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Cielo Abajo

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Documentary Sky Down Started Introduction Civil War The Spanish Civil War was a social conflict, political and military unleashed later an economic conflict. Were reported after failed coup leading the population to separate into two sides: Republicans and nationals. This goverment disput led many writers to write about their experiences during the period. Some of these experiences were compiled in many books, including "Sky down" Place were a building was ancient, only four floors who has just of becoming vacated following the departure of the last tenant Here the writer work to get some savings and he finds the book of Joaquín Dechén Province where was the old orphanate of Javier Álvarez Pérez. He never had visited the center of these beautiful city until one day, when he was sent in a van to be priest. He wanted to be military, so he changed the cure rules with another boy of the same age. Here is how to arose the name of Joaquín Dechén. Following failure of the military uprising, Javier, brother of Luis Cortés sought refuge here with other militaries. Place which Joaquín ascends in the direction of The door of Sun transporting the autobiography. Place which traveled Joaquín when arrived in Madrid as spy. He was surprised to find that there were elders, couples, kids, getlemen and strolling throught this big Avenue. We are in the Circle of Fine Arts located in Alcalá. Place where Joaquín found the love... Pepa and her best friend Constanza. Place where Míster Manuel, for the first time , listening about the flyers of the Plus Ultra, in a lecturing. It is a place of tragic and immemorable situations. For example the death of Pepa, the insepareble friend of Constanza due to a bomb blast here. After that news, Constanza decided to meet Joaquín at her house, the place where she met her peculiar neighbor, míster Manuel. Is a city with a big aerodrome. In this site, Luis Cortés asked for the transfer of Joaquín from the barracks of Ávila. The place where Ramiro, husband of Constanza, heard the plans of goverment to flee from Madrid. The site of arguments of a group of militants who could not agree on a place to go. Some of them wanted go to the Ciudad Unversitaria, others to Toledo bridge, other to the french and a few of them, wanted go to Plaza España. The french bridge, the Clinic hospital, the cottage and the Toledo and Segovia bridges, were glorius places where the people won or lost battles in Madrid. Is the place where Joaquín went after he found a man withd a bad aspect. The guy ran out as fast he could. Place of schock of a plain of the group of Joaquín. The place where the first Constanza die the morning of 8th, after a bomb fall on she. The home of Viecente Rojo, after he was defeated, his army, and gave permission to return to Madrid. Place where the protagonist and the third Constanza caught a taxi with direction for Cuatro Vientos. ¡Back home!

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