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I am Kasuga from Japan. We would imagine many places when we were young. Finally, we have an ideal travel plan that we have dreamed of. A travel that a dream comes true. Network business is for everyone, even those without money. It gives us a chance. It's a combination of a chance and dream. When we were young, we would dream traveling around the world. But, it's hard to do as we grow older. Network business allows us to do so. The opportunity perfectly matches the travel business. Now, in Japan... more and more elder people go on a variety of trips because they are all healthy. The healthier and wealthier we get, the more opportunities we have. I've known Jack for one and a half years. He hasn't changed from the beginning. He is never arrogant. It makes me feel that I need to support him. I'm sure he is one of the best business partners. You know, Jack is a great person. I want to work with him. That's my priority. I am fine with whatever Jack does. Working with him excites me. Traveling and planning a business also excites me. It gets bigger and bigger as we work together for 5 years, 10 years. It's fun! That's my priority. I often go on business trips abroad. So, my expectation for "traveling" becomes higher It has to be fun. Jack's vision is not... traveling on a budget. It's not about money. It's about having a fun. It needs to be simple and beautiful. It's a way of making lifetime memories. That's why this business is thriving. My job is related to medical services. I needed to wear a suit and tie without smiling. But, a smiling face is important in the travel business. You can go to many places where you've never been before. It is like a time-machine. I want to create an exciting business. That's why I take part in this opportunity.

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Posted by: yavaway on Nov 30, 2017

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