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Did you hear they started their bus already? -No? One month into high school and they started their bus already. Ingrid… I miss you. You look like a slut. Maybe I can get a friend? You invited loads of people on a cabin trip that was supposed to be just us! -Two guys?! I can see your messages then. -I already told you, this is ridiculous! Why don't you trust me? I'll call you later, okay? Yeah. Eva... I'm sorry. If I knew how important this cabin trip was for you, I wouldn't have invited the guys. I didn't know it wasn't that important to you. It was important to me! But… It's also important to me to spend time with my friends. It used to be important to you, too. It's important to me. But not as important as your friends. I told you that you could bring friends! Can't you just- -Get some friends? That's not what I meant. But it's what you're thinking. I don't know what the right answer is. Just be completely honest. Completely honest? Eva, you are the coolest girl I know. You're pretty, sweet, smart, and funny. But… I don't know what the problem is. You have to find new friends! Get yourself new friends! Anyone who gets to be your friend is really lucky. You don't know what to say? -I nailed it. You nailed it. <i>[Congratulations on having me as a friend!]</i> <i>[Hey girl! What's up?]</i> <i>[Hi, is what I meant. Wanted to write Hi, but then</i> <i>I pressed the send button and so it was just H. Haha.]</i> Hello. How are you doing? I'll sit here. Hi. Or.. H? H-H. Should we have done homework during the fall break? -Yes! Fuck! Eva? What does the main character of this story do? She feels alone. Noora, I don't want you to respond for Eva. She hadn't found her homework yet. I was just helping. You asked it the wrong way. The right way would be: What are the main characters of the story like? You're right. I'm sorry! I lived in Madrid. Okay, okay. That's why I don't have friends. In Oslo. What's your excuse? Strong body odor. Culturally. Hi! Thanks for last time. -Hi! I can't remember if I greeted you properly. I was a little out of it. Vilde. -Eva. It was so nice of you to help me! No, no. It was nothing! We were wondering if you already had a Russ bus. Eh, no. That's perfect! We just rented a completely new bus. We really want you to join. I haven't really started thinking about Russ time. It's really important to think about it if you want to be on a bus. I don't know what it's like in Trondheim, but here in Oslo you have to start planning really early. Otherwise you end up on a bad bus, or you become a gå-russ. <i>(= graduate not participating in bus activities)</i> Being a Russ is not just about Russ time, it's also about being social and about unity. Yes, think of it a like a sect. Once you're in, you can't get out. It ends in a collective suicide in Tryvann, on the night of the 17th of May in 2018. She's just joking. Do you perhaps want to join our bus meeting Friday after school? Yeah, yeah ok. -Yeah? That's so cool! If you have friends, just take them with you! We'll see each other then. What the fuck was that? What is it? She was sucking on that spoon and looking him straight in the eyes. Who is she? H. As in, "Have you got a drug problem?" Or H as in, "Have you got any plans for Friday?" Hi! Vilde, this is Noora. Hi. Have you talked to Chris? -No. We can't have the bus meeting at hers, her mom is having a wine reception. And we can't have it at mine because it'll be stressful for me. So I was wondering if we can do it at yours? Mine? Eh, yes! But how many will come? Do you want to join? What? -Bus meeting. Bus meeting… what? We'll create the world's coolest Russ bus. You want to join? No. Then we're with three… Hi guys. Meet Sana. She'll join the bus meeting. Where do you know each other from? We met at a Ramadan programme in the mosque. She's joking. We have German together. But you want to join our bus meeting? Yes. Is that okay, then? What's the problem? No, eh… Since you're Muslim, isn't it true that Muslims aren't allowed to be a Russ? No, it's punished by stoning. When is it? -Tomorrow. Who's hosting? Me. I'll put your address in the GPS. Auf Wiedersehen! It means "see you later". She can't be on our bus. -Why not? We'll give her a chance. She was really cool. We? You're not even on our bus. If she's joining, so am I. Awesome! We have a really big advantage over the other bus groups. I already bought a lot of toilet paper. Vilde managed to buy toilet paper for 40.000 Kroner with a credit card from another bus. Anyway, we're left with a profit of 60.000 Kroner. According to the budget, we'll need 50.000 next to the toilet paper sales. So I'll need an individual plan from all of you on how you'll earn that money. Is there something? We're wasting time on toilet paper. It's not enough. It's important that we have Listen, we're losers at school. If we don't want to end up in a loser car, we need a strategy. We aren't the losers of the school. -Wasn't it you who was thrown out of another bus? Not really thrown out. Yes you were. Listen, Vilde. It'll be hard if you deny everything. Acknowledge that we're losers. Do you think so yourself? Hello?! I'm a Muslim girl in a faithless country. I'm the biggest loser of them all. You talk really maturely. -Thanks. But what do you want us to do? First, we need to get more girls. Cool girls. How do we do that? Ask them? -Wrong. We ask nothing. The cool girls ask us. But first, we need something we don't have. A four-letter word. "Spenn." -Cred. Spenn has five letters, Chris. Do we know any '97 guys? Okay.. Then we need to find out who from the '97 people have the best bus, get ourselves invited to parties and to those busses. Any idea how we'll do that? You guys have to hook up with them. Are you serious? "You guys"? -I'm not hooking up! Okay, so we'll hook up. What will you contribute? Are you kidding me? I'm rescuing you here with a strategic plan and you're wondering what I'll contribute? Does anyone have a boyfriend? I do. How old is he? He's from '99. Dump him. You're not serious? She's the prettiest here. It's wasted if she has a boyfriend. Honestly. This is really stupid. What is? You can't ask us to use our sexuality in exchange for credibility. You're crazy. -No, I'm honest. Norwegian girls exchange sex for money, popularity, and acknowledgement every day. We might disagree on values. But this isn't news to you! It's your culture. It is crazy. So try to change it instead of criticising it. But it's a little much to ask Eva to break up with her boyfriend. It was a suggestion. She can think for herself. She's not a child. I think it went well.

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