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La véritable clé du bien être

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Yesterday, I was the watchman and I was striving to meditate and I was saying : "Breathe out and relax shoulders and face" to try and go down even deeper inside, as I perceive it. And a thought would come about something I had seen before and I told myself : "Well, later on, you will look it up..." I felt like looking it up, like surfing the net to look it up, to check an information. Then i went back down deep and then another information : "oh, you have to talk to so and so, you'll tell him such and such" So I go up, and then back down, and the third time or so, I told myself - it was fairly easy not to drift along with those thoughts and to go deep again - but at one point, I told myself... Well, in fact, I saw for the first time that those thoughts or those things that I wanted to do were desires and that it was an opposition, it really was an upward movement, superficial, and it went against that depth that I also wanted, but for other reasons, it seems to me. And one was doing me good, and the other was making me believe it would do me good. And I told myself : "Wow, you spend your entire day in desires, huh ?!?", actually. Because, it is all day long that I go : "Ha, I want to do that". I was seeing that it is something that drives me, it is something that I felt like doing, which made me feel good or which i had to do, but : desire. It was the first time I was putting that very word on things that move me along all day long. Yes. It is exactly so. And then, one day, when you want to stay in that other aspect that you described, that is, that kind of depth - being with oneself -, and which makes you feel good immediately, which is what ordinary people, along with those who have not practiced enough, do not know : it immediately makes you feel good to be deep within yourself. Immediately. And then, from that place deep within, you see yourself, others and the world, and circumstances, in a much more accurate way, as they are and, naturally, you adopt the right attitudes, and even the right desires. And you do what has to be done, starting from your own depth and from your own well-being, which is pre-existent to meeting someone else, pre-existent to whatever is going to come along. Well-being is pre-existent, whereas most people, ignoring this, not being in touch with their own inner wellbeing, try to find their wellbeing in outer situations, they always try to find situations that will be comfortable, pleasant, gratifying to them, because they are not in touch with their well-being, which is pre-existent, and which is something natural and organic. So they keep looking for the satisfaction of their desires, and most of the time, they do not even know it is so. That is the reason why the basis, for everything, is to first sit quietly and to pursue, through breathing, through relaxing your body, to pursue that depth and the well-being that gos with it. Afterwards, you may do as you wish. Yes ? Afterwards, some go to work, other go on vacation, some eat, others jog... So this is a major experience, especially when you remember it... As soon as you have conquered - because it comes as the end result, the effect of Work -, this ability to be in that well-being inside and in depth, you then can enter any situation and you truly are, you know that you live in a world which is totally different from the world of all those who constantly pursue their well-being or their comfort outside themselves. But that does not prevent you from living with them outside and to enjoy the very same things as they do - often, even, much better than they do! because you immediately ar, you already are pre-satisfied. Do you understand what I am saying? Things can only be added on to that. Nothing can be withdrawn from you, since it also is in that way, starting from a state inside, a force inside, that you face even difficult circumstances. Yes ? And there is no need to think things over, as I told Michel to do earlier on, no need to wonder what needs to be done with this or that person, etc.: you will just see how things unfold, and you will adjust in the most appropriate way. I had felt that somewhat after the time I spent in Cadoine, and I was seing my connection to everyone as separate and when I say "separate", it is in a good way, it is positive. meaning that the other person was more distinct from me and from there, I could relate more, look at him, listen to him, feel good, instead of feeling tied... Yes, unlike most of the time. Because most of the time, you are, you believe you are separate from others, because you are identified to your relationshsip to them. And this identification to the other person separates you, prevents you from truly relating to them, you see? And this is quite a paradox. When you truly are yourself, by yourself, you can relate to another person, by herself. And a true relationship ensues. Wheras, when you are identified to someone else, or to your relationship to someone else you can never have a real relationship. The connexion always is distorted, always filled with all kinds of expectations, demands projections and old things turning up from the past whether from this life, childhoo, an ancestor with who you are entangled, a past life and the whole mess. It is an endless mess. When you relate to others from your own inner depth and your own oneness, then, suddenly, you can become one with the other person. That is what a true relationship is, a field is being created of a totally different nature. When two people manage to do that together, they are relating at a very high level. Most of the time, only one person is in that kind of spirit, and she tries to include the rest of the world and other people in that same perception, in that same reality. I wish you a good day. Seekers of Truth Inc. All rights reserved.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 10 seconds
Year: 2012
Country: France
Language: French (France)
License: All rights reserved
Producer: Editions Chercheur de Vérité
Director: Brice Morot
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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Jun 6, 2012

Selim Aïssel - 11 janvier 2012 - 7mn - 210

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