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Beyond Today: Armageddon in Your Lifetime

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Armageddon. The very name strikes fear into our minds. Armageddon brings to mind a titanic battle between forces of good and evil in the time of the end. Will the world come to an end with one last confrontation between massive armies? Will it happen soon? In the book of Revelation, we read where the armies of the kings of the East are gathered together to a place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon. The Living Word of God says the greatest gathering of armed forces in history is yet to occur here. At the end of the age, the Valley of Jezreel, where Megiddo is located, will be the gathering place for an immense army that will fight the returning King of Kings, Jesus Christ, the Messiah. This will be the culminating event of the Day of the Lord. The setting of this battle is found in Revelation 16, where we see bowls of the Wrath of God poured upon the earth. There are seven bowls of plagues representing God's final, terrible judgement upon an unrepentent humanity. The intensity of these judgements will be severe, indicating that time is very short until the coming of Christ. The impact of these plagues alone would bring life on earth to a halt. Why would world leaders send armies to this spot in the Middle East to fight Jesus Christ at His coming? How could something like that ever occur? The answer is found in the same chapter. A great deception comes over the world as powerful demons go out from a great dragon and perform signs that deceive. Now today we don't think about spiritual deception at the highest levels of international relations. We keep those thoughts for the realm of fiction. But the Bible tells us the actions of great nations and large armies can be manipulated by spirit beings intent on harming the earth and defying the Will of God. The global events of the end time will be unlike any ever seen in past history. They are ahead of us, in our time. How can you be sure to avoid this deception? The answer is to keep God, the true God, in the center of your life. Megiddo, the sight where armies gather, is a symbol of idolatry and defiance of God and His plan. Idolatry shoves the true God out of our life, and leads to a self-deification, where we alone decide what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil. This form of idolatry is the foundation of our modern world. It's an idolatry of the self and it will find its final, supreme expression in this last battle of the Great Day of God. Don't be too sure that you're clothed with the proper garments of righteousness. Examine your values in light of Christ's teachings and make sure you love His commands more than the spirit of this world. Only then can you be sure to escape the deception of the time of the end. Your eternal life depends on it. For Beyond Today, I'm Darris McNeely.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on May 1, 2008

How can you escape the spiritual deception that is yet to come?

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