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Dolphines 2 - on medication

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Systems and Medication - Dolphins Hi these- this is, these are the dolphins and we are here to communicate about medication medication supporting consciousness systems within human beings medication is as much as many substance that is presented in this world so I'd suggest homeopathy, as a requirement rather than using medication presented by from pharmaceutical companies or doctors and because homeopathy is a natural- remedy a natural resource support, for you physical human body and it may take you awhile longer to recover but that is the actual way to recover because what happens is your physical body infuses itself with the homeopathy remedies as one and then starts it's way and, that let's call it the healing process of the physical body, manifests it's not, the vac- it's not how for instance the- the medication in the pharmaceutical presented by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors which gives you a literally quick fix it does not heal- an illness or a disease or a sickness, it suppresses it and manifest and compounding, as I have said and has have been explained - consciousness systems inside human beings the reason I say for now focus on homeopathy is because at the moment you're not yet through the process of completely releasing and transcending yourself from consciousness systems once your mind is silent once where you are present as who you are as absolute sound you are sound then, nothing would have an influence on you because you are able to really- redirect the effects of the vaccines or the medication provided by pharmaceutical companies and doctors in one moment then you are not subject to, that which existed in this world and that's eventually where we are, directly ourselves towards so for now I'd suggest, homeopathy there are many in this world, and natural resources, that don't use that are not connected to any pharmaceutical companies or doctors and hospitals it's not necessary and in terms of what is also able to assist you with the homeopathy is of course forgiveness is of course application because as much of an experience of an illness of a sickness or a disease is specifically to assist you in your process and, more illnesses will be described, and give an insight to at the moment as us as the dolphins are, assisting and supporting your sound expression- as who you are as absolute sound, and the where- the place to begin is to apply words, to live words as one with yourself because you are the living word and it's now to become the living word, then understand yourself as the living word because systems are words with definitions and pictures connected to the- separated from you and system consists of words that are in separation and what are illness and diseases and sicknesses doing but showing you, that you are not that system which are words, defined separated from you so next time maybe look at illnesses sickness and diseases you might ask here as well we'll be able to inform you why specifically what systems, these illnesses and diseases are 'feeding off' we are taking out and why are they removing it and what does the system consists of what words have you used to define according to pictures and definitions that are separated from you so, this is the dolphins and this is our message thank you very much More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 3, 2010


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