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Jon Stewart Russians

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Welcome back! We terned out that President Obama President Obama who spend Monday on a SOUL TRIP I'm sorry. I’ve been told that was trip to the Seoul South Korea. My bad. The president mat with other world leaders to talk about arms control and to perform with the world leader with a taponako quare. But You know this is how tuff to this president even something as simple as a high stakes new clear disarmed conferees with Russia handled in a shadow what many concerns with the worlds most dangerous partner can be fraud with domestic political parl. can be fraud with domestic political parl. This is my last election. Year l understend. And after my election I have more flexibility. Year, I understand you. I transmit this information to Vladimir. Hot mic! Mister president we can hear you capitulating to the Russians. On the plus side Medvedev no longer has to transmit that information to Vladimir! It’s on a TV. Can we hear this again. I understand you. I transmit this information to Vladimir. I tRansmiD this infoRmation to vlaDimiR. That is the sense that he should only be spoken to the shoes phone. I tRansmiD this information to vlaDimiR. I mean I knew it’s not necessarily sinister. But it really to some pretty f*** sinister, doesn’t it? I tRansmiD this information to vlaDimiR. Give me, give me that again. I understand you. I will transmit this information to Vladimir. You know, all that he is really say is a: all right, I’ll tell him. But we would comes out that with a little bit russiands sous and it like a: I will tRansmit this infoRmation to Vladimir. Wonder if Russians has been are enemies for so many years because everything they say just sounds evil. May be it’s just all been miss understanding of ton and syntax? Like we would go: is dinner ready? And Russians: the borsh been prepared for this evening sometimes late. Everything they said just sounds lake a veiled threats. Have a nice day. It is my wish. Did you enjoy you’Re waking up? I can’t believe it’s not butter. The authority does insist that’s not buTTeR but my life experience tells me other way. I’m sure the republicans gonna say that our president gap with sinister. But I really feel it’s more sad available pathetic. Here is a president explaining what he meant in this hot on life mic moment. “I want to reduce our new clear start up. Frankly the curn environment is not conducive to those kind of thoughtful for consultations. I would be better in 2013.” I loved to reduce new clear start up, my hands are tide. You know until I’ve done with this... you know... voters. I got elected like an idiot until I get my second time and than I can do the good think. meanwhile between are nominating process and run up, the midterm elections and post elections, lesson and learning allay doubt sessions was probably only a quite drouny 3 week window with the condition a perfect to get some f***damd anyway. I hope it does not snow in those weeks. Of course that tip to an elections must sounds ridiculous to Medvedev and Putin. I wonder how it sound in Russian. In Russia president vote to give four more years to people.

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