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Maximize Your Success in this Course_Final

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>> Hi. I'm back to share with you my top tips on how to maximize your success. Like we talked about, in this program, we're going to deliver everything you need to up your game as a coach and create a successful practice of your dreams. But how much you get out of this course is directly related to how much effort and thought you put into it. In this lecture, I'll go over tips and strategies for how you can maximize your experience and accelerate your learning. Specifically, I'm going to cover three main points. One, how to set yourself up for success. Two, how to participate fully. And three, the importance of walking your talk. To get off to a great start, it's necessary to set yourself up for success. You are responsible for your success in this course, and we'll be here to support you every step of the way. So the first step in doing this is to set intentions. Setting intention is extremely important. It helps you focus your commitment and create space before you formally begin the course. Okay, so go ahead and take out a piece of paper and a pen right now. I want you to pause the video for a moment or two to set your intentions. I want you to do this right now. I don't want you to wait until later or put it off until you have more time to think about it. It's important to tap into your intuition right now, in this moment, to get clear on your purpose. Putting pen to paper manifests your thoughts into concrete intentions. Don't underestimate the significance of doing this. It truly has a profound value. So think about it this way, why are you taking this course, and ultimately, what do you hope to get out it. These are your intentions. So write them down, whatever they are. Close your eyes and visualize what being a successful coach means to you. Don't be afraid to dream big. Put into words or draw a representation of your vision. Keep this paper in sight throughout the course for daily inspiration and as an affirmation of your commitment to yourself as a coach and to your clients. Okay, pause the lecture here and take a moment to write down those intentions. Okay, did you do it? Did you set your intentions? Like I said before, setting intentions is so important. I set intentions at the beginning of every day to make sure my day is set up for success. This will help set you up for the next step to getting off to a great start, committing to this course and to your own success. Make a promise to yourself to show up fully every time you sit down to work on the course. Then bring what you're learning to life by making a conscious effort to take what you learn into your world each and every day. Another one of my biggest recommendations is to hold yourself accountable. Create accountability for your commitments by building your support system. Tell all of the important people in your life about your commitment to doing this program. Ask them to support you by checking in with you and holding you to your plan for success. At the same time, if you don't meet your goals on any given day, don't beat yourself up. We're striving towards progress, not perfection, and we all have days that we don't meet every single goal. Simply pick it up the next day and complete it then. Another thing that I really want you to do during this course and part of what makes this course so much fun is use the Facebook group to receive support from your peers and the Education Team. You can share your commitments, and get to know your classmates, and hold each other accountable. Next, create your space, when and where will you do the work for this course. Look at your schedule, your routine, and your weekly obligations to carve out times during the week to work on this course, schedule and commit to them. If you have less time than you'd hoped on any given day, where can you make space? Get clear on your priorities and make your coaching one of them. Another important thing is to have a space that you feel really good in. Find a workspace where you can work with limited interruptions and distractions. It's also helpful to anticipate potential challenges in your environment that can hinder your success. What can you do when these things happen? Disruptions and challenges are inevitable, I think we all know that. But being prepared and equipped to stay calm is half the battle. So where do you work best? Do you work best at home, in a home office or do you like to go to a café, and sit, and have a cup of tea and work from there? So tune into what works for you and then make that happen. To recap the main points of setting yourself up for success, first, set clear and explicit intentions. Second, solidify your commitment to this course. And finally, create space in both your setting and your schedule to devote to your success in this course. The next key point to maximizing your success is to participate fully in this program. Simply going through the motions will only bring you mediocre results. Like we said a few times, you'll get out what you put in. So completing the experiential and reflective components of this course will elevate what you learn "exponentially." When it comes to coaching, textbook knowledge is a really important but it's insufficient without adequate self-knowledge. So I really encourage you to stay focused and take the time to complete every single assignment and exercise with presence and thoughtfulness. Applying what you learned through experience and reflecting on the concepts, as they this in your own life, will make all the difference in your ability to coach. Within the course documents is a detailed syllabus for this program. I really want you to take the time to review this document closely before you start the first module. Note all important dates and deadlines and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. That's what we're here for. We are so committed to your success in this program. Like I said before, one of my favorite parts of this course is the awesome Facebook group, where you'll receive support from our team at Integrative Nutrition and your peers. So I really urge you to take advantage of that Facebook group. Ask your questions, voice your concerns, and lean on your peers and course moderators for support every step of the way. The Facebook group can be one of your greatest tools in this course if you utilize it. To keep the discussion focused, we do ask that you do not create or join other groups about this course. Build your community and commit to it. To summarize the second key for success, participate fully by completing all of the experiential and reflective assignments, review the course syllabus and mark down important dates in your calendar, and finally, most importantly, engage in discussions in that Facebook group page. Your full engagement with this course will transform you into a competent and confident coach, and you will experience profound change. But there's one more piece of the puzzle when it comes to maximizing your success, and that's walking your talk. In order to be a catalyst for change, you must be willing to first be the change in your own life. As coaches, we need to learn how to walk our talk, not only for the sake of being good role models but because we can't expect our clients to do something we aren't also willing to do. And we can't genuinely talk about changing difficult habits if we haven't experienced a similar process in our own lives. I know that sometimes walking your talk can seem like kind of a hard thing. So we are here to help. This course will provide you a guided, safe space to explore your own deeply held beliefs and biases, identify where and how in your life you can make the changes you desire and to go deep and do the transformational work for yourself. Change is a lifelong process. You won't overcome every obstacle in your life or be magically transformed just by taking this course. But I promise you will learn what it's like to do the type of work we expect from our clients and feel what it's like to get yourself on the road to success. The activities and exercise prompts in this course are designed to uncover these new aspects of yourself which will deepen your ability to coach. Do them fully and mindfully in order to see the most success. I want you to reflect on your experiences during this course. Consider keeping a journal on your own development and experiences while you're in the course. This will help you reflect and see all of the progress that you've made. The personal growth you'll gain from this program, if you show up fully present and willing, will be profound. You'll emerge as the best version of yourself, and it's from this place, you'll be an inspiring, transformational coach. Okay, let's recap. Over the next six months, you'll have the opportunity to practice walking your talk by exploring your beliefs and biases, identifying where and how to make changes in your own life, and doing your own deep transformational work. All right, we have covered quite a few tips today on how you can maximize your success in this course to fully develop your coaching practice. The three main keys to success we covered today were to, one, lay a strong foundation, two, participate fully, and three, to be the change you seek to inspire in your clients. So what will you do today to set yourself up for success? I want to hear. Head on over to the Facebook group and let us know. Thanks so much for watching.

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Maximize Your Success in this Course_Final

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