. You know, in her delicate condition. Oh, really? Well. No, no. Of course not. He's made our life miserable. Follows her everywhere, badgering her for money. And right now, he's here in Cheyenne. Oh. He's smart enough to stay away from me. But I thought maybe you'd seen him hanging around here. Why, no. No one's called on her. What about tonight? Did you get any messages? Or tell you where she was going? Never said a word. Oh. Here she comes now. Good evening, Ms. Kincaid. I was just chatting with your husband. He told me something very interesting about you. 'That'll make four, won't it?' Jim never could keep a secret. Coming in, dear? You didn't come here to chat. What did you want with her? Never mind that. What do you want with me? Not a thing. You're wrong about Sundance and me. But you're right about my steering you out of town. Go on. I did it because I had faith in him and I don't anymore. I'd like to go through with our deal. - Nope. - You still don't trust me. After what happened to South Forks.. No. Had even if I promised to give you the man you're looking for? That might interest me. What's the catch? Let me get out of town. Forget you ever knew me. And give me your word you won't kill him. It's no deal. There's still a joker in it somewhere. Don't be stupid. I'm the only chance you've got. It's like throwing $20,000 right out the window. I'll get it. But I'll get it my way. If there's a bonus for you, maybe I'll get that too. Go ahead and try it alone. You don't know him. But maybe he knows you. Tell you, I can't do nothing about it. - Oh, pop. - Go on. Get out of here. Go play post office. Have any troubles, pop? Oh, can't rent nobody no buggy teen tonight. The sheriff told me not to. Yeah, I know. Got a room to stable this horse? Oh, I reckon so. For how long? I don't know. He doesn't belong to me. Well, then who's gonna pay for his keep? That's up to your friend, the sheriff. - He'll take care of that. - Hmm. Anybody else try to rent a horse from you tonight? Not a soul. Business is bad enough without the government given orders. But these here cayuses keep eating their heads off whether they're working or not. What's the matter with the colt? Oh, he misses his mother. I sold her this afternoon. I didn't wanna sell her. The young lady that bought her, didn't want no colt. - Who was the young lady? - I don't know. She didn't give me her name. I...I told her that she was a getting a pretty lively horse for her to handle, but she said she was buying it for somebody else. What did she look like? Oh, she was good-looker, alright. Smart little horse-trader too. Did you ever see her before? No. Oh, yeah, I did.. ...come to think of it, I seen her getting off the Laramie stage the other day. Well, you was there. I seen you talking to her. That's right, but there were two of them. Which one do you mean? Two? I didn't see but one. Shut up. Nice-looking little fella. Hmm, fair. I got a ranch up in Montana. Might be able to use this colt. What do you take for him? Ten dollars, and he's your own, mister. I'm sick and tired of his bellowing. That's a deal. When I was weaned, I took it like a man but this darn colt hollers his head off. 'Then we found the bodies of Sundance's gang' 'right where this fellow Wylie told Fred they would be.' And a few miles beyond South Fork we come across what was left of the stage coach. The driver, the shotgun guard, and passengers were all dead. Just boxes laying there. Split wide open and bone dry. When Wylie first reported this to you, what else did he say? Well, he didn't say nothing else. Only later when I ask him who he was, he wouldn't tell me. So you just let him walk right away without even trying to stop him. Well, he didn't look like a man who'd stop easy. Anyway, I've retired. I ain't gonna get in no more shooting fracases. Huh, name one you ever was in? He's got plenty of brass this Wylie whoever he is. He came in here too, told me a big cock and bull story. But he forgot to mention the $10,000 that was in this box. Yeah. He didn't mention that, did he? The only other thing he told me to do was to tell all the livery stable owners not to rent any more horses tonight. And I don't know why. Dumb stupid jackass, because he intends to pull out of here himself