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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 8/8

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Will He call by pronouncing your names one by one? No. All these voices of Allah- Allah resonate there. He is hearing all voices. He is familiar with all voices. One day one voice seems sad. God Almighty asks to angels, “What has happened with him?” Angels reply “O’ God! This trouble has befallen upon him”. God Almighty says, “I don’t want to see him in grief”. And he did not even raise his hands and his work has been done. So, make this pray (dua), which will bring fruit here in this world and in the life hereafter. The time when you die, the angels will come. They will ask you,” Tell who your God is”? The first questions they will ask you is, “Tell who your God is?” you remove the coffin aside; they’ll see ‘Allah’ embossed. They will not dare to ask you another question. Learn this art, it will benefit here and it will benefit in the hereafter and it will become a ‘pray’ (dua) for the lifetime. When you learnt Allah-Allah over here, your body has to be finished but if your soul has learnt Allah-Allah, the soul will not be destroyed; it will be continue doing Allah -Allah till the Day of Judgment. How much your status would be raised till the Day of Judgment? It is there in Hadith (Prophetic tradition) “Those who are blind here will be blind in hereafter”. If you didn’t learnt Allah-Allah here, then there the same soul will go. You yourself will not go. Thus you’ll be blind there, too. Question: Sarkar! There is a question that as there is an order for men to do Dhikr, they are believer (momin). Is there any such commandment also for women. Women who are believers (momin) they should do Dhikr? Answer: There is an order for women, too. “The women who do dhikr/mention and the men who do dhikr/mention all of them are sent by God”. It is for both of them “Azzakireen’a Wazzakeraat”. And these creatures are inside everyone, either one is a woman or a man. These creatures which are “Lataif” (spiritual entities). These are inside everyone and these, your Lataif (spiritual entities) which are human within you --- it is mentioned in a verse (Quran) “while standing, sitting, and even lying you are on your backs do my zikr/mention”. On the other hand it’s also mentioned there (in Quran) “also make marriages, do your businesses also and also make my zikr/mention every time”. The person trapped in confusion, people thought a lot. At last they started saying “then it would be that, while standing up recite this verse, while sitting recite this verse, while sleeping recite this verse, for business recite this verse” this was what had understood; isn't it? No! He said, “Do your business also and make my mention/zikr too”. He said, “You make that ‘human’ awake once, then keep yourself busy in your work, you have children he doesn’t has children, you keep on doing your work and he will do Allah-Allah, You keep on sleeping --- he will do Allah-Allah, you keep on merchandising --- he will do Allah-Allah. Slumber befall upon you, slumber doesn’t fall upon him. Those ‘humans’ are within everyone, anyone who will be able awake them either man or woman. After that, once all humans awake up, these are seven plus nine. The names of the seven are formally written in Quran as well as in Hadith (Prophetic tradition) Ruh (The Soul), Qalb (The Heart), Sirri (the Secret), Khafi (the Hidden), Akhfa (the deeply Hidden), Ana (The Ego), Nafs (the camal Self or the Ego) these are seven Lataif (Spiritual entities). The other nine are “Jussa’ also have their formal names in Quran Qalb-e-Saleem (the sound Heart), Qalb-e-Muneeb, Qalb-e-Shaheed, Nafs-e-Ammarah), Lawwama (repenting self) Mulhima, Mutma’ennia (Satisfied self)” these are their names. These all are creatures inside you. Nine people invited Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini for a meal simultaneously. Person thinks how come he (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) reached nine places (simultaneously)? The body didn’t go there. The creatures that are inside the body were gone there. If they (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) took meal from nine houses simultaneously, they might have sat, might have stood, might have also did conversation; and those which have the power to sit, stand, and talk; then this is what is in prayer/salat. It is said “prayer/salat of a Darveish (saint) is offered on Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm)”. The body doesn’t go to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. The things which are inside the body those go to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Then, whom Reward is given? To whom these belong to. Once people said to Mujadid Alif Sani “I have seen you in Khana Kaaba on that very day”. He replied “I have not gone there”. The other man said “the same day I have seen you at the shrine of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]”. He replied “I have not gone there”. The third one said “on the same day I have seen you at the shrine of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini”. He replied “I have not gone there”. People asked “then what was it”? He (Mujadid Alif Sani) replied “it was my ‘Inner self’”. And when Prophet Muhammad [PUBH] passed through the grave of