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Day 6_ABC_Ellie_Mumford_PrayFor(1)

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Halfway through Thy Kingdom Come, I want you to encourage you to pray for your friends. A few months after I came to faith in Christ, I met someone at a Christian meeting who said ‘ ah what are you doing here?’ And I explained that I’d become a Christian and he said “ah – I have been praying for you since you were born, for the last 19 years” and “I am going to go and ring my wife and tell her what’s happened”. Prayer makes all the difference. God in His mercy works with us. I want to let you listen to a long-standing friend of mine Eleanor Mumford about her story. I came from a home where went to church every Sunday. My parents were wonderful Presbyterian people but we never talked about Jesus and it was all very private. Then I went to college up in Scotland and I shared a room with a girl who had a very, very real Christian faith. And she used to pray for me and I couldn’t bear it and you know the hair on the back of my neck would to stand up and I would think “aw this is cringing cos she is praying for me uh I can’t bear it”. However she went on and she had made an understanding with the Lord that she would pray every single day for her room-mate, whoever it might be until that girl should come to faith in Jesus. (“And how long did it take her?”) Well, after having met me for a week or two she went back to the Lord and said, might we renegotiate? [audience laugh] And the Lord said no you promised. And so she prayed for me every single day for 5 years. [audience gasp] Which is over 1700 times she prayed for me and I resisted. Then I once heard a verse preached from Chapel which said: This old man came to preach and he said ‘for me to live is Christ’ and I realised that it was a personal thing, it was a practical thing that could be done to live and it was the person of Jesus so there was power in it. And that was when I came to know Him. (Wonderful) I never looked back (Wonderful, Wonderful) All of us have friends, family, people we love, people we know who do not know the purpose, love, beauty and wonder of following Jesus. I urge you to pray for 4 or 5 people closest to you, people you know and care for, that they might find the love of Jesus in their own lives and become Christians.

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Day 6_ABC_Ellie_Mumford_PrayFor(1)

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