tonight and doesn't want to be followed. That puts the clincher on it. I believe Wylie's The Poet. And I'll make you a bet. When he's caught, you'll find the proof of it on it. But if he didn't pull this job, Ed why would he come back to town to say anything? What smarter way is there to throw us off the track? We're not dealing with any dumb petty crook like Sundance. This fellow has been thumbing his nose at Wells Fargo for years. How big a reward you think we have up for him? Dead or alive? - How big is it? - Thousands. Ten, maybe twenty by this time. Why don't you go out and grab it? Why don't you? I'm not a peace officer. That's your line. So go and get him. Well, don't rush me. I'm...I'm thinking. - Well.. - Alright. Well, I wouldn't come out of retirement for no less that 10,000. It's gonna be a big surprise to Webb Yancey when he gets in tomorrow. Yancey? Tomorrow? Who told you that? I put the letter on your desk, Mr. Landers. It come in this morning. You can go now. I'll close up. Well, run across anything yet? I think so. I'm not sure. Someone in here? If I'm guessing right, yes. Come on inside, have a drink with me. You can see better. No, thanks, I can see what I'm watching from here. Well, if you need me, let me know. ♪ If you are wondering why I'm gay ♪ ♪ Don't even try to guess ♪ ♪ It feels so good to feel this way ♪ ♪ I might as well confess ♪ ♪ I'm so in love I don't know what I'm doing ♪ ♪ I'm walking around with star dust in my eyes ♪ ♪ I'm so blind that I'm inclined ♪ ♪ To walk in circles ♪ ♪ Seems I'm always bumping into butterflies ♪ ♪ To prove it to my heart that I'm not dreaming ♪ ♪ Sometimes I have to give myself a shove ♪ ♪ I can't begin to tell you ♪ ♪ How wonderful it feels ♪ ♪ To be so ♪ ♪ In love ♪♪ No, siree, Sundance and his boys wasn't dead at all. Just winged, I had to kill 'em over again. There I was single-handed. - Durkin. - Oh-h! Oh, Mr. Landers, don't never do that. I'm nervous enough as it is. If you're still looking for Wylie, he's standing back there. - Back-back where? - Backstage by the alley door. - Are you s-sure? - Sure, go get him. Keep that box upfront with you. Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am? What can I do for you? When does the next stage leave for Laramie or Denver? Why, there are lots of directions, ma'am. Which one do you want to go to? Oh, I don't much care. Which one goes out first? Well, we're loading for Laramie now. 'We'll be pulling out shortly.' 'The next stage to Denver leaves in the morning.' That's not a Wells Fargo box. Where did it come from? The ticket agent gave it to us. It's a Russell, Majors, and Waddell shipment. Green bag's going to a bank in Frisco. But they've always sent their money through me. What's the matter, don't they trust Wills Fargo anymore? Well, I wouldn't know about that, Mr. Landers. Put these two bags in there too. They belong to one of the passengers. Yes, sir. So far there's only one that's going. Give me a ticket on the stage that's leaving now. Yes, ma'am. Oh, uh, what about your baggage? It's already been put on. Hello, Ed. Everything's all set. Here's your ticket. You'll have the stage all to yourself. What do you mean all of myself? Aren't you going with me? Of course I am. But some last minute business just came up. What kind of business? That dame from Denver? No, no, this is with a man. Now ride along, honey, and get in the stage. I have a fast horse. I'll catch up with you at Corlett. Alright, Ed. Bye. Put 'em up, Wylie. What've you been drinking, moonshine? Stop talkin' and turn around. You're under arrest. Quit waving that gun around, will you? Those things go off too easy. Hmm, you ought to know. You are The Poet. Now, please walk out in the alley and walk slow. Who put you up to this? Nobody, I guess I know a holdup man when I see one. You thought you fooled me, didn't you? Durkin! Watch out! If you're going to Denver, sister, you're in the wrong pew. Oh, is this your private coach, Cinderella? You bet it is. Get out. Well, this looks like where we came in, doesn't it? Hello, Jim. Yeah, don't it though. What happened to your Prince Charming? Didn't he show up? If it's any of your business Ed's gonna join me later tonight. 