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[ MUSIQUE ] [Alain Champagne, President] Earlier this month, we've asked you to submit any questions you may have. I was pleased to see how much you've participated. Here are your answers. You don't like my accent? You don't like my accent. [laughs] [laughs] [What importance do mergers and acquisitions play at McKesson Canada?] [Ravi Deshpande] Mergers and acquisitions are very important at McKesson Canada. And many activities are very strong across our company. Procurity is an interesting acquisition for McKelsson, because it further strengthens our base of independant pharmacists in the West. It also gives us a chance to take the small and profitable distributor and bring them into our more efficient scaled-up network. [Are there any plans to increase our presence regionally?] That's what we did in Atlantic with what we called Wall Restock and Health Care Round Tables, where we led the Atlantic business community to meet together and think about what we could do to improve the health system. A second exemple would be our most recent acquisition with Procurity. We believe in the presence we have to have in those markets and this acquisition reflects our commitment to our market as well. And we're going to continue to leverage the opportunity that this is giving us. [How is Trenton DC optimizing our national distribution network?] With the automation that we introduced into Trenton, [Paula Keays] we were able to push a lot more products through. We used to pick manually, I would say 180 lines per man-hour. We're doing currently, with the automation in Trenton, between 10 and 12 thousand lines per man-hour. [What role does SIVEM play in strengthening our relationship with retailers?] We're very excited about having SIVEM within our portfolio. [Dimitris Polygenis] It allows us to bring a level of guarantee and quality to our retail customers. One thing our customers always tell us is that with SIVEM, they have never ran into any problems bringing products to their patient customers. [What is McKesson Canada doing to engage governments?] McKesson has been tackling a lot of different initiatives to mitigate the potential negative impact on our business model. We've been playing our role of convenor with our industry partners, how we can get together and present baskets of solutions that will help governments achieve their saving, and at the same time, giving the predictability to plan accordingly. [Is McKesson Canada going to reach its financial target this year?] I feel really good about our business' ability [Todd Baldanzi, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)] to meet and achieve plan for the year. We've got the right businesses, we've got the right assets, we're in the right places. We do know there are some headwinds on our horizon. We might spend a little bit more time and energy and focus as a business trying to continue to serve our customers as well as we can while being as responsible about the cost that we spend to do so. [Should we be worried about the pricing decline of generics and its impact on us?] Decline in generic prices' affect of life in Canada. However, McKesson Canada is well positioned, partly because we have many businesses, which have diversified and not depended on generic prices. We want to be best in class for distribution for our customers. McKesson is one of the largest global buyers of generic drugs in the world. As a result of that, we can use our scale to be able to offset some of the changes in generic pricing that are happening in our jurisdiction. [What is McKesson Canada's approach to global sourcing?] In a global environment, it's very difficult to predict pharmaceutical demand in various jurisdictions. Our global footprint allows us to maximize value to our retail customers, working to identify good pharmaceutical partners to ensure we don't suffer shortages. And when shortages do occur, we work very diligently to ensure that patient safety and health is always made the number one priority. [What is McKesson Canada's strategy to continue improving our profitability?] McKesson's grow strategy is a result of a lot of businesses we've invested in over the past few years, especially since its growing 15 to 18 percent per year in Canada. We have over 2000 independent pharmacists and our independent banner, and we're investing to make those a destination for health care. [What do you love most about McKesson's Team?] I love them! They're always smiling, they do what they have to do to get our business unit ahead. And you know what? They're the A-team. It's a can-do attitude. It's a willingness to try. There's swagger. There's momentum. There's always an appetite to bring forward solutions and there's always a vibe of people enjoying themselves and having fun. We love connecting with all of you. Whether it's Alain or the executive team, we are absolutely all committed to make sure that we are taking actions to create that connection. No one is capable of achieving anything alone. [McKESSON Canada] Can I see it? Can I see some of it?

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