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Meredith coaching on story of us

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[Inaudible speech and laughing] On that note it’s a great segway because, well, you know, the stories that we’ve heard so far have been really meaningful and the serious topics serious topics that they’ve engaged I actually want to share a story of us that I think is also important but has a little less gravitas. So, I’ve really appreciated what I learned about this group when we all went on the retreat together to wherever that was in Massachusetts. I actually had a really horrible day that we left to go on this retreat. A really-really tough day. It involves silent tears rolling down my face at one point. And I really didn’t know how this retreat was going to roll out. And with that sort of caution and sensitivity I was.. you know on the second night I was really tired. And I was coming downstairs to pick up my shoes that were in the common room, and when I got down there I realized there was incredible music. And not only was there incredible music there was incredible dancers, which was even more important. Everyone was dancing, everyone was laughing and moving. Dancing together, dancing by themselves. I remember at one point of course I had to jump in, and I had to stand next to the air conditioning unit by the window, as others did too thank you, because it was so hot from how much we were all moving, how much we were all dancing. I thought that was something powerful because even though at that point we didn’t know each other that well there was an incredible majority of people who were just letting go. And so I learned that, not only can Ali really break dance well, she was really awesome But we all had that spirit of really being able to connect even when we don’t know each other that well, and not always about the most serious stuff. So, did you guys feel connected to that story? (General response of "yeah") Did you all picture where you were? Were you all there? (man) Yeah, I was there listening to the Backstreet Boys. [Laughter] Ok so you are all hearing this. This is a story of us. This is a story of us. You guys were all there, I was waiting for someone to say “yeah I was pouring the beer on the thing, on the thing”. What did it make you guys feel, like how did you feel when she told that story? It was crazy, it was uplifting. I hope that’s, I uh yeah it was textbook what we’re talking about here. Well, it was a fun memory so, when someone reminds you of it you’re already thinking about it in your head. You’re laughing What do you think this tells you about this group? I think there was actually something there when she was talking about how everyone was all dancing with each other and individually. People were fine with either. Okay, but what does that tell you about the group? That, um, we have very confident personalities. Confident and unique personalities that are fine on their own and just as fine working together and being themselves through all. Yeah being comfortable, what about you, what do you think? Well, I think it tells me that we recognize, well you didn’t say this explicitly, but my interpretation, was that we were there on a retreat about leadership and public service. But we were dancing. And I think it means that we see leadership and public service as part of our lives, and not just like for the for the application. And well if it is apart of our lives we actually need balance also, and need to get balance from each other and have fun. Kind of like more of a holistic approach which is reflective in that story and actually in the values of CPL. So, the one thing that I felt from this is that, you guys are a really close group of people that are supporting each other, and are comfortable around each other, and are willing to get down there and, like it actually tells me that you can, you’re all willing to from the very beginning when people maybe normally be very awkward, to move past that. And it says something to me that is more like, we’re wrapping up right now …

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Meredith coaching on story of us

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