'We're getting married. Take a look at that.' I've seen it before, thank you. Be sure not to drop it, you'll have seven years bad luck. Ed who is gonna meet you later tonight? Ed Landers. I told you about him, remember? Yes, all but the name. And what's your last name, dear? Your married name. I forget. Get in. If you're getting in, we're about to get off. Yes. You can never tell what might happen with two ladies traveling alone. So, you were married all the time and chasing my man. Well, how do you like that? I don't mind. I've been chasing one myself. 'Hey, Nelly! Hey.' Where is it you're gonna meet Mr. Landers? At Corlett. That's where we're gonna be married. How long have you known him? Only a couple of months. That ain't long, but like Ed says, "You're only young once." Once is enough. I went on a honeymoon trip not long ago. The place was full of rats. 'How'd your wife stand it?' Well, she didn't seem to mind. She even used to keep one around as a pet. Big pack rat. Till one night he ran away with a canary. Now what would the rat want with the canary? You'll find out. 'I wasn't asking you.' I know. Just remembered. Say, Jimmy.. ...what about you being best man for Ed? Would you, as a favor? - I'd be glad to. - Good. Ho! Ho! There he is. That's The Poet. But remember, I seen him first. You keep out of this, Durkin, we're gonna hang him right here now. What do they mean, He's The Poet? Wait and see. You've got some more surprises coming. Ha! Stick 'em up. Hey. What is this? Throw that strongbox off and get down. Well, that sounds like Ed. What's the idea, Landers? - Ain't you a lil' mixed up? - Not a bit. Walk out the road. - What are you going to do? - Start walking. Of all the low down murderin' thieves. Drop your gun. Alright, get up the hill. What a setup. The inspector himself, robbing the company blind. - Ed.. - You better stay out of this. 'Get in. I'm taking you back.' - Ed! - Don't make a move, Wylie. 'Let go of that gun.' I'll get it, Ed. I've been waiting for this. Stand aside, Ann. Don't be a fool. Yes, I've been one long enough. You've lied to me all along. I'm warning you, Ann. I'm gonna shoot. Go ahead. We'll shoot together. You don't deserve this, Ed, but I'm going to give you one last chance. Get on that horse and get out of here as far as it can take you. Ed! 'Here comes the Cheyenne Stage.' Oh, maybe there's somebody who can help you, Ed. Not if it's who I think it is. Driver. What's the matter, here? - We had a little trouble. - A little trouble? Ed Landers held us up. He shot Eddie, the guard and was going to shoot me too but this fella got in first. That's your Poet, Yancey. So that's how it was? Yeah, it all adds up now. Nobody else could have done it. Well, what are you standin' here talkin' for? Can't you see he's badly hurt? We got to get him back to Cheyenne. Don't worry, lady, we'll get him back. Put him in a coach, Murrow. What are you going to do with him? If he get's out of this alive.. ...we'll hang him. I'm sorry I had to mess up your wedding, brown eyes. Here's his gun. I'm going to Laramie, and wait for you there. What for? - The reward. - Reward? - You didn't earn it yet. - What do you mean? We made a deal. You said, as soon as I got him-- Oh, you got him, alright, but what about the money he stole? Did you locate that? - That wasn't in the deal. - Oh, yes, it was. Sixty thousand. And when you find it, twenty of it is yours. Hyah! Hyah! Driver, will you please get my bags out of the booth and put 'em inside? Yes. You're not fooling me with this trip to Laramie. What business is it of yours where I go? Just this much.. know where Landers hid the money he stole. When they put him away, you'll come back for it. That's why I was stayin' in Cheyenne. I'll be there, waiting for you. Well, thatjust suits me perfectly. Because I don't know, and I don't care where the money is. And if I never see you again that's soon enough. Anything else you'd like to know? Yes. There's just one more thing I'm curious about. That's it. You know, Annie, I can't figure it out. You're half devil and half angel. Most women are, Jim. That's the sugar in the coffee. But I like both of them straight. So get in the coach and keep moving. That's something to remember me by. 'Hey, Nelly, come on!' 'Hey!'

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