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abc interview

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abc NEWS VIDEO, VIDEO ON DEMAND Barbara Walters, exclusive intereview with Hugo Chavez The controversial President of Venezuela Its the first time, any American journalist has interviewed him since he called President Bush "The Devil" at United Nation last forum, remember that? Barbara is here this morning. she called "no punches" asking him about his reputation here in the US. Here is a look. You... Mr. President do not have the best reputation in our country you know that yourself what is the biggest misconception about you I was speaking once with a lady in United States and she asked me why are you an enemy of the United States? I said: Why do you think that I am an Enemy of the United States? I have read the papers I have seen your pictures with Saddam Husein, with Fidel Castro and with Muammar al-Qaddafi. I said: Well, Fidel is my friend Hussein, well, I went to Iraq, and I met him as a matter of state. But, may be you have never seen my picture with John Paul the Second of the Pop. Two times I visited him. All my pictures with Clinton, both times we met. They only publish the pictures to demonize Hugo Chavez. As I talk with you, you are a very dignified man, but we have heard you called, the president of the United state "a devil", "a donkey", "a drunk", "a liar", "a coward", "a murderer". What is all these names calling to accomplish? Yes, I called him "a devil" in the United Nation That's true in another occasion, and another time I said that he was a donkey because I think that he is very ignorant about the things that actually happened in Latin America and the world if that is an excess on my part, I accept. And I might apologize. But who is causing more harm? Do I cause any harm by calling him a devil he burns people, villagers and he invades nations. Are there any circumstances under which you would invite president Bush to Venezuela? No, never I said in Buenos Aires, that he was a political corps. Fortunately, he will not remain in office for long. I want to talk to you about Iran As a close friend of President Ahmedi Najad Do you support him when he says that the state of Israel should cease to exist? Do you agree? No, I don't agree I do not support any idea of overwhelming any country of the world. It is the government and the elite of the US which is overwhelming all the countries in the world. I want to ask some questions about your life. would you like some coffee first? I understand you drink too much coffee. yes, but you didn't drink yours? no, well Yours must be you want mine? yes, you didn't drink yours, and must be cold. Yes give it to me, I will drink it OK Yes, I will drink it I drink a lot of coffee beyond any advisable or any medical recommendation. But if I had to quit it, I would quit it. As well as, I had quit so many intimate things. I left my home, I left my kids I see them every now and then. I left what is most dearest to me. I have to abandon in them. I do not regret anyway because my life devoted to the poor of the earth. You are not married now? are you? do you want to marry? or are you married to the revolution? It is very hard to be married I have been married twice But it is very hard but I have a heart here, beating hardly in my chest. I have got blood running into my veins you know. Barbara fresh of the plane, he is a passionate man, that is very apparent. yes, but you know when you meet him when you see him, in the navy blue suit,and not the red shirt that he is in. He is passionate about his dislike for George Bush He does like this country and he is passionate about this feeling about American his feeling over the new president that we can be friends. He cares very much about poverty. He is socialist. What he is trying to do for all of Latin American you know, they have been trying to do it for years, is to eliminate poverty. But this is not the crazy man that we have heard I am going to ask you about, because a lot of people in this country really don't know how to take him. Well, because you hear him, you know carrying on, he is a devil, he ia a donkey, you know. and, I think we have a tendency, when we don't undertand someone to aoutomatically think that is crazy. this is a very intelligent man, you don't have to believe in socialism It hasn't worthe them who says that it will

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Posted by: etti on Oct 15, 2010

Interview with Hugo chavez

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