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Deck Clean and Seal by ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati

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Hi, Don Kennedy here with ProMaster Handyman and Home Repair of Cincinnati Today we're going to teach you how to clean and seal your own deck. A lot of work is involved, but this is something skillwise any homeowner can do. We just wanted to show you some basics and we got a deck behind us. It hasn't been sealed in two years and is already showing signs of some problems we're going to point out. By and large, this is something you can do yourself. The main thing is getting the right stuff together and having the right plan to attack it. Now first, I wanted to show you what kind of scrub brush to use. A lot of people are into these fancy, high psi pressure washers. Theres a time and a place for that But usually it's overkill on most wood decks. I watch people take these high psi pressure sprayers and they literally start cutting their deck up. The pressure is so great you'll watch sawdust as you start spraying you deck down. Really, a good stiff bristle brush that is designed to clean deck surfaces is about all you need. Also a garden hose and sprayer. You'll need a couple buckets and then some deck cleaner. Some formulations are different depending on what kinds of problems you have with your deck If you've got a lot of mold growth, there's some of these that have a mold or mildew stain remover. Some of these like crud cutter make a product that is a little better if you got some grease spots from the grill. One of the first things we wanted to show you is some shortcuts that guys do when they build decks That just don't lend themselves to durability and safety down the road. If you wanna pan in on this railing You see the post on this railing They're not lag bolted to the deck structure themself. So consequently, just being nailed in makes them very lose. You can just see how loose this whole thing is. I can shake the entire deck. It is simply because those posts are not anchored well. What we have here is pretty common. It's sloppy craftsmenship in how the top of the railing is put together. I've talked to a lot of people about this about what they think. These gaps here really allow water to get inside here and then you can see it causes some wood rot and some splitting. You can see when the deck was built, whoever put it together decided they would shove some glue or liquid nails or some kind of caulk material. That way they could cover up the mistake and fill it up. That certainly didn't last very long It just comes right off and has shrunk and isn't even really there. As I've talked to guys, the only correct way to fix this Is to take it apart and put it back together so it's tight. Okay, here is a great example of a board that's cupped up. You've probably seen in our previous videos where we've talked about of techniques on how deck boards should be installed. In fact, this is a great shot because you see two boards right next to eachother. It was the same lumber installed at the same time. You notice that the actual grain of pieces of board is actually reversed. This is a great example of the contrast of competing theories of how you put deck boards down. In this case, the cup was installed up You can see one of the negatives of that is as these things warp They tend to warp upwards and that causes a massive trip hazard. You can see though that the board is not really cracked. Where, another problem you can see, if you install it cup down, they will warp down. But on the backside of that board, they are really subject a lot of times to cracking. So it's kind of six to one, half a dozen to the other as to which way to do it. You'll find most craftsmen, though, want to install the cupboards down to avoid this problem and then mitigate this issue by proper maintenance. What we can show you is the contrast in these two deck boards that were both sealed at the same time but one has been exposed to the sun and the rain, and the other has been under the porch roof. Here, they still have plenty of sealant left on them and you can see they haven't experienced any cracking. It's a great illustration to show you that even with a deck that is only three years old how quickly the elements can take their toll Alright, I've got Bryce going on the pressure washer now. If you're not using a pressure washer, you don't have to worry about this. If you decide to use one, keep the pressure low! Think of the pressure you would use if you were washing a car. You do want to let some pressure clean the dirt out of the wood, but not too much. My technique is I prefer to shoot close to the surface with the gun but with low pressure. I'm going to give you a closeup to show how well it's working. Alright, we've let the deck we've let the deck dry out for a couple days now We've been extremely fortunate that here in the Spring we've had 4 days with no rain. In Ohio that is quite unusual. This is a perfect time to stain it because we wont be getting rain for at least another day. This will work out really well. Now applying the stain,

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How to clean and seal your deck

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