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Jennifer Flinn - How bloggers impacted food culture in Korea

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Hi, my name is Jennifer Flinn, and I run a food blog here in korea. I run a food blog because there's only two things in the whole world that are interesting to everybody. Food and sex. (laugh) And if I blog about my sex life it would be too boring. (laugh) So... but I like a lot of people, there's lot of food blogging going on in korea, and more and more blogs about Korean food. but korean bloggers when they blog about food has special characteristics. one of them is Korean food blogs tend to be very collective and very collaborative. you'll think of (wingbus), menu-pans, where instead of one person write about what they eat, and what they make. You have thousands of people, submitting short reviews or experiences and -- thousands and thousands of picture, taken with their dica, and their cell-phones. and even when people blog individually, for the most part of the blogs tend to favor very very short format with lots and lots of images. and this is a little different then the food blogs you see in America and the West. part of this is because they are still very very dependent on Korean blogging platforms, which started out - I'm sure all you remember it, probably still have - your cyworld mini-hompy. (laugh) and cyworld was one of the big, big and very early blogging platforms that Koreans got used to. so everybody still writes very very short blogs, with lots and lots of pictures taken with their dica, and their selca, and you know, you and your big bowl of icecream and waffles. (laugh) But one of the advantages to this is that it actually generates a lot, a lot a lot of blogging, it's simple, it's easy to do. And lots of koreans do this. And so people are write about their experiences with food. They want to write about their experiences about sex too, but their parent might fright to pay -- (laugh) It's ok to tell mom that you broke, that you wrote about waffle that you ate, but it probably wouldn't be good write about your boyfriend. But one of the things it does it really reflects Korean society. and you have lots and lots of trends showing up in the food. and the blogs are (certainly) amplify them. and so whatever becomes popular in the blogs, later become more popular, becuase people are write in about it, so more restaurants make it. which is my korean food really has very very strong trends. one year, somebody makes waffle, then next year, every restaurant in seoul sells waffles. when Andong-Jjimdak became big, there was andong jjimdak restaurant on every corner in seoul. and the same thing for, you know, and the buldak and everything else. but way of that generates lot of information with lot of knowledge you can, when you look at one blog, you can't see it. but when you look at all the blogs you get the greate picture of what korean value in their food and their restaurant experiences. just briefly some of the things are -- koreans has really interesting sense that the time and the atmosphere are part of what you pay for. they'd better be because my cup of coffee does not cost Yuk-Chun-won. (6,000won ~ $5.5) but also you get the hierarchy in koeran food that doesn't exist for non-korean food bloggers. sort of european food is at the very top, then the japanese food, and then you sort of drifted korean food down. but korean food is starting to move up and become more important in that hierarchy. but foreign food bloggers blog about stuff very differently, it's very explanatory, -- and I'm totally out of time, -- but both blogs do a job of explaining and showing whats important in korean food seen overall, and ultimatly helping globalize it self. that conclude my talk. (applause)

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How bloggers impacted food culture in Korea

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