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Outstanding speech of Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi 5 of 9

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Those souls are dependent upon this body, such as that son is dependent upon his mother. When the son becomes young that mother becomes dependent upon that son. When your soul inside becomes young then this body becomes dependent upon it (soul). Then, why does it become dependent? When that soul will be enlightened, then this body will also be lightened, then this body will not be eaten by the insects (in the grave). Then people will respect this body and will kiss (praise) it. The real thing is that which is inside that has to go up. So now when that (soul) will become young, then its Kaaba is Bait-ul-Maumoor where the souls of the Prophets and saints offer their prayers, then it will also offer its prayers over there. So then no matter either you (body) are sleeping or deceased, its (soul's) prayers will continue in Bait-ul-Maumoor and it will continue till the Day of Judgment. This is a secret! If once you have awakened that person. All the people present here, everyone contains sixteen humans inside, it's not one, they are sixteen. Once Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini was simultaneously invited by 9 different people for a meal. He (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) went to the houses of all 9 people and had a meal. But His holy body was present in the mosque with muezzin then things inside the body went there and had meal. Those who can have meal, they would have stood up, they would have been seated as well, and they must have been having conversation too. Then these are the very things which are in the prayers/salat. Maybe they would be offering their prayers in Kaaba. It is said that the prayers of saints used to be performed at Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Ain't you say so? Our Ulma (scholars) becomes very much anxious, that I cannot go over the wall, how can he (saint) go at Arsh-e-Mo’alla? Oh’ this body does not go at Arsh-e-Mo’alla, the things present inside the body goes to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. We are taught that according to hadith “whoever does not have the love (ishq/passionate love) for Prophet Muhammad, whoever does not have passionate love for Allah, he has no faith”. They tell the prescription of medicine but the medicine is not given! They just talk about the passionate love! What is actually Ishq (passionate love)? How does the passionate love come? They just talk but do not provide the medicine, thus (people) are same like they were. From inside they are same like as they were. Then how does the passionate love come? Now the Religion of Allah is something else. You people say that, this Quran is the religion of Allah; it's a big betrayal to you. Don't you say so? There is some different religion in The Old Testament (Jewish Holy Scripture). There is some different religion in Psalms of David (Zabur). There is some different religion in Bible, there is some different religion in Quran Then what is His (Allah) Own religion? Whoever enters into His religion; he is called an infidel by the Ulma (Scholars). Seheli Sarkar from Muzafarabad, doesn't used offer prayers/salat, the prayer was offered there as well. He was not even having beard. When he died. The Scholars said that we are not going to perform his (funeral) prayer, he was an irreligious. He was an irreligious, since he was in the religion of Allah. They said he was irreligious, was not even having beard. Meanwhile one of his khilafa dazed & took the shroud off from the face again, and saw that the beard has appeared. Then what they (ulma) did was, that they washed it with hot water to make sure that whether someone has glued/pasted it? But it was the real beard. Now, what is the religion of Allah? These saints, used to go towards the religion of Allah. Dear! The religion of Quran is in the cities, it's with the scholars (ulma) in the mosques. Dear! Isn’t the religion of Quran is in the mosques, isn't it in cities, isn't it with the scholars. Then, which is the religion in the forests (jungles)? Your Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini even went there, your Mu'īnuddīn Chishtī even went there, O' Bari Sarkar even went there, O' Data Sahib even went there. So then, they went there for the religion of Allah. So then, what is the religion of Allah? Believe it! To enter into His religion, the verdicts of irreligious will be issued against you for sure. When Allah-Allah will start in heart your heart, 'whatever' thing when once settles in the heart, love for that will happen. whatever it is. Those who says that we love with Allah and Prophet, they are pretender. The love is not related with the tongue; instead love is linked with the heart. Material world is in their heart and with tongue they say “we love with Allah and Prophet”. When Allah-Allah will start in heart your heart, the love of Allah will be produced in your heart. Once love of Allah will springs up in your heart, then quality of Allah is that He doesn't take anybody's obligation upon Him. Spend one rupee for Him and He returns ten rupees. Dear! If He accepts obligation, then why would He return it back? Do one noble act, and He gives the reward of ten virtues. Make a little love; and He does ten times in return. and to whom Allah loves, He (Allah) sees that person as well. Then, He doesn't take bird's eye view rather 'Sees' with greatest affection. The day when sight of Allah focused on that person, now love has finished, now it became Ishq (Passionate love). Then I'm yours and you are mine. The religion of Allah is Ishq (Passionate love). The very first thing which He did was the Ishq (Passionate love) with His beloved. From that day onwards, He Himself is (Ishq) passionate Love, He Himself is Lover, He Himself is Beloved. Dear! Once you enter into His religion, you become lover, and then you definitely have become an irreligious. Now, how do that Allah-Allah comes inside? Now we give prescription, how that medicine comes within? How does love & (Ishq) passionate love come within? For this, write "Allah" on a paper with black ink 66 times daily. After the Fajar prayer, it is very good time otherwise whenever you have time, there is no restriction. If you are idle/free, write "Allah" several times in a day. Whenever you write, write it with great affection, occasionally He (Allah) looks down to the world so it is possible that He might be looking at this time. So a day will come that whatever you were writing on paper that will start hovering in your eyes. That, writing 66 times will become an activity (amal). Once it starts moving in the eyes; then, stop writing. Few people call it “mesmerism”. In fact it’s not mesmerism but mesmerism is originated from this. What do the mesmerists do? They bring the light of sun & candle into their eyes & with the power that light when they look at glass that cracks. But on the heart of person, there are 180000 nets/webs. That light of a candle or the sun can not break those webs/nets. When that 'Allah' comes into the eyes, from eyes then with concentration they make an imprint of it on the heart. So then, it proceeds & sits on the heart by breaking those webs. A person with police tag is a policeman and once is Allah written (on heart) will become man of Allah. That time your heart beats will get fasten --- tik, tik, tik, tik. Then synchronize 'Allah- Hu' with it. With one (beat) synchronize Allah and with another 'Hu'. By doing this again and again and it will start colliding with each other. Now, do an experiment that either the light (noor) being produced inside me or not? That (Allah) was blackish, and then with the light/noor it will become white. Then one day it will be glittering like the sun. That time you be fearless. Even go into the grave, go with great magnificence. Don't become afraid from Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave). Now they (scholars) make us afraid, don't know what kind of questions they will ask. Now since this stamp (Allah) has been embossed, now can they ask? After going into the grave, Munkir-Nakir will come. The very first question “tell us who your Lord is”? Keep quiet! Don't answer them, tease them. They'll ask again “why ain't you tell us, who your Lord is”? Silent! They'll ask third time again “are you dumb! Tell who your God is”? Remove the shroud/coffin. Show them "Allah" is shining. Believe it they'll not have courage to ask any other questions from you. “O'the man of Allah! Sleep peacefully. This (matter) is between you and your God. We're feeling shame, what questions we should ask you? Assalam - o – Alaikum we are going”.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering speech to public in Wah Cantt. Please listen to this speech carefully and repeatedly, it will open it's secrets upon you.

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