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Guy Kawasaki - Ignore the deniers

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You have to learn to ignore nay sayers. Two kinds of nay sayers. I actually call them bozos. Two kinds of bozos. One bozo, slovenly, disgusting, pocket protector, body odor, rusty car. Just a loser. That's not the dangerous bozo because only losers listen to losers. If you're participating in this WOBI event, you're not a loser. So, I'm not worried about that kind of bozo. The kind of bozo that I'm worried about is the winner bozo, right? The winner bozo. Rich, famous, dresses in all black, owns a lot of things that end in I like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Armani. That person you look at and say rich, famous parses to smart. I need you to question that assumption. Rich and famous can parse to lucky. Rich and famous can also parse to resistant to change because they have everything to lose because of change. So, I think I need to help you build resistance to this kind of nay saying because you might be tempted to talk to a rich, famous, and you think smart person who's going to tell you it can't be done, it shouldn't be done, and is unnecessary. OMG. What if you listen to this person and never try? You'll never know. I would say that's the worst outcome of all. So, the point here is that I wish I can tell that whenever people tell you you'll fail, it means you'll succeed. That's not quite true. I wish it was that easy. If you listen to someone, arguably because they're rich and famous, and you don't even try, you will never know. I gotta tell you, man. I would make the case that that's the worst outcome of all. So, no guarantee when people say you'll fail that you'll succeed. Frankly, there's no guarantee when people say you'll succeed that you'll succeed. Don't let the nay sayers grind you down. Don't let them grind you. You have got to try.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Guy Kawasaki - Ignore the deniers

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