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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~10:31:07 - 10:45:15

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He doesn't speak He's busy. -What? -He's busy You'll be on TV. You swear? I swear to God. Really? They were at our house yesterday. I swear by the Koran. They came yesterday and they took lots of photos. They follow me wherever I go. They follow me wherever I go. They went to your house? At home? Yes, at our house! He looks like him! No I don't. He's his brother. Are you his brother? The hair... Take our picture so that we can take it with us to wrestling class. Let him film. As for the older kids, how many of you have paid the fees? Only Baha and her sister. Who hasn't brought the money, of the rest of you? Me. Because, that other time when we performed with music, when we did dabkeh... I'm talking about now. What do I care about the music that other time. Now... Now where are the membership fees? Who? Who else? The kids I saw outside who still hadn't paid... Who told you that none of them had paid? No one paid. Yes they did. -No they didn't. Who? -Yes they did. They all gave me the money. I came and I took their money. What do you care? It's none of your business if no one paid. You pay and that's it. -Badir Al-Saeedy didn't come today? -No He's probably gone with his mother for her medical treatment. Who else is downstairs? Kareem and Ghadir. Should I call them? If you can bring it another day...bring me 1,000 LB next Friday. Stand up, guys. Come on, stand up and stop talking so much. Come on. Come on Mr. Shawky. We will perform Al-Karadia. Give me the sword! Kids! One at a time. It's 11:15 now. Come on, from the beginning. Show me. Kids! From the beginning, you guys! From the beginning! Fine, then sit down. Let's go. You be the first one in line. From the beginning. Here we go. It's called a shout. Do it again! I want you to master it. Last one. Last one. Where is the shout? Didn't you hear me say "last one"? Go back and do it again. Hand behind you back! Last time. Hand behind you back. Faster. Last one. To the left, right... Right leg. Didn't you hear me say "left leg then right leg"? Now you do it right? Four times only and no more. Do the step "Wahda wa Noss" four times. Do it again. Come on. Right leg. Right leg then left leg, sweeheart. Do it again for me. I know how to do it. What do you mean you know it? You messed it up the second time. Repeat. It's all because of you that we've had to repeat it. Do it again. Just do it again! All together. When you hear the beat. Last one. Last one. Do the "Wahda wa Noss." Spread out. Spread out. Spread out. Last time. Spread out. Come on. Move out, move out. Come on. To the right. The first one should be to the right. Do it again, from the top. From the beginning. The first one is to the right! To the right. I said, to the right! You take a step from here to the right. Then you take a step to the left. Let's do it again. Come on, do it again quickly. We don't have much time. Last one. Last time. Spread out. Do the move four times. Enough. Spread out. Last one. Here's we go. Raise your hands. Raise your hands up high! Last one. Closer together. Look up. Last formation. Wafaa, you're supposed to be before him, sweetheart. You're before him, he's not before him. It's your turn, your turn! Let's do it again. Come on. Ok, come here. Size 35. Tell me. I'm either 34 or 35. Ok. Go ahead. -Ms. Zouhour! -Yes. Stay upstairs. He's filming. What do you want to come downstairs for? Stay upstairs. -We got permission...-From whom? -From Mr. Immad, because we had nothing to do. I'm going to your house to get your stuff so you can participate in the activities. Don't you have activities at noon? Find me when you come. If my friends are downstairs, I'll be sitting with them. -Are you going to participate in the activities? -Yes. Ok, fine. Participate in the activities. Now I'm with.... -Today are we going to ...-No, no. Here. Hey guys!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
Views: 121
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 27, 2009

Jamila at the center.

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