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Augmented Reality Gaming with YouTube

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I'm here at Eyebeam today at the Art and Technology Center and to the left of me is Jeff Crouse and to the right is Aaron Meyers and you guys are working on "World Series of 'Tubing." The "World Series of 'Tubing" is a competitive game where two people face off one against the other with a set of augmented reality-enabled cards. Augmented reality is where you have a special symbol on a physical object that a computer can recognize, and so when a camera looks at that object, you can superimpose other things in 3-D space around that special symbol. So we use that to augment these playing cards with YouTube videos The audience members vote by shooting a target on the wall with a laser pointer. We wanted to turn that act of, like, sharing your favorite Youtube videos with your friends into more of a performance, at the very least, a more social activity. This project is really leveraging the power of open source software like ARToolKit is an open source library, openFrameworks is an open source package and we're using a lot of, uh things that the openFrameworks community has put together so, uhm, you know, open source software really made this project happen. What is your favorite part of the "World Series of Tubing?" I just think it's the competition, that arises when people are...I mean it's kind're kind of putting a lot on the line when you are saying "OK, these are the 5 videos... ...that are the coolest that I know of," and like, you know, there's some... some ego involved, and some people, when they get up on stage, they get really competitive, and the crowd gets into that, and, uhm, it, you know, just turns into a really kind of an exciting experience all from watching YouTube video. (crowd noises) Do you win anything.....other than respect? The admiration of your peers, a giant trophy, Well, good luck guys, and it was great speaking with you, and I hope I can come back and play it sometime! (unintelligible)

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Posted by: rocketboom on Jul 9, 2009

Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree talks to artists Jeff Crouse and Aaron Meyers about their augmented reality game, The World Series of Tubing.
This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!

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