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Miraculous Ladybug La Marionnettiste Episode 18--[Poor] English Subtitles

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PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BROADCAST OF THIS EPISODE! Voila, My Lady. Glad to see you, Chat Noir! That doesn't surprise me. I am the Chat of the situation. Mreoww Chat Noir wouldn’t say that. Really? Nuh-uh. Now’s not the time for joking around, Chat Noir. We have to capture the akumas of the villains before they... Oh actually, what do the villains want? We... we want to win! Yes, but win what? I don’t know? What do baddies want normally? That depends. Lady Wifi wanted to find out the identity of Ladybug, the Dessinateur wanted revenge on a girl who made fun of him, and Rogercop wanted to be a super policeman. But the real villain is Hawk Moth. He wants the jewelry of Ladybug and Chat Noir, their Miraculous. And what would happen if Hawk Moth got them? The villains would win… I know, I know what the baddies want! We want the Miraculous! We’ll become the strongest and we’ll win! Give us your Miraculous right now, Ladybug and Chat Noir You, you ugly baddies, or you will regret it so so so much. You won't get our Miraculous! Ladybug and Chat Noir win again! It's not fair, you always win! But it's normal Ladybug and Chat Noir win each time, and the villains always lose. Yeah but I never play as Ladybug and Chat Noir. Oh don’t cry, of course you can play as Ladybug and Chat Noir. I can even let you borrow one the two dolls if you want. Alright Manon, you ready? Momma, Marinette didn’t let me win! She cheated. Oh Manon, don’t you know, you can’t always win in life. But Ladybug and Chat Noir always win! I admit you’re right, but they’re superheroes. You can win the next time. See Manon, now give back the doll to Marinette. No! It’s me who keeps it! Don’t worry, I told her she could borrow it. That very nice Marinette, but she has a mountain of toys at home, I don't even know where to put them. No! Oh Manon, look at what you did. Give it to me. I’m sorry Marinette. It’s ok. It’ll be easy to resew, don’t worry. Ok we’re off, say good-bye. I. WANT. THIS DOLL! No, you have already been enough of a nuisance today so be nice and say goodbye. Bye… Yes, Alec? I’m sure I left the folder in my office. I think I left my backpack upstairs. Run up quick and get it. You’re sure it's not there? Well, well, our heroine needs to be healed urgently. Manon? What are- I forgot my backpack. Can you lend me Ladybug? You heard what your mom said. She won’t know if I hide it. Sorry, but I need to resew it. Pleeeeease…? Oh stop! Don’t do kitten eyes. Okay, I’ll lend you Lady Wifi. I can’t have Ladybug instead? One second Alec, hurry up Manon! We need to go to Mommy’s office. Okay, Momma! Wow, that adorable Manon keeps you wrapped around her fingers! What? Not at all. Tikki you know I can’t resist when she does her--- ---when she does her kitten eyes, is that it? Lucky the villains you face never do that! You would be in really big trouble. Here I am, super villain. Ha ha! I saved Paris again! It's not fair, it's always you who wins. Sorry Alec, I thought I knew where I left it. I think it’s in the tray. Don’t worry. Can you watch Manon, we won’t be long-- Where are you hiding, Ladybug! What’s this? It's one of Marinette’s dolls! You took it after I told you not to. But, but it was Marinette who wanted me to take it. You disobeyed me. I told you to leave the dolls, but you didn’t. As punishment I’m taking it. No, Momma! Please give it back to me. Stop that right now, I’m not happy. Now wait for me here. I didn’t even steal the doll. And I want this doll! Ahhhh,what is more powerful than the emotions of an innocent child. Particularly their anger. I LOVE it. Fly little akuma and go comfort that child unfairly punished. Okay, we can go to the showing that starts in 30 minutes, or we go buy your book first and we go to the next showing. Okay, as you wish. Marinette, at 9 o’clock. Umm... nope there’s no show at 9 o’clock. Not on your phone, look over there. Adrien! Let’s go! Sorry… Puppeteer, I am Hawk Moth. Now you have the power to control who you want. Including Ladybug and Chat Noir? Yes, as long as you have their dolls with you. And I could finally win? Yes, you could finally win! but in exchange you need to do something for me. I have to get their Miraculous. I know! Ahh, very smart little one. Do you want to play with me? I will take the Ladybug and Chat Noir dolls I. WANT. THOSE. DOLLS!!! I’m sure I left them here. Ugh, it's not possible. Ahh, here it is. Sorry Alec. Here’s the file if you wanted. I’d like to know where he is going, Maybe he’s going to the movies, too! That’d be great. Wait, but, what if he thinks we’re following him like a stalker. Me? Obsessed with him? Well, I have nothing against following him. But for me it's different, I'm not obsessed. I don't even believe myself when I say it. Can we know who you’re talking to? He’s waving “Hi” to us. Oh no what will we do? Well… answer him. Very good! Lady Wifi. LIVE!! Wahhh, what’s happening?!? Alya! Marinette… give me the Ladybug and Chat Noir dolls. Lady… Wifi?? NO! I am the Puppeteer! AND I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME YOUR DOLLS! My dolls? You want me to give them to