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Lucruri pe care trebuie neaparat sa le stii 1

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Sometimes, in life, you find something and you realise that if you knew That thing before, it would have helped you and maybe defend you From different difficulties. There are those informations that make you say: Oh my, if I only knew this last year This is the first film from a serial with this theme And here we will present you eight informations of this kind Things which you should know More or less important, but which probably Will be usefull, sometime in your life When it comes to medicines, each one of us has opinions and preferences Some of them believe that the best pill for throat ache is one While others consider that when you catch a cold You must take that medicine The truth is that many of these considerations Are the result of the marketing The only aspect which should be of interest when you buy Drugs, is the active ingredient A nice pill, shiny, in a colorful and atractive package Will have the same effect as a smaller, poorer and white pill Packed in a crumpled paper As long as both contain the same active ingredients Lets not say about the fact that the last one will be cheaper The pharmacists and the doctors are often pushed By the pharmaceutical companies to promote expensive drugs With a notorious brand because they spent a lot of money for marketing And they want to get it back Therefor, if you find a pill which helps you and functions wonderful Check the active ingredient And next time, when you go to the drugstore and ask for something for your stomach Ask if they have something else with the same active ingredient At a lower price Many times they will have The're have been made numerous studies which reveal that the pharmacists Are buying constantly less notorious medicine Than the usual buyers Because they know that there is no difference but the financial one And when you have to chose between a pill at 50 cent Or the same pill at one dollar The choice is pretty easy If you don't have enough time to arrive at the drugstore To buy the medicine, even if it is generic or a known brand Here is another information which could save lives With a serious meaning We hope you don't get through this but if you are ever Put in the situation in which you must resuscitate someone By cardiac massage There is a thing that you must know One of the main reasons of which the cardiac massage doesn't work Is the rhythm The speed with which the pushes are done on the chest Hopefully, various studies showed that there is an very efficient way To find this rhythm You just need to remember the song from Bee Gees "Staying alive" This song has exactly 103 beats per minute Which somehow is the exact number of heartbeats per minute Necessary when you do a cardiac massage Because of reasons of copy-right, we must not use This song in the film But because my infinite talents include also That of a worlwide tenor, I will sing it If you don't know the song I'm reffering to Thank you ! I know it was an impresive interpretation But, anyway I will put the link in the description For the original song And one more thing, did you notice that the song is called "Staying alive" ? Like, to survive A very interesting coincidence Oh, and there is also another song which has 103 beats per minute It is from Queen and it is called "Another One Bites the Dust" Which "translated" means, aproximately, another one has died I would like to keep an optimistic attitude and I would remember the first one Do the massage in the rhythm of that song and you will have better chances To save a human life. I think we talked to much about health and death Lets get to things less depressive but extremely serious Like how to keep the sun out of your eyes when you are travelling by bus Lets supose I am travelling from Bacau to Bucharest And lets say you start the journey in the morning When in the bus you must sit on the side on which the sun won't shine This is a fact of which no one thinks about But which will make your journey easier You must think you travel from north to south You must know that the sun rises from east or The Black Sea If you can't remember the cardinals Also, we know that the road lasts for 4-5 hours And because it is morning, at this time The sun will be o the left side of the bus Therefor you will sit on the right side Of course, this will change based on the direction and the time of the day If it is closer to evening then the sunt will be on the west side On the Hungary side, if you don't remember the cardinals If you travel in the middle of the day then the sun will be above you And you don't have to worry about that Same if you travel from east to west or vice versa You also don't have to worry But in any other situation now you know how to enjoy the window view Without worrying that the sun will disturb you Or it will melt your icecream Or only I eat icecream in the bus You have finished your bus jouney And now you are full of positive energy and happyness Which only the lack of sunlight in your eyes can produce Don't let your guard down yet Be very carefull at the door when you get out the car The doors are such a banal and comune thing in our society That we never think about the numerous dangers associated With these But the doors are very darngerous, especially for kids Anally, in America only, there are three hundred thousand accidents which involve doors In their different forms Be very careful when you use them When you open a door it is possible to hit someone Normally would be just a small hit but if you open it quickly And forcefully you can knock that person off his feet and make him fall And badly injure Be careful when you open a door Do it slowly especially in public spaces Also, when you pass by a door Try to keep a sufficient distance So you don't get hit either Or your fingers to be squished at the door frame It is one of the mostt painful stupide accidents Which will ever happen to you A frame of a closed door can cause up to 40 tons of pressure Don't keep your fingers at the door frame I know it is obvious But if we can save at least one person from this cruel experience Then our wish will be fullfield The same thing is even more valid when it comes to car doors These are usually closed with an imense force And if you catch your hand, finger or other parts In the door, it isn't good Finally there are the glass doors which we know about From the numerous funny films on Youtube, that there are sometimes Hard to see and you can walk in