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JBL VTX Concert Series Sound System - Top Secret Review

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♪♫♪♫....................[Music playing] [speaking quietly]....We've snuck in before hours to the JBL booth to take a look at the new VTX, Vertec Concert System that runs about a half million dollars. They told us we're not supposed to do anything with this. It's kind of a super hush hush secret thing. But I think we can get this done.

Vertec has been a famous name in concert audio for a decade or more. These guys do all the big concerts, huge churches have them. I mean it's just incredible stuff. And the new VTX is a combination speaker, amplifier and processor system that's gonna run a half a million dollars. What makes it special? You've got 2 differential-drive 15-inch woofers. You can see these babies right here. These are super high powered. and they, they have differential drive. Which means there are 2 drive motors. In the mid-frequency we've got 4 mid-frequency devices. Again, differential drive. 2...2 drive motors. And, what's really new on this? Three high-frequency drivers that are also the first in the world differential-drive high-frequency drivers here. That means there are 2 motors. So, super high output on this.

You can see the rigging hard.......hardware on this. The rigging hardware is new and improved. It's solid. It's all structural engineered. And, on this one you can adjust the pitch point on this by adjusting the lever back here, instead of bumping the chain motor. I gotta be quick here. I hear somebody.... Amplifiers. New 4-channel Crown amplifier, the 4 by 3,500 with integral DSP. And then for the low end, the I-tech 12,000. So you've got tons of power.

This is all going to be packaged together: the amplifiers, the speaker system, everything like that. This is brand new, super secret stuff. and...I...[Offscreen voice begins speaking]..."Excuse me sir, excuse me sir..." But..what?.[Security man speaking].."You're going to have to vacate the premises" Let's go! We gotta go!....[Security man speaks] "You I don' think you have the right to be here! Move!....[Security man speaks at same time]...."Get outta here!" ♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing]

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Producer: CCI Solutions
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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 15, 2012

Sneak Preview of the JBL VTX Concert Series Sound System by Ron Simonson of CCI Solutions. Follow Ron as he sneaks into JBL's booth to preview this half a million dollar sound system with many one-of-a-kind, first-in-the-world features. See this $500,000 sound system up close before anyone else as Ron reviews some of the best parts of this sound system before he gets caught by JBL's security team!

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