you? But I don’t have them with me, they’re at my house. But why do you want them? Because, you said you would let me borrow them and my Mom said no, so you’ll GIVE THEM TO ME. If not you’ll regret everything! Manon! I want the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir so I’ll be the strongest and I’ll win. Manon stop, now’s not the time to play. Excuse me, sir, there, there’s a cat there, on the rails. Oh? I’ll go check. A cat? Plagg, we have to do something. Well yeah, I guess we have to save the poor thing. Plagg! Transform me! Oh no, what about the movie? And the delicious popcorn? Tikki, I need to transform, and quick! Hey! That was Lady Wifi, did she tell you anything? I’m not sure, but Lady Wifi talked like a kid I babysit. It was like she was controlling Alya, my friend, aka Lady Wifi. It was so weird. And what's the story with the dolls? I had these dolls at my house that she liked to play with. Dolls? Okay, where do you live? Uh, 12 rue Gotlib. Got it, I’ll take care of it. I don't really like the idea of Chat Noir looking for stuff in my room. That’s all you have to say. Tikki! Transform me! Hey, my kitten, over here Puppeteer, aren't you ashamed? It's not very nice to steal dolls from your babysitter. And children who take things without asking deserve to go to bed without dessert. Soon I will get your Miraculous you, super-ugly-nice-baddies! Super-ugly, you say? No, that can’t be true. That’s definitely not me. Pause!!!! You remember how we stopped Lady Wifi. By turning off the wifi antennas, I'll take care of it! Bravo Puppeteer, you are very sweet. Now, take her Miraculous. Cataclysm! You don’t have anymore bars, Wifi. Where’s the akuma? I want those dolls Lady Wifi. Huh?! Did you get the akuma? No, she didn’t have one. That’s not possible! It's the Puppeteer who’s controlling her, she must have an akuma. Of course! Lady Wifi is a puppet! did you get the Chat Noir doll? Sorry, I only got this one. We need to find the Puppeteer before she controls the other dolls. Including me of course. Chat Noir, your ring, you’re going to detransform. Don’t let her make me her puppet, only your wish is my command. Ah, it makes me so happy to hear it. Go, feed your kwami. Yes? Wait, Ladybug? Where are you? Well, at the TV studio? And your daughter is with you? Yes, with the receptionist. Why, is everything okay? Yes, but hum… don’t move, I’ll come as fast as I can. I will use these puppets to fight ladybug and I will finally beat her. Ummm… what? I savour my cheese. Couldn’t you savour it faster? Plagg! Transform me! She’s still at the building. We must evacuate. No! I will go find my daughter. I will get her Madame Charmak, but for that I’ll need you all to be safe first. Your turn, Dessinateur! Live!!! Rogercop! Live! Have you found her? She’s at the Kids TV building. I’m on my way. Hey it’s okay, don’t fret. I’m not a puppet yet. But it’d be good to find her before I turn into one. Sorry. On three. One, Two, Three! Chat Noir! LIVE! Noooo! Chat Noir? No! Use Chat Noir to get the Ladybug puppet. Once you control her, you will have won the game and Ladybug will finally be defeated. Give me the puppet Ladybug, I want your Miraculous. In your dreams, squirt. The Akuma must be in her wand. Stop her! Sorry, Chat Noir! What? 5 against 1? That’s not a fair fight at all. The moment I have long awaited has finally arrived. The bell has rung, and Ladybug, you have lost. I want the Ladybug puppet, bring it to me! Thank you, Dessinateur. Now, we’ll take the puppet. Is this what you want? You have to say please! She left with the doll. Get it back! Where’d she go?! I will take care of you and then the Puppeteer. If you want the doll that much, go get it! I’m faster than you, I’ll be the winner! Give me that doll! THAT’S MINE! I will get you Ladybug, and you will super regret it. You try, I will--huh? where did she go? It is me who has won! Leave that puppet, Manon! I’m not Manon, I’m the Puppeteer! LUCKY CHARM! A power cord? You’ve lost Ladybug. You may be four, but right now I am two times stronger. Ladybug-! You tried to do harm, little akuma. I free you from evil! Gotcha. Bye-bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug! What happened? You were a puppet but I assure you, I didn’t mop the floor with you. No, but between the two of us, you can manipulate my heart how you want when you want. Hahahaha,I think I’d prefer to just talk with you. NO. It’s not possible! Manon! Thank you so much, Ladybug. Thank you. It’s nothing, I have to go. I am really sorry about last time, Madame Charmak, I shouldn’t have let her borrow it when you weren’t up for it. Manon, from time to time, can be quite convincing. Yes, when she does... Her kitten eyes? Oh yeah, I know them all right. Okay, See you soon, kisses Manon. Good-bye, Momma. See you later, Madame Charmak. I want to play with Ladybug and Chat Noir! I think I have a better idea, what if we go to the zoo instead? But I want to play with the dolls, please. It’s not worth trying Manon. I love going to the zoo! I’m ready! Translations & Subs by Team Baguette of Thanks for watching!

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Miraculous Les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir La marionnettiste Episode 18

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