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La Scolarisation des Filles

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I would like for you to tell me how the education of girls was viewed before as opposed to today. What has changed? Before, in terms of the education of girls, the elders didn’t give it much importance. And as for me, I think that the education of girls is important, because today one, who isn’t educated, is nothing. Before, if you asked a girl to come study, her mother was the first to refuse and tell her to go help her fetch water, prepare the meals or fetch firewood. As for the education today, the girl can balance these tasks, and this doesn’t necessarily cost her education. I consider the education of girls to be of great importance. If you see I am from a village called Keur Ibra Fall, but I decided to come live in Notto following the education of my girl who comes here to study. I thought it necessary to come live here in Notto, so my girl can study easily. So, this is a part of what pushed me to make this change, and come here. So, you see that I accord great importance to the girls’ education. I see girls’ education as being just as important as that of boys. The education of boys isn’t more important for me because whatever the boy can do, the girl can do equally well. A girl should study because this is what helps them sharpen their minds, But equally important is that it makes them able to support themselves, come tomorrow. Girls’ education is important. If a girl does well in studies, it she can contribute to the family just as much as the boy. I ask those who said that girls’ education isn’t important to let their girls to come to schools. It is these girls who get to work in offices, and if we look, we can see that there aren’t many such girls as of now. In terms of Notto, actually, we have estimate of 231 students and the girls make up the majority -around 140 girls. I went up till CM2 where I stopped, but I regret it a lot How do you see the situation when the girls or their parents decide to terminate their studies in a moment? Certain girls put an end to their studies, maybe because their parents don’t have the money to support their education. For the others, it’s the problem of early marriage. Certain girls (like me) have taken the CFEE exam many times, but didn’t pass and therefore were asked to stop. Sometimes, the parents force them to stop because they are of the opinion that a girl’s education isn’t very important. This is why they’re forced to abandon their studies, and they just end up doing household chores. Sometimes, there are girls who help their mothers around the house. Secondly, often, certain CEMs and schools are far from where the girls live. This is why they do well at the beginning of 6TH or the BFEM, they go away to study and we know that a girl when a girl is far away from her mother that it poses problems. The girl in question can not have, and given that the world today is a little perverse, Parents prefer that their girls are close to them Many people haven’t understood that their girl must go to school to be able to study, and so she will eventually have the power to take care of her own needs. The parents are ignorant, because the boy as well as the girl can each serve them greatly. And as a student, if you could advise your girlfriends who stopped studying to do other things, what would you tell them? To the girls who stopped their studies to do other things, I want to tell them about the mistake they have made. Because education is important for the girls, in the same way as it is for the boys. In fact, for me, the education of girls is more important because the girl becomes the mother who is in charge of the house, and of educating the children. So, if she isn’t educated, she wont appreciate the importance of it.

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Posted by: lraftree on Dec 8, 2008

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