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Hitler Banned From Watching Teletubbies

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The English will reportedly be attacking around here They will then be bombing closer to Berlin. Why is this relevant to my interests? Stick on Cbeebies, the Teletubbies is schedueled to start soon. Adolf... The Teletubbies... Great hitler, the Teletubbies has been banned on national television Everybody leave except for the douchbags at the front - they will stay. HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THE TELETUBBIES HAS BEEN BANNED. WHAT OTHER BULLCRAP DO YOU SUGGEST I WATCH IN MY SPARE TIME? I MEMORISED EVERY SINGLE ON OF THOSE DUMBASS VIDEOS OF KIDS DRESSED UP AS REINDEER I WATCHED A RETARDED HOOVER CLEAN UP AFTER THOSE SCABBY TOYS AND WHAT DO I GET FOR IT? I GET A CHILDREN'S SHOW BANNED FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE WHY DIDN'T YOU DIPSHITTED PEOPLE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? This came at short notice sir SHOVE YOUR SHORT NOTICE INTO YOUR VAGUELY NOTICABLE BULLSACK YOU SPASTICATED GYPSY You don't have to be such a crybaby I WILL RIP YOUR EYES OUT AND DRILL THEM INTO YOUR ASSHOLE IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I LOVED THAT SHOW LIKE A SON Now all I have to look forward to is the tweenies christmas special And watching a mentally ill orange boy sing about a worm doesn't appeal to me very much I WORKED YEARS TO GET THE CBEEBIES BROADCASTED ON GERMAN TELEVISION AND NOW THE BASTARDS AT CBEEBIES HAVE THE BALLS TO HALT IT EVEN BIG COOK LITTLE COOK WON'T CHEER ME UP Send our best bombers to the BBC headquarters. Blow them to pieces INFACT, BRING ME MY MAKE-UP KIT OR I WILL KILL YOU RIGHT THERE MAYBE EVEN MY DAUGHTERS DRESS Call Gok Wan in too. I heard he does a mean manicure At least he makes an effort to have nice nails Don't worry, daddy's only joking Order those new lelli kelli shoes The ones that come with a cute little make-up bag And I may just let you off Douchbag Number One Douchbag Number Two And douchbag Number Three I will whip you if this is repeated once more For now I will play dress-up

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Posted by: coolmax42 on Feb 12, 2010

Hitler gets banned from watching teletubbies

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