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Jigsaw - Assembly for 8 - 10 year olds (CEOP ThinkUKnow)

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♫ Hey, I'm looking up for my star girl ♫ ♫ I guess I'm stuck in this mad world ♫ ♫ With things that I wanna say, but you're a million miles away. ♫ ♫ And I was afraid when you kissed me, on your intergalactical frisbee ♫ ♫ I wonder why, I wonder why, you never asked me to stay. ♫ Narrator: Would you leave your front door wide open? No that's, that's dumb. No, no way! That's a silly question. ♫ sun as it starts to rise, Woah, your gravity's making me dizzy ♫ ( snickering ) Shall I take a photo? Yeah, we can show everyone at school. ♫ Hey, there's nothing on Earth that could save us, when I fell in love with Uranus ♫ ♫ I don't wanna give you away. ♫ Narrator: Would you hang up personal pictures of yourself in a public place for everyone to see? ( talking together ) No that'd be kinda of like, that'd be embarrassing. No, I'd never do it. ♫ ... couldn't stop them, I wonder why, I wonder why, you never asked me to stay. ♫ ♫ So wouldn't you like to come with me ♫ ♫ Go surfin' the sun as it starts to rise ♫ Narrator: Would you tell any 'ole person where you lived? No. No way. Silly question... ( laughing ) ( chatting online ) Simon: Hi, Simon here. Simon: I've seen some of your pics. I bet you are just as gorgeous in real life. Becky: Hi, it's Becky here. Glad you like them. Becky: I'm not sure if my mom and dad approve though. Simon: ( laughs to himself ) Don't you worry about them. Simon: You are beautiful, nothing to be ashamed of. Narrator: Would you speak to someone you had never met, like they are your best friend? No, I would get to know them first. Becky: So what do you look like? Simon: Me? I'm tall, dark hair, blue eyes, 13 years old. Becky: Sounds nice. What school do you go to? Simon: I think it's nears yours... your at ( town ) community, right? Becky: Wow! How did you know that? Simon: I can tell from the school uniform in your pictures. Becky: Mmm, very clever. Simon: You know, you're not just a pretty face. Narrator: Would you let a stranger take a copy of all your personal photos? ( laughs ) No. ( laughing ) No, that's so silly. Simon: I see you like to go roller skating in the park. Becky: It's fun. I like to hangout there. Simon: When do you go? Becky: After tea at home. Simon: Do you go on your own? Becky: I go out with my mates. I'm old enough to go out where I want. Narrator: Would you let just anyone look through your personal things? No, no no no no. (Girl) No way (Boy/Girl) Silly question (Boy) Dumb question. Narrator: Okay, let's put this another way. Do you use the Internet to talk to your friends? Sometimes I do, yeah... Narrator: Do you have your own personal profile online? (boy) Yes (girl) Umm, yes. Simon: Hi, Simon here. I've seen some of your pics. I think you're just as gorgeous in real life. Becky: Hi, it's Becky here. Glad you like them. Narrator: Do you have people on the Internet as friends that you don't know? Sometimes, yeah I guess so... Narrator: Do you have pictures on your profile that you wouldn't want your parents to see? (Girl) Some of them... (Boy) Yeah ( laughing ) Narrator: Can anyone see or change those photos? Yeah... ( laughing ) Hey guys come over, see this. ( snicker among the students ) Look, it's that girl over there. Look at her... Narrator: Is it possible for someone to find where you live or go to school? (Girl) Yeah (Boy) Yeah, most would be. Narrator: Are you more careful about your safety in the real world than in the online world? Yeah, yeah. Narrator: Is it time you changed? Becky: I think you know someone by now -- He wasn't my friend and he wasn't who he said he was. And I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. I didn't really think about what kind of stuff I was putting in my profiles my older sister uses the same site. But I was just copying her, I kinda thought it would be fun. I didn't know that anyone could see what I was posting... especially the girls at school who could see all that stuff about me. or that people could find you through simple things like your school name. or chats with mates about coming over to your house. I didn't realize I'd been talking to someone who, well, lied. Simon: Me? I'm tall, dark hair, blue eyes, 13 years old. I didn't know what I could do about it. I didn't know on some of these sites you have to find the privacy settings yourself. I didn't even know they existed. Simon would not be here if I had done things differently. But it's never too late. Now I know there are things I can do. I know it's important to keep my profile private. So only my real friends can see. No more horrible people or weirdos looking at my pics and stuff. I've blocked all the people I don't know from my contacts. 'Cuz I want to keep going online... and because I thought I was in danger... By pressing this button... "Report Abuse" It means, there will be no more Simon.

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Duration: 8 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
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Producer: CEOP ThinkUKnow
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Posted by: donnased on Jan 30, 2011

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