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fight club 2

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What about you, Emitsun? As for me... An impression, at the recording studio... It's kinda private. Chirorin ♪ (sfx) {Rippi: What? I don't get it.} About this...hold on. It's a scene which left an impression on me. I wrote over here, too. "Honoka was abducted!" From episode 3. The first time A-RISE and... What were you getting at? Actually, Sakuragawa Megu-chan, who plays Tsubasa -- and I were already acquainted before the Love Live TV anime started. We're friends. - Oh, is that so? - Yeah, that's it. There was a time when we aimed to be voice actresses together, and strived towards it. And we learned more about each other... To be rivals [onscreen], and when the TV anime first aired - It was really... - Ah, that's what you meant! - Yes, yes, yes. We emailed each other to say, "It's so great that we can work together!" Uwah! How touching! - That's a good story! - What, now it's like I said all that to make you feel touched! It's fine! Today's an episode for such a thing! - I hope [the staff] don't get mad! Didn't they want me to stop? - It's all good! That was the atmosphere of a nice fight! So about that. I felt like we'd made it after the effort we put in. And you know, the part you also mentioned, was really -- Tsubasa-chan and Honoka really did have a very good scene. From there, in reality, you too...increased [the strength of your relationship]. That's great. But then, that -- when Season 2 came around, and A-RISE were featured with so much style It's like, we've received recognition in being these people's rivals, huh? Besides, stuff like A-RISE's dance scenes is amazing, isn't it? Amazing. They're so cool. I like A-RISE's songs. Right? This here... Cuteeee! - Right? - They're cute, A-RISE. - They are...I liked episode 3. - Indeed.

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Posted by: teufeld on Nov 7, 2015

fight club 2

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