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Funny Job Interviews

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What strengths do you have? My legs are strong. I mean, what do you excel at? ♫I'm like a snowflake falling from the sky.... Can you speak English? Of course. What we need is the ability to organize marketing campaigns, and to supervise employees; effective communication abilities; and public relations skills. So what is your competitive advantage? I… I… I… Why don't we just speak Chinese! How did you learn that we are recruiting people? On the internet,, it has a lot of opportunities. Did you bring credentials? Here. Can you speak Chinese? Do you have a certificate in computing? That I don't have. How old is your child? Why? Oh, no reason Have you purchased insurance for your child? I have a very good type of insurance Let me explain it to you. It would definitely suit your child. I think that you are not well suited. Why not? I'm quite good. I think I'm very well suited. Sorry, there are more people behind you... Why don't you try me out? Give me a lever long enough and I can move the world for you! Do you believe me? Please, don't move the world, just rewrite your experience.. Why? My experience is very good. Go to a professional career recruitment website, like and learn to write about experience. OK, if I learn how and then return, can you give me a lever? Yes, yes, yes. You're welcome to come back. I have a daring request. Tell me. I request that you give me this position. Why? Under current conditions, we all are looking, for a leader to appear, and lead China out of its economic pit. If you give me this opportunity, I believe that I will be that leader. Vice president? We have already selected someone. How about sales manager? I feel that you are not well suited for that. Financial manager? We are not recruiting a financial manager. The front desk would also do. You aren't recruiting for public security are you? I can do that to.

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Funny job interviews

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