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Family Guy--Peter's doctor has terrible news

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Hi, honey, how was your physical? Physi.. Good. Good. Good. Yeah, yeah, eh too good, as a matter of fact. You know what the doctor said? The doctor said I was too healthy! You know? In in too good of shape. I don't even know how. In too good of shape. You didn't go to your physical, did you? Uh... I did not. So, doctor, is Peter healthy? My goodness, you'll be dead within a month! (What!?!?) Oh Hagar the horrible, if you keep up that lifestyle of pillaging and giant turkey legs you'll be dead within a month. Now, on to you. So, what do you think? Pretty healthy, eh? Well, Mr. Griffin, let's take a look at your physical results. Ughh! (Ah!) There's a spider in here! Now, here we go. Mr. Griffin, you´re going to expire in a month. (Ah!) This is your driver's license, isn't it? Now unfortunately I'm afraid you're going to die... (Aw! UH!) ...when you watch these Dean Martin celebrity roasts. Will you just tell us how Peter's health is? Uh, Mr. Griffin, I'm not quite sure how to say this. Kim... Bassinger...Bassiner...Ba Bassinger...hmm... But now on to the cancer. (Uh! Oh my God!) You are a cancer, right? You were born in July...? Now on to these tests results. My, they're much worse than I thought! (Uh!) My son got a D minus on his history test. Now, Mr. Griffin, that liver has gotta come out. (What?!!) It's been in the microwave for three minutes, it'll get dry! Now... | Please. Please. We can't take any more schtick. Please just tell us, is Peter healthy? Oh, yeah, he's fine. He's just really fat. Oh, thank God. | Wa- wa- wait, ha- ha- hang on a second. Did you say I was fat? Well, uh, yeah. You are pretty fat. Uhmm... O. K., this is news to me. Uh... boy, this is more awkward than havin' sex with a rhinoceros who doesn't love you any more. Why wouldn't you look at me during...? (Peter cries...)

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Duration: 1 minute and 47 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: joshbcn on Apr 21, 2009

Family Guy--Peter's doctor has terrible news

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