them without knowing there is a door there Although is a funny situation it isn't pleasent at all Therefor, in essence, what we want to say is: be careful to the doors!" Now that you know about doors and about the dangers, it means that you will have your fingers intact Therefor, you can use them easily to write at the computer In this case it is important to learn a little trick Of which not many people know Any keyboard will have two keys a liitle bit different These are j and f If you look now you will notice that they have a little striation Check it, we will wait The striation is there to help you write without looking at the keys If you put your left index on f and your right index on j You will adopt the right position for typewriting An you can find any other letter without looking In our days we use the keyboard so much That many of us can write without looking at it As long as they know with which key they start and here intervene the two striations It may seem unimportant but this secret can be very useful If you write often, even if it is a part from your job Or you have a very talkative girlfriend Also, it is usefull when you are writing in the dark Or in case you want to copy at an exam an you chose the method Of keeping your laptop on your lap and comunicate online with a friend While you are pretending you are looking at your exam paper Or only I use this method In case you apply an more advanced tehnique to copy, like looking in your classmate paper But your classmate writes extremely little and you are somehow shortsighted And even unluckier, you forgot your glasses at home in this day Then the next information might help you If you want to see clearer, there is an improvised solution Quite simple All you need to do is to make a little hole with your fingers The smallest you can make an look through it This simple trick will improove your sight on a short time And the you are looking at will be clearer Let's do a test ! Move one meter back Come on, don't be stubborn, I know you didn't moved Move a liitle behind We are doing this experiment for the good of humanity in the end Ok, now look at this text and see which is the first line you can't read Now make a small hole with your fingers and look through it Can you read it now ? If you do then write us in comments If not, maybe now is the ideal time for a moment of silence Anyway, there is an scientific explication for this process The human eye is very similar with a camera Shortly, the light which goes in the iss concentrated on a spot in the retina But if this light is too wide then the resulted image Will be blured Looking through a litle hole, you will focuse the source of light And the image formed on the retina will be clearer That is why people are partially closing their eyes to see better When they look at something in the distance But now you know that is much more efficient to look through a little hole And yes, I konw it is the forth time am saying these words If you find yourself in the middle of a lighting storm It will be better if you know how dangerous it is And hopefully it is an simple method to find out All you need to do is to wait for a lightning We hope this won't hit you And imeadiately after you see the lightning to start counting the seconds At a moment you will hear the thunder And at this moment you stop the counting Let's supose you count up to ten seconds Now you must multiply number ten with number 340 and you will have number 3400 This means that this lightning hit at a distance of 3.400 meters Aproximately three and a half kilometers If you count twenty second, multiply by 340 And get 6800 which means that the lightning Is at a distance of aproximately seven kilometers from you The recomandation of the meteorologists is to look for a shelter If the number of seconds between lightning and thunder is below 30 But now everyone decides from which distance they prefer to be from the lightning I, personally, feel confortable when there is no lightning But everyone has different opinions This estimation works becuse the speed of light is Faster than the speed of sound and some people smarter than us Made these calculations We hope that this lightning information about lightnings will help you Get it ? Lightning information about lightnings... When you fight or argue with someone, it is very important to know a thing You will most probably not get to an understanding Neither of you will recognise that the other person is right This happens rarely Even when there are brought irrefutably arguments They will not get to a consensus It would be logical to get to an understanding, in the end If a+b=c, then some coclusions appeare to be indisputable But, unfortunately the human brain doesn't work like that many times And there is one more little thing that is called ego At the moment at which someone made a decision, even if it is about Buying a pair of shoes or the opinion about a football team That person will search for every oportunity to reconfirm that The decision he made was good That's why when two people ar arguing, both of them have already made decisions And every argument brought by the other person Will somehow be twisted into another prove to suport His own point of view or it will be completely ignored if this thing is possible Life is complex and hard and the majority o people Are sensitive and insecure That's why they will push harder and will search Just for those aspects of life which will confirm the opinions they already have You don't need to be upset about this aspect, you don't need to be disturbed It is just how people are You just need to understand this and by doing it You can observe this behaviour at others and most importantly You can observe this at yourself. If you detach a little you can clearly think if you really are Right or if you are just looking for reasons to demostrate what you already believe If you remember one thing from this film, remember this It is not easy to detach from your ego like this But if you do this thing you will have an advantage in life Which very few people have. We hope you enjoyed this film and stay alert ! There will be more of this kind. Meanwhile, don't forget to click on the big and red button subscribe To subscribe to our channel Also, you can visit us on our Facebook page, Farproductionromania To find out more about us. Another thing which you must know is that If you click the like button and if you share this video, then we will be very happy And who doesn't want to share joy to the world !?

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