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11 Useful Web Apps

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Hi, I'm Ellie. I thought it would be interesting, today to do a different kind of tech show because I get a lot of emails with questions from you guys so I wanted to show you the applications that I use everyday at work I'm in front of the computer over 8 hours I'm a little bit of what you would call a "power user" and these are some of the lesser known applications. For all of you Twitterers and I know there are a lot you out there there is something called Tweetdeck I just found it a few months ago It's fully customizable. You can see all of your replies, all of your direct messages in one spot. You can show new URLs. It's tough just using the Twitter page. Tweetdeck makes it so easy. Because I watch a lot of different Twitter accounts like the RocketboomTech account, or my own account even knowyourmeme... It's kind of messy to sign in and out of different accounts so there's this website called "cotweet." You sign in there. You add all of your Twitter accounts. You can add other people like Janie or Keniatta and we could all go in and see which Tweets we've been sending. We can send them out to other people from one spot. Because I'm very busy tweeting and instant messaging and working, of course I have lots of applications open on my desktop and I'm also listening to music usually. With that, there is something called Sizzling Keys. It's a free download and you just use simple key strokes to change the song, artist, the album... the volume I also made my little dialogue box that pops up when I change the song a nice light purple. Because I'm between work and home all the time and I use this computer for some personal stuff and then I use my persona laptop for work stuff I need an easy way to sync up files or transfer them back and forth, so Dropbox is something that I use. It's an application that has a shared folder, so I can take an entire movie that I might need to edit and I put it into Dropbox. Then I can pick it up at home or vice versa. There is also a service called "" which is a web based application that also works in a similar way but Dropbox seems to work a little faster. It depends on what you need. Working with video a lot I come across some..., you know certain videos that I know that next time I go back to that site they are not gonna be there. So I use something called "download helper." It sits in my bookmarklet section of my browser and I just click a button and it pulls that video and puts it onto my desktop. So I can have it for future use. Future fair use. And to capture all the assets for this show I'm using something called "Snapz Pro" which you can also use it to capture video or still images, screen shots, whatever you want. But we've been using it at Rocketboom for years it costs a little bit of money, but it's definitely worth it and I suggest you try this if you wanna do your own podcast or some kind of show. Another great tool that's browser based is called Aviary. Aviary is something similar to Photoshop but it's much less expensive. Actually I think you can get beta versions of it for free. One thing that I like using it for is blogging. I use a bookmarklet that I have in my browser and I just download the page and it sends it directly over to Aviary and then I can edit immediately and then just upload it to my website. You can do lots of fun squiggles quickly, Paris Hilton style. Most computers have firewalls and they are really difficult to configure so that's where little Snitch comes in. You can monitor everything that's getting pinged to the outside world. You can either allow it or disallow it so I'm sure you can come up with some kind of good use for that application. I'll let you figure that one out on your own. So with all these applications that I've mentioned and I have many more in my applications folder, how do you remember them all? How do you open them quickly? Well, what I use is something called "quick silver." Basically you just use a quick key stroke and it'll find an application for you or files or folders and you can manipulate those. It's just a really easy tool. It's intuitive. You don't think. I think they say you act without thinking. Thanks for watching and I always love getting suggestions or tips or questions. You can email me at [email protected] And then also I'd like for you to leave some of your favorite lesser known applications like I've talked about today in the comment section so that way we can share the wealth spread the knowledge. Thanks. Bye.

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Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree shows us some of her favorite productivity applications. Tweetdeck, CoTweet, Adium, Sizzling Keys, Dropbox,, Download Helper, Snapz Pro X, Aviary, Quicksilver, Little Snitch. Music by Podington Bear
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