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Bill Carlton Overview V4

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Hi I'm Bill Carlton. I'm Senior Program manager with NEC's Advance Recognition Systems Devision. I work in a federal program office, so I manage the implementation execution of all of our federal focus programs. Department of Homeland Security, U.S Customs Boarder Protection, Department Defense, FBI, Veteran Affairs and many others. NEC's NeoFace Express represents new class of facial recognition system. Streamlining passenger travel Access Management and Identity Management. NeoFace Express is build around commodity parts for the most part. It includes a standard Intel Processor We have dual cameras. And a lot of our technology is how we use those cameras to capture a facial image for processing and matching. So NeoFace Express with its dual cameras and our capture logic we are able to capture passengers whether they're in wheelchair hight or if they're seven, seven and a half feet tall We've got a integrated Windows 10 operating system that is highly costomizable. Providing User Feedback, Passenger Direction as well as Feedback for the Operators The Customs and Boarder Protection police, and Facility Access Management who might be involved. NewFace Express Integrates they're award-winning NeoFace algorithm ranked number 1 by standardized testing. Matching occurs in the cloud and it's very quick We've seen match speeds in the range of 300 to 400 milliseconds against a fully loaded gallery 40 passenger flight manifest. NEC is very customer focused and we want to make sure that our systems are fully operational to not disrupt daily operations. Our staff is available 24x7 7 days a week 365 days a year. To make sure that passenger travel, security forces and others see no disruption in operation or we can get the back online and running very very quickly. Passenger and Boarder Control Agent convenience has been foremost in our minds with developing this solution. Quick ease of access, high throughput and very quick facial recognition matching provides positive result for the boarding process to occur. So next up and still in development is taking customer convenience to the next level with friction less access, just using facial recognition. Thank you for your time letting me share a little bit of NeoFace Express with you. To learn more please visit us at

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Bill Carlton Overview V4

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