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Large groups The instructor forms small groups of 4 to 8 people... uses several games... and works with the whole class. We're going to play the LOVE.check game, Play for Life. It's an AIDS education film that discusses all related subjects. So it's also about sexuality. It's a memory game. I'll hand it out and explain the rules later on. For now, put the cards on the floor, with the pictures face down... in a large square. There you go. Good luck. If you have any questions, just ask me. Every group lays out the same storyline. I want you to lay out the red storyline. It doesn't matter if you make a circle, line or square... but do lay them out by number, from 1 to 7. It deals with adolescence. One of the topics is 'having sex'. When do you start having sex, at what age? Do you want to have sex before going steady with someone? That's the subject. Who would like to say something about this? I think it's important you do it with someone you love the first time. You don't have to get married right away... but you should be in a relationship... instead of having first-time sex with some girl you met in a club. So, first get acquainted. -And see if a relationship comes out. And eventually you can do it. Gwen, you want to say something? For me, it depends whether I really want it and love that person. Okay, and age doesn't matter? -You don't do it when you're 13... but it doesn't have to be at a specific age. Okay, fine. Anybody else? Does anybody want to react? Does anybody agree? Vera? You do it if you feel comfortable and are with the right person. That's different for everyone, I assume. The instructor also discusses separate cards with the children. I've picked the card with the condom. They unwrap a condom. What do you think is happening? Are they about to have sex or are they just playing around? I think they will have sex soon, otherwise you don't unwrap a condom. I think they really want to use it. Do the others agree? Yes, I think so. Why else would you unwrap a condom. Just for fun? Advantage of this approach: Everybody hears what others say. For how long do you keep using condoms in a relationship, Avi? A second option for large groups of children: The instructor forms small groups of 4 to 8 people... and uses several games, but... groups talk independently among themselves. Advantage: People speak more readily in small groups. His mother has fallen ill. -He has to take medicine. But this picture tells us he's been infected by them. The groups have chosen their own storyline. Yes, perhaps they were ill. And he's the carrier. That's why they have to tell him. Here, he takes a train to them. -It's quite intense. The instructor drops in on the groups... Yes, that's the mother. -Perhaps they discuss his problem. But he plays soccer with his father here. inform and explain. You want me to explain the idea behind the pictures? Because you were guessing. It's the storyline AIDS in the Family. Who's the key figure on the cards? -The little boy. Yes, he comes back. Which picture did you want to ask me about? No, just in general. -In general, I see. It's a storyline about everyday life. What does it mean to be HIV-positive or have AIDS? You have to take your medicine on time and take good care of yourself. Pick a card you'd like to talk about. -This one, for example. This is his mother and father, because they played soccer there. I'd find it scary if someone with AIDS touched me. It's dirty. -It can't be transmitted manually. A small wound can easily transmit it. -Just imagine. You have to be on the safe side. You can touch them, but I don't want to. I really don't want them to touch me. -So you exclude them? Yes, we do. -Don't you? That's discrimination. -It's their fault. If it's one of your loved ones... -They were the ignorant ones. Perhaps they're stupid. -It's not an accident. It's a conscious decision. Again, the instructor offers assistance. I heard your opinions about HIV-infection differ quite strongly. What's going on? We just think it's dirty, but they call that racism etc. They try to exclude those people. No, you've had unsafe sex while knowing you can get AIDS. You should've been more careful. If not, stay away from me. Is AIDS dirty? Why? -It's dangerous and I don't need it. What are you afraid of? -I'm afraid to be infected. And people with AIDS are usually bad people. What do you mean? -They have different sex partners. And have unsafe sex. How stupid. How do you do that? -It only works if you're cool. The instructor intervenes when people aren't working. Isn't it a bit expensive? -The fair, you mean? Isn't it 6 Euro for each attraction? -Of course not. 2,50 Euro, I guess. -For one attraction? I won't allow this. Good news, huh? Play the game. That's what you're supposed to do. And she helps to get the discussion going. I want you to have a serious discussion about, let's see... This card. They've taken a test and now get the results. One of them turns out to be HIV-positive. What happens to him when he hears it? -He is shocked and sad. What's his first thought, you think? -That he's ill. This way, you can play the game in large groups.

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large groups

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