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XO Bottom Disassembly

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Remove 5 screws Push on tab to pop the handle cover out. Note the extra screws stored here Remove 4 screws Pull off the green plastic piece at the top Disconnect the cables (pull gently!) Remove four screws on the hinge. Note: These are larger, so keep them aside from the other screws Pull the screen out a bit - note that both halves are still connected, so be careful. Place thumbs near handle and push down firmly to remove the back cover. Unplug the black cable and remove it. Set the top half aside. Remove 4 screws along the bottom. Pull off the bottom plastic piece and set it aside. Unclip the ribbon cable. The black piece lifts up to release the cable. Peel up the silver tape along the bottom edge. Pull out the ribbon cables along the bottom. Tug gently! Remove 4 screws. Note: These 4 are shorter screws. Set these aside from the others. Lift up the board and put it aside. Note the connection points. Remove the screws along the green side pieces. Pull the side panels off with a firm tug. Remove the magnet - it tends to fall out otherwise. Gently pull up the silver plate - this is your keyboard Replace the keyboard. Make sure the ribbon cables are free Make sure these tabs are in place. Re-attach the silver tape along the bottom piece. Replace the green side pieces. Don't forget the magnet! Replace the 4 screws along the sides. Put the board back in place. Pick the shortest screws! Replace the 4 screws - two on the board and the two above and to the side. Replace the bottom green plastic piece. Replace 4 screws. Don't forget the rubber feet! Slide the ribbon cables back in. The center cable clips into place. Push the black piece down. Pick up the top half. Plug the black cable back in. Make sure the screen is facing the right way! Note the tabs on the back panel. Tuck in the side tabs. Gently slide the panel into place. Make sure the piece lies flat. You may have to use pliers to move the hinge so it will lie correctly. Pick the right screws! You want the longest ones. Replace the 4 screws holding down the hinge. Reconnect the cables. Put the top green plastic piece back into place. Replace 4 screws. Replace the handle cover. Once again, note the tabs. Turn over and replace 5 screws. Replace the battery.

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Duration: 22 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: andreatl on Jul 8, 2008

ILXO demonstrates disassembly of the OLPC XO-1 laptop for repair purposes. This segment walks you through touchpad and keyboard replacement.

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