Prophet Moses [AS] Moses [AS] was offering his prayer in the grave and when He PBUH reached up, He [AS] was present there, too. What was that? These were the things? Now, which you go to shrines; you get some Grace that is why you go there. Now, what is the Grace in it? Grace is to be received from an alive; from the dead no Grace can be received. Go to living person, honor him. Now, since he has given life to his ‘humans’, the real/original things are these. This (physical body) is an unoriginal one; this will be turned into dust. He has made alive his real/original ‘humans’ who goes up there in Bait-ul-Mamoor, goes to the khana kaaba from here. He has made alive his creatures. He has gone into the grave. His creatures are chanting Allah-Allah sitting in the grave and are offering prayers and are giving Grace to people. Then how he is dead? Only that you can’t see; he is alive, actually. He eats and drinks, offers prayers, and chants/zikr; then this is not Shirk. Yes, it is Shirk when, one who didn’t learn this art, didn’t awake them, and these things got finished inside him. When he died either bones left behind or stone left, there is nothing else left (other than those bones and stones). Reverence to those bones and stones, is a Shirk. The mere honor to bones and stones is a Shirk. The reverence of the livings is not Shirk. The friends of God are alive. This is not Shirk there. While those who say that they have finished. Actually, their own inner-self has finished. This is a reality that they have finished. Now, one group says ---- there is a quarrel on being Present and Seeing (Hazir-Nazir) in our country. One group says that “Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is ‘Present and Seeing’”. The other says “He [PBUH] is not ‘Present and Seeing’”. They fight & quarrel with one another. In our eyes both are correct. That underdog (first one) could not see, actually. He called for --- and he called for --- many times but no one came. He said that there is no one. He says correctly on his place. He is telling right. He doesn’t spoke a lie. He called out many times but no one came (responded) to him; so, he declared that there is no one. The second one; Ala Hazrat (Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi) wrote ‘Slath o Salam’ (Praises for Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]) and while sitting he starting reciting. The time they were reciting, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] came there. Then, how they say that Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not ‘Present and Seeing’? Then the real thing is to adopt that way through which it can be confirmed that either Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is ‘Present and Seeing’ or not. That way --- because your body will not go --- the things that are present in the body will go. Learn this knowledge; this is called “Ilm-e-Ludni” and this is also called Ilm-e-Tareeqat (knowledge of mysticism). sorry for the missing part please wait few seconds He has also finished education from the madrassa and the other has also finished education from the madrassa. Then what is the difference between Aalim-e-su (worldly scholar) & Aalim-e-Rabbani (Godly scholar). If within two, four, five or seven days Allah- Allah started. His blessings have been attained. “FazKoruni Azkurkum” – “remember me and I will remember you”. Only that person is remembered who is in friendship. If Allah-Allah does not start inside you despite your effort, then there are no blessings of Allah upon you. If there were blessings upon you, then He would have included you among those who remember Him. After this if He bestows car or bungalow then these are blessings, only then it is blessings. The way to recognizing yourself, what I am, what my Murshid (spiritual guide) is? And how kind Allah is upon me? This is the only touchstone. One Caucasian/foreigner asked a question in Gujranwala that “I wanted to become a Muslim but I could not find any guarantee”. He said “I will also quit drinking alcohol. I’ll offer prayers, I’ll keep fasting. I’ll do whatever you will ask; but your scholars say that we will not give any guarantee, we don’t know either you are a hellish or paradisiacal. He said it means that your religion is weak. Dear! There is no guarantee of a weak product. They say that we don’t have any guarantee for ourselves; how we can give you any guarantee?” But believe me that the religion Islam is guarantee indeed. If you will walk on that path, then it will not take a year or even months; it will be known within five, seven days about your reality. The method which we have told you, with this you will come to know maximum in seven days that what you are? If Allah-Allah starts inside you; the order of God is called out, the guarantee has accrued. If Allah-Allah does not start inside you, then there is no guarantee. This is the only touchstone. For this those wish to take the permission of zikr (Heart meditation) pass them through this way. f you also want to take the premission of Dhikr (heart emditaion) please say Allah Hoo behind His Holiness. The permission will be granted. After taking the permission, practice this dhikr as told by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 11, 2010 This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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