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Ciao Samu, ciao Jacopo and welcome to this interview for the 20th anniversary of Traxtorm. You set out from Milan to conquer the world; you are two of the most sought-after DJs and performers in Hardcore so much so that you've performed as far away as South America as well as making your name here in Europe. Did you expect so much success? Well... no, to be honest! No, because when we began... when we started doing Frenchcore it was a super underground genre and we didn't expect to get to such a high level. We've played at the most famous festivals in the world with a super underground genre. Let's say we would never have expected to come so far. Being The Sickest Squad is certainly a responsibility a huge responsibility. There are two of you, you have your private lives, the studio, you travel frequently given the countless gigs you get booked for... Tell us about the difficulties you face in this line of work and, above all, how you deal with them. Well, on the subject of travel and gigs we could mention... last summer. What was it, September 7th? September 5th... Whatever, it was the Q-base weekend and the same day we'd played in Paris at the Street Parade, then we rushed off to go and play at the post-Street Parade party, also in Paris, then we drove for around four hours, at supersonic speed, with Peacock and... who were we with? So we were tearing along with Peacock to get to Q-base because we were booked to close Q-base. When we got there, the Meccano Twins were playing. He was putting on the last but one disk, while we were racing... We were still getting the earphones ready as we reached the console and we got there without a moment to spare. And for just a half-hour set! There are loads of things that make this job difficult. On the production side too, we've tried to go 24 hours holed up in the studio. Not this studio, the other one, which was below ground, to record "Boomshakalaka" the Sickest track everyone knows we spent 24 hours in the studio, without seeing daylight, so when we came out. We were pretty well wrung out. It's a demanding job in many ways. It's not as easy as many people think. The SicKest Squad is a project created by three people Because there used to be three of you and now there are two of you. Tell us how you started out, how did you meet?

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